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Venue: Dunholme

CD, PD Stakes


This was my last trial as Manager, and Jan as Secretary - it’s time to retire.  So I’ll start by saying a very special thank you to Jan for all her hard work before, during and after the trials over the years we have run Lincoln Trial together.  To Joan and Malcolm for all their support and giving us a place to sleep - without you both it would have been impossible.

Enormous thanks to all my helpers for making this a very special and successful trial; I’ll not name you individually because you all know who you are, Tracklayers, Stewards, Criminals, Kitchen staff, base stewards etc. all of you give your time freely and without question, these people are the backbone of Working Trials and without them there would be no trials.  It’s been a pleasure working with you; well done – absolutely brilliant as usual.

A special thank you to the Judges, Jeff Poole (PD), Bill Richardson (WD), Moira Rogerson (UD) and Lol Campbell (CD).  All judges set excellent tests and judged like true professionals.  What a great bunch of judges to finish with.  Thank you all for judging and being such good company.

Thank you to the farmers for allowing us on their land, and being so generous and understanding, and to the Lincolnshire Showground for allowing us to use the car parks for the Control and PD.

Jan and I would like to thank Jeta and the members of Lincoln who showed their kind gesture of appreciation.

Lincolnshire GSD & ABTS would like to congratulate Andy Baker and WTCh. Sid The Lemon Squeezer on winning the PD, and wish you both all the best for the KC’s.

I hope the competitors enjoyed the trial; congratulations to those who qualified and the best of luck next time for those that didn’t.  Seeing people do well and enjoying themselves is what makes it all worth while. Good luck to one and all.





Steward: Joan Snowden

Thanks to Lincoln for the invitation to judge the CD stake - I had a brilliant two days; and thank you, Joan, for your help and company. Thanks also to Malc and Joan for the accommodation. Special thanks go to Jim and Jan Sewell for all the help over the years – you have both done a fantastic job running Lincoln trials. Enjoy your rest, and working your dogs.

The weather was sunny, and the company was great. What more can you ask for? To the competitors – thank you for allowing me to judge you and your dogs – it was a pleasure.

1st Joe Craft, PEPNICK LIVEWIRE, GSD, B, 98, Q. The marks show what a brilliant team you are. Well done and good luck in the future.

2nd Jayne Lewis, RUSHBOTTOM RHYNSTON BROWS, ASD, 95.5, Q. Good to watch such nice control. Well done.

3rd Jenny Hinton, BLACKBERRY FEN, Lab, D, 95, Q. What energy he has! You did well to keep control of him.

4th Angela Moslin, GREAT ARAMIS OF DARK BRIGHTNESS OVER WILDFIRE, BSD, D, 93.5, Q. Well done on your control on the jumps.

Also Qualified CDEx:

Diane Turner, STARDELL SUBRA, 93.5

Philip Bauckham, JACK SO SUNNY, 91.5





Margaret Robinson, JUST FRANKIE AT TRENT VALLEY, 87.5





Tracklayers: Tom Darby and Nigel Hines.

Squares, C/A, and Patrol Steward: Judith Owens-Poole.

Patrol Round Helpers: Tom Davis, Vic Snook, Anthony Snook, Steve Lancashire and Nigel Hines.

My thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge the Patrol Dog Stake at this, one of my favourite trials venues. I have to say that this appointment was tinged with a shade of sadness, as this was to be Jim and Jan Sewell’s last trial in charge. With the back up of a great team of helpers, they have done a sterling job and will be sadly missed. However, we look forward to seeing them both out competing with their young dogs.

I set what I considered to be straightforward tests for all three sections, however, as usual, the dogs managed to prove that it doesn’t matter what we as humans think, once they put their part in, the situation changes!

We were blessed with three days of good weather, which, combined with excellent ground conditions made for some first class nosework rounds, thanks in no small part to my team of helpers who, as always, were professional in their duties, and great company. We lost two teams in this section.

The Control and Agility rounds took place at the showground. The overall standard was good, but we did lose a few teams in these sections, leaving seven teams qualifying to go forward to the patrol round, and at this stage it really was all to play for, as there was very little separating them.

Jim had worked his magic with the showground manager, and had secured us a completely new area to use for the patrol round. It had a mix of natural and artificial areas that I could use as ‘hides’, and the ground was flat and firm, making it good for the running exercises. Thanks again to the team of helpers for giving so willingly of their time and expertise to ensure everybody had a fair chance to show their dogs’ capabilities. The test proved a bit demanding for some of the teams, however, they all gave of their best on the day.

1st and winning the CC, SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER, handled by Andy Baker. A deserved win for this team, their second. Well done! A steady performance throughout. 269.5, Q PDEx. Awarded the trophy for Best Patrol Round.

2nd FLYNNTASTIC JUST JAY, handled by Malcolm Snowden. Odd marks lost along the way, but what a recall would have done! 246.5, Q PD.

3rd WTCh GLENALPINE PHOEBE OF STARDELL, handled by Wendy Beasley. Another steady performance, just not quite enough on the day.

4th WTCh FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF OF TARNFORCE, handled by John Wykes. John decided to retire Jaff at the end of this trial, but true to style Jaff went out with a qualifying patrol round. Have a well deserved retirement!

Thanks to everybody involved with helping in any way at the trial, and to the competitors for their sporting manner throughout all the tests.

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