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Venue: Dunholme

TM, UD, WD, PD Stakes


I’ll start by saying a special thanks to all my helpers for making this a very successful trial, well done – brilliant as usual. Janet for being Trials Secretary and Base Steward, for all the hard work you do during and after the trial - you always do a brilliant job, thank you so much. The kitchen staff, Bob, Annie and Jenny, who do a great job keeping everyone fed and watered. And many thanks to Joan and Malcolm for all their help and as usual supplying us with a comfortable bed and looking after us.

A special thank you to the Judges, Judith Owens-Poole (PD), Gary Martin (WD), Caroline Martin (UD) and Linda Newbold (CD and UD/WD C/A); all the judges set excellent tests and were very conscientious with their judging. Thank you all for judging and being such good company.

Thank you to the farmers for allowing us on their land; I think we are very fortunate to have such generous and understanding farmers. Thanks again to the Lincolnshire Showground for letting us use the car parks for the control.

Whilst competitors are picking up after their dogs, some are leaving it behind their vehicles and driving off without it. Fortunately one of our helpers happened to check the Showground where people had parked their vehicles and picked up 6 bags of poo. If the Showground Manager had found them it could have cost us the venue. So please make sure you clean up and take it with you.

I hope the competitors enjoyed the trial. Congratulations to those who qualified and the best of luck next time for those that didn’t. Seeing people do well and enjoying themselves is what makes it all worth while. Good luck to one and all.





Steward:  Joan Snowden

Thank you to the committee of Lincolnshire GSD Working Trials Society for the invitation to judge.  Jim and Jan Sewell and their fantastic team of helpers run a great trial and nothing is too much trouble.  Thank you all for looking after me so well.  Thank you to Joan for stewarding and being such great company and putting all the competitors at their ease.  Thank you to the competitors for entering and allowing me the pleasure of seeing your dogs work.  I really enjoyed seeing all the dogs work and wish you all good luck in your future trials.


1st Dianne Ellis and KENMILLIX SKY’S THE LIMIT, 92, Q.  A super round; Annie and Dianne make a lovely team.  Congratulations.

2nd Rose Bayston and CHARLOATS ALMOST PERFECT, 90.5, Q.  A really nice control round from Amy, only loosing 1.5.  Slightly messy square cost a higher qualification on this occasion.  Well done.

3rd Phil Bauckham and JACK SO SUNNY, 63.5, NQ. Not Sonny’s day today.  No sendaway or stay, costing a qualification, but he’ll soon be there.


1st  Rod Roberts with LITTLE JEFF, 193.5, Q.  A very polished round from this experienced handler, back in trials with his young dog.  Full point agility and only one point lost on the control.  Congratulations.

2nd Wendy Beasley and STARDELL LUNAR, 190.5, Q.  A very impressive round from this team, with a full point control and agility.  Lovely to see a handler and dog so in tune with each other.  Well done and good luck.

3rd Paul Beasley and STARDELL SPICA, 188, Q.  Another team only losing one point on the control.  Super round from this very enthusiastic young dog.  Well done, and good luck in the future.

4th John Philips and WEST MIDS WANDERER, 185.5, Q.   Nice control round from a young, enthusiastic Ruby.  Just a blip on the long jump cost a higher placing.  Good luck for your future trials.

Also qualifying:-

Joe Craft with PEPNICK LIVEWIRE, 185.5

Dave Bell with DREAFANTA FINN, 184

Steve Smith with ALBESA A PERFECT REASON, 180.5

Dianne Ellis with KENMILLIX SKY’S THE LIMIT, 169.5

Polly Thomas with POLLGINA ROSEBANK ROSE, 167


1st Sue Ashby with THE TITAN, 196.5, Q.  Great control and agility.  A really lovely boy with lots of lots of enthusiasm and desire to please.  Congratulations and best of luck for your future trials.

2nd Steph McBride with SMALE CALYPSO, 196.5, Q.  Another lovely control and agility.  Well done, and good luck for the future.

3rd Julie Atkins with GLENALPINE REG, 196, Q.  A pleasure to watch, an enthusiastic young dog with so much potential and so eager to please his mum.  Well done.

4th Sheila Tannert with STYPERSON CLEO, 194, Q.  Smashing display of how it should be done from Teal.  Only dropped half a point on the control.  Well done.

Also qualifying:

Shirley Frankcom with VAPRESTO DISCOVERY, 191.5

Maeve Weselby with STYPERSON GILLIE, 191.5

Andy Laws with LAWS LITTLE FRANKIE, 191

Liz Price with KESTENBAR PARIS, 186.5

Julie Paul with KENMILLIX I’M YOUR MAN, 185.5

Julie Skipp with ZAK OF SKIPAWAY, 183.5

Kathleen McGuckin with CHARLIE DANCER OF COURT, 180.5

Janet Bell with BREIGHTON MADDIE, 177

Gillian Flowers with RUSHBOTTOM RARE SURPRIZE, 166




Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd and Lol Campbell

Steward: Junes Hines

Thank you very much to Lincoln GSD and All Breeds Training Society for asking me to judge the UD nosework. Jim Sewell is a great trials manager and as usual made sure everything ran like clockwork. He and Jan are a fantastic team and made sure everyone was happy and well looked after. I would also like to thank Bob, Annie and Jenny for the superb food and drink which was on tap and very delicious.

Tracklayers Andrea and Lol were brilliant and gave the competitors the very best chance they could with conscientiously laid tracks. Also many thanks to June who laid squares and gives her time so generously and also has a real wealth of knowledge. I am so grateful to all of you for your help and support and allowing me to benefit from your experience. It just proves what a good time you can have judging when you have such good people around you.

The nosework was on stubble with a fair bit of greenery and those that completed the track did it very well. Most of the dogs did well in the square although I think the changes in temperature affected some.

A couple of handlers and dogs deserve a special mention.

Firstly Mrs Eva Robards and TARNEDGE COLUMBINE. This young Lab tracked so well we all just stood and admired it work. The square was faultless and this would have been the winning team had it not been for a failed down stay. Awarded best nosework and very well deserved.

Secondly Dianne Ellis and KENMILLIX SKY’S THE LIMIT. They unfortunately didn’t get the last article off the track and missed one out of the square but this lady’s handling was absolutely fantastic and worthy of a mention. Keep doing what you’re doing.

1st Mr Rod Roberts with LITTLE JEFF, Cross-breed, D, Q, 193.5. This accomplished handler is back after a break and put in a very productive round with 2 and 4 contributing to a well deserved 1st place.

2nd Wendy Beasley with STARDELL LUNAR, B/C, B, Q, 190.5. A really impressive track with only half a mark lost.

3rd Paul Beasley with Stardell Spike, B/C, D, Q, 188. This dog had enthusiasm by the bucket load and must be a joy to work with, if not a job to keep up with!

4th John Phillips with WEST MIDS WANDERER, GSD, B, Q, 185.5. John with a very young Ruby worked hard together and earned a much deserved 2 off the track and 4 out of the square.

Also qualified:

Mr D Bell with DREAGANTA FINN, 184

Joe Craft with PEPNICK LIVEWIRE, 185.5. Superb track, only losing half a mark.

Dianne Ellis with KENMILLIX SKY’S THE LIMIT, 169.5. Mentioned above.

Steve Smith with ALBESA A PERFECT REASON, 180.5.


I saw lots of lovely enthusiastic young dogs during the trial and would like to wish you all the very best of luck, but above all enjoy working with and getting to know your “best friends”.



Judge: Gary Martin

Search Stewards: Fran Atkin (Friday), Wendy Magyar (Sat/Sunday)

Tracklayers: Nigel Hines, Malc Snowden, Andy Magyar and Jeff Ball

Many thanks to Lincolnshire GSD and ABTS for the invitation to judge the WD nosework. Jim and Jan Sewell run a first class trial assisted by a team that is second to none. They are meticulous in their organisation and planning. Nothing is ever too much trouble and nothing is ever left to chance. Their support and assistance was invaluable and made my job so much easier. They are tireless in both the run up to, and during the trial to ensure a smooth event.

My tracklayers and search stewards were first class and gave every competitor the best possible chance of success. They were all excellent company, whatever the weather, and their good humour made this trial for me. Thank you all very much - you epitomise all that is good in this sport

Tracking was on winter wheat that was about 3 inches high but on fairly stony ground. The weather over the three days was cold and a bit blustery but the rain held off until the last day, when we endured a quick downpour.

The track is shown below and offered a meaningful test for this stake given the conditions. My track articles were a 2”x 1.5” black canvas and a 3 inch piece of green garden hose. Square articles were a 1.5” x 1” piece of black rubber, 3” orange flex, a 1.5” x 1.5” piece of leather, and a 1.5” length of green garden hose.

There was some super tracking on show and I was very impressed with the standard of work. 26 entered and all ran. There was a real variety of breeds competing and for those anoraks amongst us (!!) there were, 7 Collies, 6 GSD’s, 2 English Springers, 4 Labs, 3 X-Breeds, 1 BSD (Terv), 1 Standard Poodle, 1 GSP, and 1 Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer. Watching this variety of breeds was a real eye opener.

1st Sue Ashby with THE TITAN, WSD, D, 88.5/20/34. What a little star you have here, Sue. Bags of commitment and a desire to please - what more can you ask for? You have a lovely rapport with Titan and with your first class sympathetic handling you will be a formidable team. Best of luck for the future.

2nd Steph McBride with SMALE CALYPSO, Lab, B, 89/20/35. A lovely track and square set the standard for the others to match. A cracking little dog that tracks as if on rails at a sensible pace. Well handled by Steph, as you would expect, and one to watch for the future. Good luck. Also won the trophy for the Best Track

3rd Julie Atkins with GLENALPINE REG, B/C, D, 89.5/20/34. What a fantastic display of how to handle a young enthusiastic dog. Julie took 12 minutes from start of her track to the end of her gun test! So many handlers could learn a few lessons from this team, no nonsense just get on and do it. Reg was obviously well prepared for the test and how it showed. Bags of potential, drive and accuracy. With Julie’s guiding hand this team will go far. Well done and good luck

4th Sheila Tannert with STYPERSON CLEO, Lab, B, 87.5/20/33. A lovely display from Teal. Sheila`s sympathetic and expert handling brought out the best from this youngster. A polished performance from a team destined for the top. Well done.

Also qualified COM:

Maeve Weselby with STYPERSON GILLIE, Lab, D, 82.5/20/35. You certainly have your hands full with this youngster Maeve! He is a lovely lad with bags of enthusiasm but it takes all your experience to harness it. He pulls like cart horse on steroids so get down the gym Maeve before he gets too enthusiastic!!

Shirley Francom with VAPRESTO DISCOVERY, BSD, B, 87/20/32. Steady worker who gets the job done (Myla that is!). Just 2 sticking points on the track but you worked it out together. Myla did a nice square and it really is all there. Keep at it and good luck.

Andy Laws with LAWS LITTLE FRANKIE, X-breed, B, 83/20/34. Teamwork got them out of a bit of trouble and they seemed to grow in confidence as the test wore on. Lovely square showed the potential is there. A bit more experience together and you`ll be well on the way.

Liz Price with KESTENBAR PARIS, GSD, B, 88.5/20/26. Nice steady track where Grace showed she knows her job. Square just needs a bit of work to bring it up to rest of her nosework and she’ll be a force to reckon with.

Sheila Williams with WAGGERLAND TOCKEE, WSD, D, 86.5/20/27. Tockee tracked well with just a couple of hiccups. Had us all holding our breath with the square though! Well handled and I know with a bit more experience together you’ll get there.

Julie Paul with KENMILLIX I`M YOUR MAN, GSD, D, 86.5/20/26.5. Nice steady performance, although you did have us all going on the top leg, but you brought Sid back and put him back on track - so to speak. Well done.

Julie Skipp with ZAK OF SKIPAWAY, WSD, D, 86.5/20/27. I know you find Zak very different to work but what potential he has. You handled him so well, Julie, and you know how to get the best out of him - the sign of a top handler. Well done and good luck.

Kathleen McGuckin with CHARLIE DANCER OF COURT, BC, D, 82/20/31. Charlie worked hard to sort it all out on the track and with your help, Kathleen, you got round. It wasn’t easy for you both but that perseverance pulled you through.

Janet Bell with BREIGHTON MADDIE, WSD, B, 87/10/28. Competent round by Maddie showing that it’s there. Missed article on the track and one from the square were costly. With those two articles you would have been right up there. Lovely worker and I’m sure you’ll both do well in the future.

Gillian Flowers with RUSHBOTTOM RARE SURPRIZE, GSD ,B, 84/20/18. Iesha worked hard and did so well to pull it out of the bag. The square had us all worried but you got that all important second article. Good luck.

Thanks to all the competitors for entering under me and allowing me to judge your dogs. I had a great time and hope you all did too.




Square, C/A and Patrol Round Steward: Jeff Poole

Tracklayers: Nigel Hines and Malcolm Snowden.

Patrol Round: Tom Davis, Steve Lancashire, Anthony Snook, Nigel Hines and Malcolm Snowden.

Many thanks to Lincolnshire GSD and ABTS for the invitation to judge; it’s a great privilege to be invited over and I thoroughly enjoyed my first PD judging appointment. A big thank you to Trials Manager, Jim Sewell, and his band of workers. All the hard work put in before and during the trial resulted in a well run and very enjoyable trial. Jan looked after everyone in the base and did a super job as usual and in the kitchen Bob, Jenny and Annie kept us well fed and watered throughout the trial.

A huge thank you to Jeff for stewarding the squares, C/A and Patrol rounds both days, not to mention all the pre trial ‘what if’ discussions. Nigel and Malc laid the tracks both days - thank you for being such great company. They were also the criminals on the Patrol field both days along with Tom, Steve and Anthony. What a brilliant group of people to have as your helpers, I could not have asked for better. Everything I asked for was done perfectly and gave all the competitors the chance to show off their dogs abilities.

13 dogs were entered, 9 worked. We started each day with the tracks followed by C/A and finishing with the Patrol rounds. Tracking was on well grown rape; this provided us with some super tracks with all dogs completing the track (track articles were a 2”x 2” piece of green underlay and a jam jar top).

The squares caused a bit more difficulty, only one dog got all 4 out, the majority got 2 or 3 and unfortunately we had one recover just 1 article. C/A was straightforward and the dogs applied themselves well, but unfortunately we lost two more on the jumps.

The Patrol Round was designed to be flowing but allowed the handlers time between exercises to settle themselves and the dogs. First exercise was the quarter - 3 hides that I wanted to see the dogs search, with two criminals in the third area sitting in chairs behind the windbreaker. This was followed by the search and escort back to the start point with the attack on handler. Next exercise was the Chase, followed by the Test of Courage, which had 3 criminals appearing from behind a van making a lot of noise. The final exercise was the Recall. Thank you to all the competitors for entering - it was a pleasure to judge your dogs. Best of luck to all of you at future trials.

1st Dave Olley and LITTLE RAYMOND, CDEx, UDEx, Cross, D, 278, COM. This is the second time I have judged Dave and Ray and it’s a team that does impress me. A very nice nosework round - 105 and lovely C/A - 52. Ray’s location on the quarter was not as good as it should be, gave a few barks and came away, this cost you quite a few marks. However, the rest of the round was very nice with just some tidying up to be done - 121. Well done, Dave.

2nd Bill Richardson and CAPER KALI, CDEx – TDEx, BSD Mali, B, 269.5, COM. Super nosework, the only dog to get all four out of the square - 109. Another lovely C/A - 51.5. Again lack of location on the quarter let Kali down and was costly, but otherwise a nice solid round - 109. Well done, Bill.

3rd Greater Man. Police and TYGUARD CHILLI AT MANPOL, GSD, B, 260, COM. Well done, Cath. Good nosework round - 103, Pepper was a little OTT on the C/A which cost you a few marks - 49. Pepper failed the recall but other than that she did a lovely Patrol round - 108 and well done, Cath, for being the only handler to find the knife hidden in the chair.

4th Moira Rogerson and SELDOMSEEN TWIST, CDEx – TDEx, BC, B, 266, NQ. Twist did a very good Nosework round - 105. Super control round – 33, but sadly went out on the jumps. Good Patrol round, Twist just need to be a bit more solid on her bites. In Moira’s capable hands qualification won’t be far off.

Best Track Trophy went to Lynne Davies and MISTER MISFIT MONGREL.

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