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Venue: Dunholme





Steward: Irene Seymour


Thank you to Lincoln GSD and ABTS for the judging appointment. A very nice run trial by Chris’s Bell and team. Thank you to my competent steward, Irene Seymour. There were only four entrants, with only one running.


Abby Peart with TEASEL TUMBLETWIST, Lab, 83.5, Q. A very nice round, and well handled; pity about the down stay, he didn’t like lying down in the rain.






Steward: Paul Bryan


Many thanks to Lincoln for asking me to judge the C/A for UD, WD, and TD at their open trial. Thanks also go to Pat and her team of helpers in the kitchen, Jean and Jenny at base and Chris for running a very smooth trial.

A very big thank you goes to my steward, Paul, who was great company and took the competitors through the test with super efficiency. With biting cold winds on day 1 and persistent rain on days 2 and 3, the weather could have been a little kinder to the competitors but hey, that’s trials!

Spread over 3 days and 3 stakes, 47 competitors presented their dogs for my test, with 11 qualifying COM. 11 dogs failed to achieve sufficient marks on the jumps, despite 2nd attempts being permitted - 3 in UD, 2 in WD and 1 in TD, which I felt was appropriate for an open trial.

Thank you competitors for entering the trial and my congratulations go to those who qualified overall. Others were very close - good luck to all for the future.




1st Sheren Perez with KAEFFER KAL (Kalli), WSD, 205, Q. Really nice control round and full mark agility, only losing a few marks on S/A. Well done and good luck in Ticket.

2nd Judy Meekings with LAURINCO RED SKYE AT WINDLEBROOK (Skye), Lab, 184.5, Q. A lovely control round from this very enthusiastic dog - a joy to watch. Well done, and good luck in Ticket when the time is right.

3rd Liz Price with LIZLINE OLIVER CROMWELL (Oliver), GSD, 180.5, Q. Only lost marks on re-direct, brilliant, well done.

4th Ann Bedford with VYTENSA BORDER REIVER (Diesel), GSD, 169.5, NQ. 1st competitor on Saturday and beat the rain. A lovely C/A apart from re-direct. Qualified all sections but insufficient marks overall.




1st Roger Shrimpton with STARDELL ZUBEN (Ben), BC, 193.5, Q. Beautifully handled - almost perfect C/A. Well done.

2nd Jim Pearce with WOOLSHAN JONKA (Amber), GSD, 191, Q. Another good control round. 2nd attempt on the long jump was very costly, but well done.

3rd Barbara Bell with DREAGANTA MILO (Milo), BC, 187.5, Q. Milo was not in the mood for H/W but a full mark S/A saved the day. Worked in the worst conditions - well done.

4th Pat Parkinson with WAGGERLAND MY SHADOW (Shadow), WSD, 183.5, Q. Very few marks lost by this experienced handler. Well done.


Also qualified:

Fran Atkin with WAGGERLAND CAPPUCCINO (Cap), WSD, 179.5. Almost perfect C/A, a joy to watch.

Anita Doxey with LIZLINE BARCELONA (Juno), GSD, 174. I loved the S/A!




1st Bob Shropshire with TADMARTON EARL (Harvey), Lab, 194.5, Q. What a great control round, quietly handled, just got the job done. No return over the scale was the only fault. Last dog to work in UD but this won’t be the last we see of Harvey - congrats.

2nd Stephanie Cooper with RYANSTOCK LIBERTY (Sasha), Weimaraner, 177.5, Q. Only a little tidying up to do. A good performance, well done.

3rd Rebecca MacGuffie with POLLGINA FERNEND FALCON (Gibbs), Lab, 137.5, NQ. Full mark sendaway and down stay under difficult conditions. You should be very proud of your boy. Good luck for the future.

4th Jackie Withers with LIZLINE UKULELE (Darcy), GSD, 131, NQ. Oh dear! Darcy had the wind up his tail today and wanted to play. Saving grace was a full mark sendaway, followed by full mark agility. Good luck.






Tracklayers: Steve Archer, Joe Craft and Andy Laws

Stewards: Jean Archer and Dianne Ellis


Firstly I would like to thank the society for asking me to judge UD nosework, and Chris Bell for running such a nice trial; I would also like to thank Jenny Henton and Jean Morley for running the base, keeping us all in order, and the ladies in the kitchen for keeping us all well fed and watered. Big thanks to tracklayers, Steve Archer, Joe Craft and Andy Laws, for such a great job, and also thank you to Jean Archer and Dianne Ellis for doing such a grand job laying squares.


1st Robert Shropshire and TADMARTON EARL, Lab, 194.5, Q. What a fab team to watch; tracking on rails and a square in 58 seconds - what more can you ask for? Needless to say, best nosework. Well done.

2nd Steph Cooper and RYANSTOCK LIBERTY, Weim, 177.5, Q. Once you both got going it was a lovely track to watch, and a nice square. Best of luck for the future.

3rd Rebecca MacGuffie and POLLGINA FERNEND FALCON, Lab, 184, NQ. What a lovely dog, so good looking - I knew it must be related to my Ted. Once again a very tidy nosework round from this young team. Keep going, it’s coming together. Good luck in the future.

4th Dr Jackie Withers and LIZLINE UKULELE, GSD, 166, NQ. Once again a very nice track, just a shame about the square. If you can stop that messing about in the square you will have cracked it. Just try to remember that if the dog brings you an article, put it straight in your pocket; you can check later if your dog is right or wrong. Good luck for your next trial.






Tracklayers: John Phillips and Brian Page

Search Stewards: Thelma and Jayne


I would like to thank the trials manager, Chris Bell, and the committee of the Lincolnshire German Shepherd Dog and All Breed Training Society for asking me to judge the TD open stake nosework.

Despite the weather I thoroughly enjoyed watching dogs work. The first day the weather was windy and cold and most dogs worked well. The 3 qualifiers came from this group, and my two best track awards also came from here. John Phillips and Brian Page were my tracklayers and were absolutely brilliant; my square stewards were Thelma and Jayne, and both were very precise in their work. A big thank you to you all.

After two bad starts on the first day we were a bit fearful that the rape crop would beat the dogs, but Jan Sewell’s little dog, Bryn of Harwood Dale, proved us wrong and went round on rails, superb to watch - sorry you didn’t get the scale, but you know what to do. Next dog round was Judy Meekings’s Skye, and we did have our hearts in our mouths a few times, but he got round and finished in 2nd place. Our next dog did a lovely track but ran short of concentration on the last leg and went the wrong way - such a shame. Next dog on was Sheren Perez’s Kalli; this was another dog who made easy work of the track and finished up our winner - big congratulations.

Second day it rained when tracks were laid and rained every bit of the day. All dogs struggled and the furthest most got was half way, except for one, who if I could have given her 100 marks I would; this little dog battled and battled, concentrated so hard, she got right round the track, but forgot the articles. You must be so proud of this little dog’s determination, Wendy Beasley with Venus - good luck in the future, she is a star.

Final day was no better really; it didn’t rain as tracks went down, but when we went to start the rain came again, and again dogs struggled. So a massive thank you to all competitors for turning up, and sorry you all couldn’t have a good day. One team almost got round, Ann Bedford with Diesel, a very good effort in those conditions. I am sure everyone will do better in good conditions. Also again thanks to the tracklayers, who did most tracks twice to pick up articles.


1st Mrs Sheren Perez, KAEFFER KAL, WSD, 205, Q.

2nd Mrs Judy Meekings, LAURINCO RED SKYE AT WINDLEBROOK, Lab, 184.5, Q.

3rd Mrs Liz Price, LIZLINE OLIVER CROMWELL, GSD, 180.5, Q.

4th Miss Ann Bedford, VYTENSA BORDER REIVER, GSD, 169.5, NQ. This dog qualified in all stakes, but not enough points overall. Well done, Ann.


Best Nosework Trophy - Jan Sewell and BRYN OF HARWOOD DALE.

Best Track Rosette - Sheren Perez with KAEFFER KAL.



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