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Venue: Dunholme



Steward: Jean Archer

Many thanks to Lincoln for the invitation to judge CD at their open trial.  A big thank you to everyone concerned in the running of this very well organised trial.  Finally a big thank you to Jean who did a brilliant job of stewarding for me today.

We had seven entries with seven runners, but sadly no qualifiers as the jumps took their toll.

The first exercise was the retrieve which was performed very well by all, the lowest mark being 7.  Next came an individual sit stay where we had one failure; during the stay Jean laid the square.  Almost all of the dogs performed this exercise very well, getting out all the articles in a good time.  The articles were a shotgun cartridge, a wooden clothes peg and a strip of pan cleaner.

In the main the control work was of a good standard as was the sendaway which was about 60yds to a road cone.  The jumps, however, were a problem to most dogs, especially scale and long jump.  We finished off with the down stay where there was one casualty.

1st Sue Jones with DURSTONE BRYN, WSD, D, 82.5, NQ.  Hard luck, Sue.  A very nice round from you and Bryn - I would imagine you will have the scale sorted by the time you read this.  Very well done.

2nd Sheila McBeath with IMONGARD ONE AND ONLY, Rott, B, 77, NQ.   Bliss worked such a nice round.  What a shame about the anticipation on the return over the scale.  Well done.

3rd Cheryl Joseph with TIA MALLY MARIA, GSD, X-Breed, 74.5, NQ.  Well done.  Tia was the only dog to qualify on the jumps today and worked the control and nosework exercises very well.   A pity the down stay stopped you qualifying.

4th Vicki Gurnhill with ALBESA STAR QUALITY, GSD, D, 72.5, NQ.  Well done, Vicki and Timber.  A very good control round, losing 5.5 overall and only dropping 2 points on the retrieve and search.  What a pity about the jumps.

My thanks to all the competitors for entering and for accepting my decisions, giving Jean and myself a very enjoyable and sociable day.  Wishing you all the best of luck in 2013.




Tracklayers:  Joe Craft, Graham Brumpton, Liz Warrior

Steward:  Jeny Miller

Base: Jacky Lloyd and Sharon Brown

Catering: Pat, Carol, Elaine, Jackie, Liz, Jane and Teresa

My thanks to Lincoln for the invitation to judge at this trial - it is always a pleasure to be part of a Lincoln event in any capacity.  Thanks to Chris Bell for being such a good host and for delivering such a good trial.  The team you assembled to run the WD nosework could not have been better, with all the tracks and squares delivered as I intended.  Thank you all, and for being such good company during the trial.  From my point of view everything was excellent.

The nosework was on rape crop with various lengths of growth but all being trackable, as was proved by the results.  Tracking was successful in all three areas of land used.  17 entered, 14 competed, and 4 qualified.

1st GLENALPINE COSWORTH, CDEx, BC, D, handled by Barry Gilbert, 197, Q.  An immaculate nosework round, achieving the equal highest track mark - a pleasure to watch. 

2nd MY BOY JIM, WSD, D.  handled by Mr J D Curry,  187, Q.  A delightful round of nosework, achieving the other highest track mark.   

3rd TESTRIO CINNAMON, Lab, B. handled by Mrs P Royle, 184.5, Q.  A solid round of nosework, both articles found on the track and three out of the square.

4th ALBADNO PAWS FOR A REST, Large Munsterlander, D, handled by Mr David Paul, 169, Q.  It is always interesting to watch a different breed in working trials - Stan was really good to watch.

My thanks to all the competitors for entering the trial and competing in such a good spirit.




Tracklayers: Janette Sayer, Chris Bell, Glenys Page

C/A steward: Janette Sayer

Patrol Steward: Glenys Page

Criminals: Steve Lancashire, Chris Trevor, Bernie Martens

Thanks to Lincoln Committee for giving  me the opportunity to judge at this very well run and enjoyable Trial; and particular thanks to all my helpers who ensured that all the competitors had a good opportunity to qualify.  Thanks also to the base team - the kitchen ladies led by Pat, who fed us well, and Jacky Lloyd and her team, who made sure everyone got to the right place at the right time, completed scores and certificates, and all those other jobs that need to be done.  TM Chris Bell led this excellent team, and publically showed his appreciation both at the presentation and in the pub!  Thanks to you all.

Weather conditions were kind to us; after all the rain and wind we’ve had this year, it was dry, cold and less windy than expected, and all teams were successful in the nosework exercises.  In C/A, results were varied - the sendaway and redirect seemed to give the most trouble, even though it was a straight run out of 120 paces to the boundary, and a left redirect along the boundary for 85 paces. 

So, on to the Patrol round.  I tried to set a test which was suitable for those aiming for PD championship, with some very straight forward tests and some aspects which they may well meet again in champ, and therefore a bit more challenging.

I used only one hide to draw the dogs up to the top of the field, then asked that they quartered round a rubbish pile, a tyre/horse jump, to a small copse where they would find an innocent person who had been mugged.  Handlers were to question the person and walk with him to where he could rest and await medical help.  The chase followed - two criminals challenged and ran, splitting off, so the free man ran for cover.  Handlers joined the dog, searched the criminal, then sent the dog to find the second criminal for the second part of the quarter, taking the first criminal with them.  Hide and criminal searched, the men were escorted and an attack on handler took place when the third man distracted the handler.  Recall was the same set up as the chase, but with only one criminal.  Finally, the test of courage - one man challenging, the dog sent, two others come out to join in, lots of noise and threat.

On the whole, the patrol round was well done by most teams; marks were lost on the quarter when handlers did not move the dogs to actually check each natural ‘hide’, and on the escort when teams were too far away to be in control of the criminals, and/or were constantly commanding the dog.  The test of courage was well done by all dogs, as were the chase bites, although some dogs were a bit keen and needed extra commands for control on both the chase and recall.

There is no doubt that PD in a day certainly tests the fitness and stamina of both dogs and handlers, and we ended with 4 qualifiers, and on this showing ready to enter PD championship.

1st Alan Bexon and FLY BY NIGHT MAN, WSD, 288/320.  Well done, Alan.  Fly is a cracking young collie, and did exactly as you told him. (!)  A worthy winner.

2nd Vic Snook and WOOLSHAM INKSPOT, GSD, 283.5/320.  You were delighted he completed the nosework successfully, and when he did the recall, you were over the moon.  Well done, Vic, Fylo worked well today.  Positioning was good, as was control.  A well deserved qualification.

3rd Bill Richardson and KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT, Mali, 281/320.  Eck certainly has presence; lost a few marks on first quarter, but the rest was really good, earning the best Patrol round mark of 133.  A good qualification.

4th Diane Ling and DEBEN LITTLE TOM, Cross, 274.5/320.  Best nosework followed by a good control round, and good control and positioning in Patrol ensured your place in the qualifiers.  Tom has certainly matured and worked well.  Congratulations.

Finally, I want to thank the competitors for accepting my decisions, congratulations to the qualifiers, and best of luck to all competitors for 2013.




Steward: Fran Atkin

Many thanks to the society for asking me to judge C/A.  Lincoln has a relatively new team to run their Working Trials and what a good job they are doing.  Chris Bell, Trials Manager, leaves no stone unturned - he even had a relation on hand to sort my car problem out.  Thank you, Chris, for this, and for your help at the trial.  Secretary Jackie Lloyd was helped by Sharon Brown and in the kitchen Pat Quinn was assisted by Elaine, Teresa, Jayne, Janette and probably others I didn’t see.  Thank you all, you are doing a marvellous job.  Lastly, my sincere thanks to Fran Atkin, who stewarded yet again for me.  She did mutter something about there not being a next time - she doesn’t mean it really!

This was the first time I have judged C/A for three stakes - what a marathon!  Over the three stakes there was an entry of 68, of which 60 worked the control round.  We had a lovely bunch of competitors and dogs with a few exceptions, the odd one downright rude and some who forgot a thank you - maybe it was nerves….

In an open trial it is often the first time a team has attempted their stake, so I set a very straight forward test; the UD sendaway was 65 paces but past the jumps which no dogs were drawn to, the WD and TD sendaways were 130 paces with a redirect for the TD of 60 paces, both being to obvious markers.  Only 20 dogs got full marks for the jumps, a further 25 had qualifying marks and 15 failed this section.  I feel that apprehension from the handler is a contributing factor in some dogs failing jumps. 


1st Jenny Miller, FOXFOLD UNEXPECTED EDITION, CDEx – WDEx, 210, Q.  Well done, Jenny, on your qualification.

2nd Moira Rogerson, THREENINES KATIE, CDEx – WDEx, 207.5, Q.  Vito has a lovely attitude - good sendaway and redirect.

3rd Gary Martin, CARISHILL ATLAS, CDEx – WDEx, 203, Q.  What a character Dylan is, he does try to please.  No redirect today.

4th Les Theobald, TYTRI ROMAN JACK, CDEx – WDEx, 202, Q.


1st Barry Gilbert, GLENALPINE COSWORTH, CDEx, 197, Q.  Cossie appeared worried by the Red Arrows overhead but was expertly handled by Barry to overcome this

2nd John Currie, MY BOY JIM, 187, Q.  Poor sendaway but enough marks to gain a qualification.

3rd Nick Brunner, handling Mrs P Royle’s TESTRIO CINNAMON, 184.5, Q.  Polished round by Inca.

4th David Paul, ALBANDNO PAWS FOR A REST, 178, Q.

Also qualified:



1st Dave Craven, handling Mrs Wendy Craven’s QUIZ-IS SOMETHING SPECIAL, CDEx, 194, Q.  Tidy round; well done, Dave.

2nd Bill Pearce, WOOLSHAN JONKA, 189.5, Q.  Bill and Amber have a wonderful rapport, everything in place to progress through the stakes

3rd Julz Findeisen, BANDAITCH DIRTY HARRY, 188.5, Q.  I think Harry would do anything for you, Julz, he has a wonderful attitude.  One fault, he is not mine. 

4th Malc Snowden, STARDELL SIRIUS, 186, Q

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