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Venue: Dunholme



Steward: Jeny Miller

I would like to thank LGSDandABTS for their invitation to judge at this trial, Chris Bell, Trials Manager, the base staff and the catering department.  It was my first judging appointment and I enjoyed it very much - I hope the competitors did too!  Grateful thanks to Jeny Miller, my very able steward, who kept me on the straight and narrow.   We were based at Lincolnshire Showground and had the use of one of the jumping arenas.  Searches were done outside the arena and control, agility and stays were done inside.   Unfortunately there were no qualifiers - Cheryl Joseph’s Tia, one of only two dogs to qualify on the jumps, failed the sit and down stays.  I’m sure that once Cheryl has sorted out this problem Tia will qualify CDEx easily.

As could be expected at this stake, most handlers were almost paralysed by nerves and couldn’t even remember their own names, let alone the name of their dog!  The jumps proved a problem for most of the competitors.  General handling was enthusiastic and on the whole dogs responded well to their owners.  However, competitors needed to take more time over the setting up of each exercise rather than rushing into it and to talk to their dog less. It was obvious at times that dogs were being put off by the constant instructions of their handlers.

I started with the retrieve, which most of the dogs did very well.  Two decided to explore Lincolnshire Showground in leaps and bounds and became totally deaf to their handlers pleas to return.  The search square followed next and contained three large items - a dolly peg, a jam jar lid, and a large piece of carpet, all placed towards the windward side.  Every dog retrieved all three articles, some better than others.  If the peg was bitten in half, I gave half the article marks and I also knocked off marks if the articles had been mouthed hard enough to leave teeth marks.  Handlers need to be aware that they must not enter the square.  Heel on lead was followed by the recall, heel free and sendaway to a small cone which was placed approximately 35 yards away towards the corner of the ground.  Handlers were told that if they could get their dog to the cone with one command they would get ten marks - seven of them did; two went to the hedge and one was dog given extra commands.

1st Alex Russell with LYNZONE FREEDOM FIGHTER, GSD (Azor), 90.5, NQ.  This team deserved to win.  They worked well together and were consistent in every element of the stake but unluckily had a problem with the scale jump.   As soon as this problem is overcome, CDEx won’t be far away, Alex.  Awarded the Fluffy Trophy for best Club Member in CD

2nd Elaine Boyd with TUMBLE TRAIL, Lab (Diesel), 86, NQ.    Again, as soon as you overcome the problems with the jumps, Elaine, Diesel will qualify CDEx.

3rd Vicki Gurnhill with ALBESA STAR QUALITY, GSD (Timber), 83.5, NQ.  This team had full marks for heelwork both on and off the lead and showed how heelwork should be done in all stakes.  It was a pleasure to watch.  Again, the scale jump proved to be costly.  Once Timber has overcome his handler’s nerves about the jumps they will be a team to watch in Championship stakes.

4th Abbey Peart with VELVET MAJOR, Lab (Merlin), 82.5, NQ.  Again the scale jump was this team’s downfall.  Sendaway to the hedge lost some marks but he did get to the cone.  Quiet, competent handling got the best out of Merlin – well done, Abbey.

An over enthusiastic retrieve meant that Neelix with Jo Johns failed to qualify even though they managed the scale jump.   This team showed great potential and it won’t be long before they too qualify CDEx.   Commiserations should also go to Neil Starbuck, whose Labrador Roxy did a perfect 10 minute sit stay!!




Tracklayers: Steve Smith and Ernie Thomson

Square Stewards: Trisha Harding (Friday) and Glenys Page (Saturday)

First of all I would like to say a big thank you to Lincoln society and Chris Bell for asking me to judge at this very friendly and well organised trial.  Also many thanks to everyone who helped to make the trial a success.  I really enjoyed my 2 days and had the pleasure of great company.

The weather was a little damp and grey with a slight breeze.  Tracking was on young winter wheat and the ground was soft - to say the least!  I am really grateful to my 2 experienced tracklayers who gave each competitor the best chance possible in conditions which became somewhat ‘heavier’ as the track progressed!  Thanks also go to my 2 ‘smelly’ square stewards for laying in the sticky conditions.

12 of the 14 entries competed and it was fantastic to have 6 qualifiers, 2 on Friday and 4 on Saturday.

I felt honoured to have such a great selection of breeds working and I was impressed by the commitment and attitude of them all.  Handlers varied in age and experience and this was great to see within our sport.  I hope all the competitors enjoyed their day out at Lincoln and remember the positives even if they didn’t qualify on the day…….. there will always be another trial, and you always take the best dog home!!

Track articles were a wooden dolly peg and 3"x 2" carpet.  Square articles were a red Xmas tree bow, half a beer mat, 2"x 2" green scourer and a green milk bottle top.

1st and Best Track GLENALPINE JES and Joan Snowden, 197.5, Q.  Joan and her border collie Jes are a lovely team to watch.  From the moment Jes put her nose down on the track she knew exactly where she was going and her commitment was great to see.  The square was worked with the same attitude.  Jes really does seem to enjoy her work.  Many congratulations on a well deserved win and best track award.     

2nd THREENINES KATIE and Moira Rogerson, 193, Q.  Vito is a Malinois and was one of the younger dogs to compete.  She was full of enthusiasm and powered round the track like a real professional.  It was as if she was on rails - lovely to see.  She maintained her commitment in the square and just missed out on the 4th article.  You should be really pleased with her performance, Moira, and I’m sure you will have a lot more success.  

3rd ASTRA TZIAKA and Deb Williams, 189.5, Q.  Tziaka is a young border collie and was a dog having his first experience on the tracking field.  Not that you could tell.  He is a lovely, strong, committed worker who pulled his Mum all the way round the track and then located his 4 articles in the square in just 90 seconds.  Tziaka and Deb have a great relationship.  You should be so pleased with him, Deb, and I hope you have a lot more fun and success in working trials.

4th LAURINCO RED RYDER and Bernie Martens, 188.5, Q.  Rex is a fox red lab who was the youngest dog to work and was accompanied by a handler having his first outing in trials.  Bernie, you should be so proud of how you both worked.  There was a heart-stopping moment on the second corner of the track but you took your time and worked things out and then went round like experienced professionals - fantastic!!.  Rex worked a lovely enthusiastic square and just missed out on the 4th article.  Congratulations on your qualification which I am sure will be the first of many.

Also qualifying:

HUNDWITH DUTIFUL and Sally TOYNBEE, 184.  Sally and her Weimaraner, Merry, worked really hard for this qualification and it was lovely to see their confidence grow on the tracking field.  Well done and good luck for the future.

MURPHY MAGMUS LUMMOX, CDEx, and Martyn Willcock, 171.  Martyn and WSD Murphy settled into the tracking really well then just overshot the last corner.  Your qualification was secured though with a well-worked square.  Well done.




Tracklayers: Brian Page, Joe Craft, Chris Bell, Steph McBride

Steward: Barbara Wesley

My thanks to Lincoln for the invitation to judge the WD nosework – I was glad to come in when the original judge was unable to undertake the appointment.  Trials Manager, Chris Bell, ran the trial smoothly; if there were any hitches, I certainly wasn’t aware of them.  Jacky and Sharon at the base kept everything under control and made sure all the competitors got to their tracks on time, and as for Alex and Vicky in the kitchen – well, nothing was too much trouble, even making sure I got strong coffee first thing in the morning.   Thank you all very much.

Tracking was on stubble fields, with very variable surfaces – short stubble with corn re-growing through it, some quite large bare patches, and a lot of rape re-growth of varying heights from the previous year, so that dogs were continuously changing surface as they attempted to track.  My tracklayers, Brian, Joe, Chris and Steph, did a splendid job, but unfortunately the conditions proved to be very difficult and only 3 dogs out of the 14 that worked managed to complete the track, one of those with no articles.  Thank you all for all your efforts, and for giving every dog the maximum chance of success, and I’m sorry that you had to go and find all those articles!  Searches were on the whole well done, with no dog failing this exercise – thank you, Barbara, for your hard work.

Unfortunately, there were no qualifiers, as the 2 dogs that were successful in the nosework section did not manage to qualify in the C/A groups.

1st Paul Thornton handling CC West Midlands Police LIMASMYTHE ENNYA, GSD, B, 167, NQ.  Quest tracked beautifully, with both articles, only losing 2.5 marks, and then recovered 3 from the search square.  A very impressive round, winning the Best Track trophy.  Well done.

2nd Lynn Griffiths with STARDELL AVELA, BC, B, 157.5, NQ.  Vela achieved another impressive track, but missed the first article.  She went on to get 3 from the square very tidily, and shows great promise.

3rd Martyn Willcock with LUCY THE LAWLESS OF LANCS, CDEx, WSD, B, 157, NQ.  Lucy tracked superbly, including coping with a loose dog running on her track, getting the highest track mark, but sadly she missed both track articles.  She then recovered all 4 quickly from the square.  Another impressive round – I’m sure your qualification isn’t far off.

4th Chris McCrae with TRACELYN LADY IN BLACK BY ZOOX, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, B, NQ.  Fizz managed a bit over half the track, recovering the first article, and then did a nice square, with 3 articles nicely to hand.  Another dog showing promise for future trials.




Stewards: Glenys Page and Jenny Henton

Tracklayers: John Phillips, Andrea Lynd and Lis Warrior

Thank you to Lincoln for the invitation to judge the TD stake; I had a really good time.  Thank you to Chris Bell and all his helpers who made this trial a very well run event.

Thank you to my tracklayers, John, Andrea and Lis; you were all fabulous and very good company over the four days.  Thank you to Glenys, who laid searches on the first day and Jenny who laid them for the rest of the trial.  Thank you to all who entered.  Although the weather wasn’t very kind to those who worked on Friday morning the rest of the weekend was dry

1st Les Allen, GARRETHALL QUENYA, 210.5, Q.  Congratulations Les and Kira, very worthy winner.  A very tidy track followed by a good search.  Good Luck in Ticket.

2nd Jeny Miller, FOXFOLD UNEXPECTED EDITION, CDEx – WDEx, 207, Q.  Well done.  Jeny and Chello tracked very well and gained a full point search.  You deserved your qualification.

3rd Anne Fowler, GLENALPINE MAISEY, CDEx – WDEx, 201.5, Q.  I expected a good track and search from Anne and Maisey, and wasn’t disappointed.  Well done on your qualification.

4th Bill Richardson, KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT, CDEx – WDEx, 198, Q.  A super track - it was a pleasure to watch and judge; a bit more work on the square needed but very well done.  Also received the Best Track rosette

Also qualifying:


Pat Hodgkins, MERE MAGIC, CDEx - WDEx, 194

Richard Musgrave, XANDOA SAM, CDEx – WDEx, 192.5

Ann Bussey, VONGRAF NAOMI, 189

Liz Price, KESTENBAR PARIS CDEx - WDEx, 184.5

Ruth Cahill, VOMKYNA DELKA CDEx - WDEx, 181.5

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