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Venue: Dunholme



Square Steward and Scribe: Sara Royle

"Comfort" Steward: Jeny Miller

Many thanks to the Lincoln GSD & ABTS committee for the invitation to judge the CD Stake at their Championship Trial. My square steward and scribe was Sara Royle, well experienced, competent and excellent company for the day. Thank you, Sara.  In addition we had the services of Jeny Miller, who put all competitors at their ease and ensured they were all at the right place at the right time.  Thank you, Jeny.  Everything ran very smoothly.

The weather was dry and sunny all day with a helpful breeze for the squares.

13 entries 10 ran; 1 Large Munsterlander, 2 Labs and 7 GSD’s

We began with a briefing for everyone to try and put some of the nerves at ease and give a breakdown of the order for the day. We started with individual sit stay, then retrieve the dumbbell followed by the search square.  We then moved onto the control round which was heel on lead, recall, heel free and sendaway 50 yards to a hedge.  The agility followed, clear, long and scale with second attempts on all, and finally we finished with the down stay.

1st LIZLINE MANDOLIN, GSD, D, handled by Jo Magness, 91/100, Q.  A well deserved qualification and first place for Jack.  Nicely handled by Jo.  Best nosework section marks, only dropping 2.

2nd ALBADNO PAWS FOR A REST, Large Munsterlander, D, handled by David Paul, 86/100, Q.  Our only full point agility.  Nice to see a "different" breed competing - Stan is a lovely looking dog, good steady round, my choice to take home.

3rd LIZLINE OLIVER CROMWELL, GSD, D, handled by Liz Price, 80/100, Q.  Another worthy qualifier.  Oliver and his litter brother, Jack, are an extremely handsome pair of GSD’s, not forgetting their litter sister Juno who wasn’t quite so successful today.  They are all a credit to you, Liz.

4th ALBASTAR QUALITY, GSD, handled by Vicki Gurnhill, 82.5/100, NQ.  Put it down to experience, Vicki, just the agility let you down today - Timber had a good time.  Another good looking shepherd.

I hope you all enjoyed your day, and learnt something from the experience.  Good luck to you all for the future.




Tracklayers: Ernie Thompson and Steve Smith

Stewards: Barbara Wesley and Steph McBride

I would like to thank the LGSD&ABTS for inviting me to judge UD at this trial.  My tracklayers were Ernie Thompson and Steve Smith, both did an excellent job for me and were great company.  My square steward was Barbara Wesley who was very diligent and also helped with the stewarding of the C/A along with Steph McBride - I thank you both very much.  Thanks also to the kitchen staff, doing an excellent job all three days, and not forgetting Sharon Brown and Jackie Lloyd who organise all the base and paperwork.  And last, but not least, Chris Bell, who co-ordinates with the farmers, without whom we have no trials - many thanks for a well run trial.

Tracking was on nice corn, the weather was ideal, and most dogs did very good tracks.

1st Abbey Peart, JET BRAMBLES, (Merlin), Lab. 190, Q.  Lovely track but dropping articles out of the square let you down.  Congratulations, well done.  139/145 NW, 51/55 C/A

2nd Sally Toynbee, HUNDWITH DUTIFUL, (Merry), Weimaraner, 188, Q.  Once this team got going it was a pleasure to watch.  Nice square. Well done. 139/145 NW, 49/55 C/A  

3rd Liz Price, LIZLINE OLIVER CROMWELL, GSD, (Oliver), 187, Q.  Lovely concentrated track, but search square needs attention on the mouthing.  Other than that, a lovely young dog. 140/145 NW, 47/55 C/A.  This team also won the rosette and certificate for the highest scoring LGSD&ABTS member.

4th Jo Magnus, LIZLINE MANDOLIN, GSD, (Jack), 186, Q.  Litter brother to the one above, tracked just as accurately but much faster.  Same problem with mouthing but I am sure you will both soon get to grips with it. 140.5/145 NW, 45.5/55 C/A

Also qualifying:

Joan Snowden, GLENALPINE JES, BC, (Jes).  Pleasure to watch this dog track, full of enthusiasm, but sadly missed one track article - very costly, otherwise placings would be different. 133/145 NW, 49/55 C/A

Anita Doxey, CROESILWYN STREAK OF LIGHT, WSD, (Flash), 181.  A very steady but near perfect track, only problem

missed article.  The rest of the work was done well, just a 2nd attempt on the long jump keeping you out of the higher placings.  133/145 NW, 47.5/55 C/A

Jenny Henton, BLACKBERRY FEN, Lab (Dougie), 165.  Dougie did a perfect track not losing a mark until 3 legs from

home, then he went astray; he then went on to do a full mark square, and a very good control round. 113/145 NW, 52/55 C/A. Well done, be proud of him.

The hard luck story - Graham Taylor and GRONIMO BATES, WSD, 143/145 N/W, 45/55 C/A.  2nd attempt long jump and non return over scale lost you first place.  By way of compensation you did get the Best track award - and well deserved too.  I am sure it won’t be long before it all falls into place.

I hope you all enjoyed your day and don’t forget to take home all the positives and work on those negatives.  It was a pleasure to watch you.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd, Graham Brumpton, Liz Warrior, Brian Page

Square and C/A Steward: Caroline Martin

Many thanks to Lincoln for the invitation to judge WD Championship at this well run trial.  Thanks to Chris Bell for all his time and effort in putting on the trial.  Managing a trial is such an onerous job, with so much to do before, during and after the event.  It takes an extraordinary amount of time and effort, for which all of us in this sport of ours should be grateful.  To Jacky Lloyd and Sharon Brown - thanks for all your help, it made my job so much easier when at the base; it just ran like clockwork.

My eternal thanks to the army in the kitchen!  There was a different face each time I visited – which was frequently!  They did a superb job and laid on lovely grub - so thanks very much to all of you.

A huge thank you to Malc and Joan for their hospitality in putting us up over the weekend in their lovely home.  We had a great time – the bacon rolls at brekkies and the large mug of tea!  What a way to start the day!  Such fantastic people for whom nothing was too much trouble.  Thanks again, both of you, your friendship is invaluable.

My track layers were first class – just as you’d expect from such experienced and committed trialists.  They were great company and it was a pleasure to spend the time with you.  Each track was laid to perfection and just as I would want it if I had been competing.  The diligence and care they took made my task so much easier – as a judge when you have confidence in your team you can just concentrate on what the dog is doing.  So to each and every one of you - a heartfelt thank you.

Caroline laid the squares to perfection and every team had the very best chance of recovering all articles.  Thanks, wife!!

We had 17 entries with 14 running and we ended up with 6 qualifiers.  The weather was just as you’d want it, damp conditions underfoot, a bit of a breeze and little bit overcast.

The track consisted of 16 legs and was what I thought would be a meaningful test as we were tracking on 8 inch high winter wheat.  The track articles were 2.5" x 2" green underlay and 3 inch piece of dowel

Square articles were (i) 1.5 inch cube of wood (ii) 2.5 inch strip of rubber matting (iii) 3 inch piece of white electrical cable (iv)  2 inch square of carpet.

The nosework was generally very nice but only a few teams got all four articles out of the square.  The teams that did qualify did so in style and should be rightly proud of their qualification.

C/A started with a short burst of normal paced heelwork to focus the dogs (and in some cases the handler!) and then to the retrieve.  Heelwork through all three paces to the sendaway.  This consisted of a 120 yard run out to a red traffic cone in the long grass on the edge of the field.  Jumps were next in the order of clear, long and scale.

1st Wendy Magyar with her BC dog, GLENALPINE TED.  Qualified excellent with 193.5.  Lost 1.5 on the nosework! What a little star he is Wendy, I love him!!  Such commitment and a desire to work that many would kill for!  Tracked as the marks show - superb.  One minor chomp in the square and that was it!  I know you weren’t looking forward to the C/A but he does work nicely for you - his exuberant style is great to watch.  He is so happy in his work and he is so happy working for you, Wendy.  Well done on your qualification and the win - you both really deserved it; good luck in the future.

2nd Manda McLellan with her X-breed dog, LITTLE TIGER.  Qualified excellent with 192.  Also only lost 1.5 on the nosework.  With a full mark square this little dog is really going well.  He started the track by approaching the pole, going round it and then taking the track – at which point the pole pinged back and hit him on the head!  Not that it bothered Tiger one bit.  This confirmed what Manda had said, that ‘he is such a clown and if it’s going to happen it’ll happen to him’!  For me he did a perfect square, no mouthing etc and fully committed to the task.  Well handled by Manda - he’ll do well in the higher stakes.  Tidy C/A round with just a blip on the return from the scale, which I know is unusual as he jumps like a kangaroo normally.  Lee did remark what a pretty boy he thinks Tiger is!!  Manda’s reply is unprintable!!  Well done and good luck in the future with him.

3rd Tracey Collier with her GSD dog, CHARLOATS AVIN FUN AT GLENTRADA.  Qualified excellent with 191.5. What an impressive lad he is, Tracey.  He has such a good attitude and lovely manner about him – very much like his dad, and tracks like him too.  He towed Tracey round the track, and if he thinks they should go a particular way there is no way Tracey can argue even if she wanted to!  He has come on well since I last judged him – you are doing a really nice job with him.  Lost just 2.5 in the C/A.  Nice stylish heelwork and superb jumps.  Keep at it, Tracey, he is a lovely lad – good luck in the future with him.

4th Sarah Naylor with her BC dog, FLICKFLACK BLAKE.  Qualified excellent with 184.  Blake worked hard on the track and whilst he gave us a fright at one stage he didn’t give up.  He is so determined and so wants to please.  Great teamwork when it did get a bit difficult - there is a real rapport between you both.  Missed one in the square.  Heelwork just as I like it, with style and enthusiasm.  Well done, Sarah, you make a great team and he so loves being with you, it is so nice to see a dog enjoying itself so much.  Good luck in the future with him

Also qualified WDEx:

Pat Quinn with her Labrador dog, HOW’S HARRY AT ROYALTAIN.  Qualified excellent with 183.  Harry tracked as he always does - with a full head of steam!  He has such commitment I don’t know how you keep up, Pat!  Square was ok – he got three out but then opted for the vegetarian buffet and ate the winter wheat!  Which is a shame as it detracted from his overall performance, which was very nice.  C/A was tidy and capped it all off with full mark jumps.  Well done on your qualification, Pat, he is a cracking lad with bags of potential.  Good luck in the future with him.

Dianne Ellis with her GSD bitch, KENMILLIX SKY’S THE LIMIT.  Qualified excellent on 181.5.  Annie tracked very nicely indeed, losing only 1 mark.  Left one in the square but never once stopped trying.  Bits and bobs in the control section but very nice jumps.  Annie really does try her very best for you, Dianne, and that comes from the lovely rapport you have with each other.  Keep at it and you will do well in the higher stakes, I am sure.  Well done on your qualification and good luck in the future.

Thanks to all of you for entering and allowing me to judge your dogs.  It was a privilege and I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend with you all.




Tracklayers: John Phillips  and  Joe Croft

Square Steward: Tricia Harding

Control Steward and Scribe: Linda Newbold and Laura Bardwell

Patrol Helpers: Steve Lancashire, Tom Davies, Anthony and Vic Snook and Gary Martin

Thank you Lincoln committee for the invitation to judge the PD stake at this trial; thanks to Trials manager, Chris Bell, who ensured everything went like clockwork and could not have been more helpful; thanks to the kitchen staff who ensured I maintained my ample figure, and the clerical staff who kept me on the straight and narrow in the paperwork department.  A very special thanks to Ernie and Angie Thompson, who welcomed me into their home, ensuring my comfort, and kept me well fed. However, I shouldn’t have partaken in Ernie’s generosity in the bottle department – I could have done without the headache.

Thanks to my team of helpers all named above, who are always there whenever I ask, not only to help at trials, but when I need help in training, there to do whatever I ask.  Any success I have enjoyed in trials, in whatever I have done, is due to a team effort.  I could not have done it without them.  And thank you John, Joe, and Tricia, you were first class, and a pleasure to work with.

I set  a straight forward test for the nosework and control hoping to have a high number of competitors through to the patrol round; however they do call our sport trials and for no apparent reason we lost almost half of our number, three on the track, that were probably the last three I would have predicted.

So on to the patrol round.  On the face of it five very straightforward exercises (if only), the test was set up in such a way as to give the handler no time to prepare for the next exercise - by the time the steward drew their attention the exercise was under way.  No fancy set up, it was happening.  During the search and escort the handlers were tested to the limit, so much so as to have two of them wonder if the action had become serious.  We had practised the round for some time and I admit it got difficult, and only the more experienced teams on the whole coped.  On to the placings.

1st Lee Payne and WTCh LITTLE ROUGH RHINESTONE, CDEx – TDEx, PDEx, 260.5, Q.  This team coped well under very difficult circumstances.  I am sure their success was due to the amount of experience Lee has had over the years, and his ability to work his dog in the manner I was looking for.  A well deserved qualification.

2nd Dave Olley and LITTLE RAYMOND, CDEx – TDEx, PDEx, 256, Q.  Another round that was a credit to Dave’s handling - this team came back from a not too good a start to push the winner all the way.  Once again it was the handling that pulled this team through.

3rd Roseanne Leatham and BILCO’S GLORY, CDEx – WDEx, 252, NQ.  What can I say?  This young lady had never worked a patrol round in her life before and did a round to be proud of, missing a qualification by just four marks.

4th Margo Brothwell and TANGHAM LITTLE RYAN, CDEx – TDEx, PDEx, 178.5, NQ.  This patrol round did not suit Ryan today; I’m pretty sure he will soon bounce back.

The competitors were given the following information before the test:


For Control , Jumps, And Patrol Round

Dogs should be worked in a free and natural manner, controlled only by verbal commands and hand signals, any constant commands, touching, or physically positioning the dog for any exercise will be heavily penalised, the only exception being the send away, for this exercise the handler may touch the dog to set it up, however should this become a drawn-out procedure it will be penalised.

NOTE . . . All challenges in the patrol round should be made in normal conversation; any commands to the dog within that conversation will be penalised.

I wish you all, the best of luck

P D Round, Lincoln, Sunday 11th March  2012

The following information is purely a need to know basis, giving the competitor the minimum information required to make a meaningful attempt at the test.

1 - Quarter:

The handler will be required to send their dog, in the direction indicated by the steward in search of a hidden person; whilst this person is innocent only after investigation will this become apparent.  Any answers given will be the truth.

2 - Chase:

On instruction of the steward the handler, using strictly normal conversation, should challenge a person entering the test area; the handler then needs to follow the steward’s instructions.

3 - Search and Escort:

The handler needs to deal with the situation as it develops; the helpers will know the direction the escort takes, and the steward will inform them when the exercise is over.

4 - Test of Courage:

For this exercise the handler needs to engage in conversation with the steward, and listen to the instructions given.

5 – Recall:

This exercise should be conducted in a identical fashion to the chase.  All instructions will be given by the steward.

Once the dog is under control at the handler’s side the test is over.


The test will commence with the quarter.  The handler will be expected to send their dog (in the direction indicated) in search of a hidden person; once the dog has located this person, and hopefully barked, the steward will instruct the handler to join their dog and deal with the situation.  After a short conversation with the hidden person it becomes apparent they are innocent, so no further action is necessary.

However the next exercise follows without interruption.


: The steward will tell the handler to challenge a person entering the test area.  This challenge should be in a normal conversational manner, any words used within this challenge that could be considered as commands to the dog will be heavily penalised.  On the steward’s instruction the handler should send their dog, also on the steward’s instruction the handler should join their dog and deal with the situation.  Once the dog is under control at the handler’s side the exercise is over.  Again, the next exercise continues without interruption.

Search and Escort:

This person needs to be searched; however during this search a second person becomes involved, this person also needs to be apprehended and searched.  These searches should be thorough but not intrusive.  During the searches the two will become angry, awkward and verbal, but if spoke to firmly will eventually co-operate.  When the handler is satisfied the searches are complete, the two should be escorted away - they will know what direction to take.  Please note that during this exercise there will be two attacks on handler; the first one will be at the same time for all competitors, the second will vary.

Test of Courage:

For this exercise the handler should stand and engage in conversation with the steward.  During this conversation the helpers will enter the test area and stroll in the general direction of the handler and steward, totally ignoring the dog; however at a predetermined point the group will turn and attack the dog.  During this exercise the handler should not challenge or wind the dog in any way, but as the attack is made may instruct the dog to deal with the attack.  Once again the next exercise will continue without interruption.


This exercise should be conducted in exactly the same manner as the chase; any change in the handlers manner will result in the team being heavily penalised.  All instructions will be given by the steward, and once the dog has recalled and is under control at the handler’s side the test over.   

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