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Venue: Dunholme


As the new Trials Manager with a new team from LGSD & ABTS  to support me, there is much to say and many people to thank at the end of our Trial.  My thanks go initially to our farmers, who at Lincoln offer us more land than we can use, and to the judges for their time and expertise and to the many tracklayers and stewards.  However my especial thanks for such a successful trial go to Jacky Lloyd (our new Trials Secretary) and Sharon Brown, for all their hard work before and during the trial, and to Mark Edwards who managed all our catering.

All stakes in this March trial tracked on winter wheat in mild weather. The tracking standard was high and in total we had over 50 excellent qualifications.  The trial ran smoothly, despite an attempt to infiltrate the CD control round by a flock of sheep, and the Red Arrows provided their usual display (free of charge) for dogs and handlers!

My personal thanks therefore again go to...

Judges - Les Theobald (TD), Christine Stewart (WD), Stephanie McBride (UD)  and  David Waite (CD) for their time, expertise, patience and unfailing good humour.

Farmers - Hugh Bourne and John Shepherd (Bourne Estate Farms),John Bevan (Moor Farm Scothern), Charles Hood (Grange Farm), Sue and Helen Rainthorpe (R and R Farms), George Taylor (Lincolnshire Showground Manager)

See you all at the Open Trial Nov 2011





Steward: Diane Yeatman

Thanks to the Society for inviting me to judge this stake, and also to Chris Bell and all his team for organising and running the trial.  A special thank you to Diane for doing a brilliant job stewarding.  She was relaxed and friendly, and gave all her instructions in clear and precise way, which hopefully helped to put the competitors at ease.

14 entered - 9 ran over two days.  It was a pity that only 9 dogs ran, but there was a good standard of both dog and handler.

1st Sarah Naylor with FLICKFLACK BLAKE, BC, D, 95.5, Qual CDEx.  A young and enthusiastic dog with bags of potential.  This team displayed a good standard in all the different exercises and should go far.

2nd Anne Bussey with VONGRAF  NAOMI, Malinois, B, 91, Qual CDEx.  Another team that displayed a good standard throughout all exercises, and with the experience of Anne, this young bitch will only improve.  One to watch out for in the future.

3rd Joan Snowden with GLENALPINE JES, BC, B, 85.5, NQ.  The scale stopped this very capable and well trained bitch qualifying today.  Hard luck, Joan.

4th Rachel Abbott with SQWUFFEE FENSTER, WSD, B, 85, NQ.  Another dog that displayed a good standard, but on the day didn’t do the scale.  Good luck for future trials.

I would like to thank all the competitors for the way they presented themselves throughout the day to work, and the way they handled their dogs.  It was a pleasure and a privilege to judge them.  Good Luck to all the teams in future competitions.



Judge: Stephanie McBride

Tracklayers: Joe, Ernie, Steve

Steward: Judy Meekings

My thanks to the committee of Lincoln GSD and All Breeds Training Society for the invitation to judge the UD championship stake in March 2011.  The weather was perfect for tracking and as a result we saw some excellent work.  My thanks to Judy for being my steward and for making the competitors feel relaxed and at ease at all times. I was lucky to have three very accomplished track layers in Joe, Ernie and Steve.  My thanks to them for their company and their expertise.

1st Eleanor Mestraud with her GSD bitch, WOLFHART CRY HAVOC, 193.5, Q.  An excellent nosework and control round from a very young dog.  Well done, a pleasure to watch.

2nd Jayne Lewis with her ASD, RUSHBOTTTOM RHYNSTON BROWS, 193, Q.  Another very accomplished round, although I would like to see more enthusiasm in the square.

3rd Paul Bryan and his BC, KIPCROFT ETERNAL FLAME AT BRYNBOURNE, 183, Q.   The quickest search in the competition.  This little bitch should go far - just bits and pieces in the control to get right.  

4th Pat Quinn with her Lab, HOW’S HARRY AT ROYALTAIN, 177.5, Q.   Another very capable dog; I just love his enthusiasm.  Well done.

Also qualifying UDEx:

Wendy Magyar with BC, GLENALPINE TED, 176.5

Gary Martin with his GR, CARISHILL ATLAS, 176.5


Pat Hodgkins with her X-Breed, MERE MAGIC, 174

Jim Sewell with BC, STARDELL TYL, 174

Sharon Brown with her Lab, TARNEDGE DAPHNE, 172.5

Vic Snook with X-Breed, LITTLE MICA, 170

Qualifying UD:

Jenny Henton with her Lab BLACKBERRY FEN, 159.5




Tracklayers: Graham Brumpton, Andrea Lynd, Barry Gilbert, Janette Sayer

Stewards: Barbara, Jenny, Steve

Thank you Lincoln GSD and AB Training Society for the invitation to judge your WD Championship stake, and to Chris Bell, ably assisted by Jackie Lloyd in base, for running an excellent trial.

The weather was dull and cold but the excellent company made up for it;  many thanks to all my tracklayers and stewards who all did a first class job.  Also my thanks go to all who lent a hand in the kitchen for keeping us all fed and watered.

Tracking was on crop, with some parts of the field a bit muddier than others, but that didn’t seem to affect the success rate of the teams entered.  I was privileged to watch some lovely tracking, but other competitors needed to trust their dogs.  Tracks, squares, C/A, stays and jumps all took their toll, but I did have qualifiers each day.  To those who qualified I extend my sincere congratulations - to those who didn’t there’s always the next trial.   Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me.  27 entered, 24 worked, 8 qualified WDEx

1st Maeve Weselby and STYPERSON GILLIE, Lab, D, 198.5, Q WDEx.  Brilliant nosework, followed by almost perfect  C/A.  Well done

2nd Mike Williams and MARINA BENNY’S PAL, X-Breed, B, 198, Q WDEx.  Lovely quiet teamwork, always a pleasure to watch.  Well done

3rd Jeny Miller and FOXFOLD UNEXPECTED EDITION, GSD x BC, B, 197.5, Q WDEx.  Chello worked beautifully for you in both nosework and C/A.  A full mark square - congrats.

4th Les Allen and GARRETHALL QUENYA, Lab, B, 197, Q WDEx.  Kira is a good all round dog and did you proud; she worked well in all the exercises.  Congrats.

Also Qual WDEx:

Diane Turner and STARDELL SUBRA, BC, B, 196.  Jessie did a lovely track, just a little mouthing on search articles cost you marks - well done

James Warrior and WARRIORS LITTLE ROSIE, X-Breed, B, 194.   What teamwork and determination!  You certainly had me worried on one part of the track, but between you, you worked it out.  What a joy to see the close bond between handler and dog - good luck for the future.

John Wykes and KIPCROFT RED KYLE OF TARNFORCE, BC, D, 188.5.   Best Track - Kyle went round on rails, corners just did not exist for him - well done

Stevie Boyall and VANQUISH ULTIMATE EDITION, Lab, D, 175.5.  Aston had calmed down a bit since I last saw him but was not focused on his articles.  I’m sure you will sort this for the future.  Well done.




Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon (5 days), John Philips (5 days), Mike Williams (4 days) and Liz Warrior (1 day)

Search Stewards: Jenny Henton (2 days), Trish Harding (2 days) and Angela Porter (1 day)

I would like to thank the committee of the society for the invitation to judge at the trial.  Thanks to Chris Bell and Jacky Lloyd for a well run trial.  A big thank you to Mark, Francesca, Vicky, Bertha, Liz, Pat, Sara, Jean, Elaine, Jackie, Jenny and Annie for all their work in the kitchen keeping us supplied with food whenever we wanted it.

Thanks to my experienced team of tracklayers, especially Mark, who laid all the early morning tracks, and the stewards, who were great company.

We were very lucky with the weather with no wind or rain until the Saturday.  With almost perfect tracking conditions nearly all week and with an abundance of land which saw the tracklayers moving the tracks around in the fields, we saw some very good tracks.

65 dogs entered with 62 actually running.  Of those 42 qualified on the nosework, making for a very busy day on the Sunday.

1st WTCh GLENALPINE PHOEBE OF STARDELL, BC, handled by Mrs Wendy Beasley, 213, Q.  Track 96, Articles 30, Search 35.  A very nice control and agility round, losing just 1 on the sendaway and 1 on the clear.  Congratulations and good luck at the KCC’s.

2nd MY BOY KAI, WSD, handled by Mrs Sheren Perez, 211.5, Q.  98, 30, 33.  Another nice control round, qualifying TDEx.

3rd DESMOND DINGO, Cross, handled by Mr Chris Trevor, 211.5, Q.  92, 30, 34.

4th SHERINGEM MAC, BC, handled by Mr Ken Coleman, 211, Q.  97, 30, 35

Also qualifying TDEx:

WTCh COLLIEWOOD CAVALLERO, WSD,  handled by Mrs Suzanne Plumb,  211

LITTLE RAYMOND, Cross, handled by Mr Dave Olley, 210.5

XANDOA CHANCE, BC, handled by Mrs Moira Rogerson, 209

WTCh DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, WSD, handled by Mr Tony Lockyer, 208

STARDELL LUNAR, BC, handled by Mrs Wendy Beasley, 207.5

WTCh CARISHILL HYACYNTH, G Ret, handled by Pat Parkinson, 206.5

TANGHAM LITTLE RYAN, Cross, handled by Mrs Margo Brothwell, 204.5

LAWINICK COME N GET IT AT HARTSHILL, GSD. handled by Mr Tony Lockyer, 204.5

THE TITAN, WSD, handled by Mrs Sue Ashby, 204

STYPERSON BRIG AT WINDLEBROOK, Lab, handled by Mrs Judy Meekings, 204

DUNNSLAYNE DAZZLING QUEEN, WSD, handled by Mrs Averil Salisbury, 204

VOMKYNA DARCA, GSD, handled by Miss Jill Carruthers, 202.5

BRIGLEN JOSS, BC, handled by Mrs Glenys Page, 202.5

GLENALPINE SHEP, BC, handled by Vana Moody, 198

VILLAGE KING, GSP, handled by Mrs Janette Sayer, 196

ZAK OF SKIPAWAY, WSD, handled by Mrs Julie Skipp, 195.5

MISTER BEAMISH, WSD, handled by Mr Dave Marchant, 195.5

HEX AT CARFELD, BC, handled by Mrs Yvonne Carpenter, 195

WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, WSD, handled by Mr Dave Marchant, 194

STARDELL INDI, BC, handled by Mrs Hilary Mercer, 194

CANDLEWIND ROMULUS, BC, handled by Mrs June Fillingham, 193.5

CORNDON TAFF AT GRELGANNA, BC, handled by Mr Roger Shrimpton, 191.5

THAMESPOL ISSIE, GSD, handled by Heather Cook, 191

MEISTERWERK BRUISER, BC, handled by Ruth Bryant, 187.5

SELDOMSEEN HOBBSONS CHOICE, WSD, handled by Mr Dennis Nelson, 186.5

ROTHIEVALE CIARA, LAB, handled by Mrs Jain Douglas, 183.5

POLLGINA MICHELLE SO GENTLE, Lab, handled by Mrs Sara Royle, 182

Qualifying TD:

LITTLE CROW, BSD, handled by Mr Nelson Smith, 175

SANDYS OAK, Lab, handled by Mrs Di Cotterill, 171.5

The best track (99) was shared by VILLAGE KING,  handled by Janette Sayer, and THE TITAN,  handled by Sue Ashby

Once again many thanks to the society for an enjoyable week. 

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