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Venue: Dunholme



Tracklayers: Chris Bell, Ernie Thomson and Richard Musgrave

Steward: Teresa Musgrave

26 Entered, 18 Worked, 7 Qualified

Thank you to Lincoln for the invitation to judge UD Nosework, also to Chris Bell for running an excellent Trial.  Many thanks to Jean Morley for a well organized base, also to Bob and Annie, who kept us well fed at the base and in the fields throughout the Trial.

I had 3 experienced tracklayers, Chris, Ernie and Richard; thank you for giving up your time.  My thanks to Teresa for laying the search squares and for being such great company over the three days.

Tracking was on crop, sparse in places.  Out of the 18 teams that worked 11 completed the track and retrieved both articles; mouthing of articles was the main cause for loss of points on the search squares.

My thanks to all the teams who worked for making my judging a pleasure.  I wish you all good look in the future.

1st Mrs A Fowler with GLENPALPINE MAISEY, 195, Q.  An excellent track from a young dog; a pleasure to watch the well worthy winner.

2nd Mrs E Robards with TARNEDGE COLUMBINE, Lab, 194, Q, Best nosework.  What a great team to judge, only losing 0.5 on the track and a full mark square, gaining best nosework.  Well done

3rd Mrs S McBride with DELFLEET ODIN, Lab, 192, Q.  Another brilliant track from this team.  Steph had the most handsome dog in UD – but sorry, no extra points for looks.  Well done

4th Mr Barrie James with CORRIEDHU CESAN, CDEx, 190.5, Q.  Another nice track and well handled by Barrie.

Also Qualified

Mrs J Henton with BLACKBERRY FEN, Lab

Mrs W Magyar  with GLENAPINE TED, BC





Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd, Graham Reaney, Stephanie McBride, John, Liz Warrior

Stewards: Fran Atkin, Jenny Henton

Many thanks to Lincolnshire German Shepherd Dog and All Breeds Training Society for the invitation to judge WD.  Thanks to Jean and Peter Morley for putting me up and looking after me so well.  Unfortunately Peter was not too well so Chris Bell stepped in and ran the trial - well done, Chris, a very well run trial and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Hope you’re feeling better, Peter.  The base was very capably run by Jean, ably backed up by Jackie, who both did a great job in making sure I had everything and spoiled me rotten.  The kitchen was very well run by Bob and Annie; my diet became non-existent.  Lovely food.

Many thanks to my stewards, Fran Atkin on the Friday and Jenny Henton on Saturday and Sunday.  You did a first class job and kept me right.  Also thanks to my tracklayers, who did a great job and were excellent company.  I had Andrea and Graham on the Friday, Steph, Graham and John on the Sat and Liz and Graham on the Sunday.

Tracking was on rape which, although it looked very good, proved to be more difficult than anticipated, with many of the teams not getting past the 2nd leg.  The search squares were done very well with most dogs getting at least 3 articles and quite a few getting all 4.

Thank you to all the competitors for being a great bunch.

Ist John Wykes, KIPCROFT RED KYLE OF TARNFORCE, BC, 182, Q.  An excellent track.  Very experienced handler who took his time and allowed his dog to sort out any problems.  Got the best track.  A pleasure to watch, John.

2nd Jeny Miller, FOXFOLD UNEXPECTED EDITION, X-Breed, 180, Q.  Another good track and had a super search square, recovering all four with a lot of time to spare.  The missing track article proved very costly, but well done an excellent round.

3rd Anne Thorpe, GLENALPINE MISS MOLL AT DALEMAIN, BC, 179, Q.  Well done, Anne, on a very competent round.  Again, nice track and all four out of the square.  Nice to see Molly in action.

4th Mike Williams, MARINA BENNY’S PAL, X-Breed, NQ.  A great shame, Mike, a very good track and search square.




Tracklayers: Brian Page, Andrea Lynd, Liz Warrior

Steward: Trisha Harding

I was very pleased to be invited to judge the TD nosework at Lincoln, as the members of the Society are so friendly and helpful that it is always a pleasure to be in their company; so, thank you, Lincoln, for the invite.  As I expected, the trial was exceptionally well run, with nothing left to chance.  Even the change of Trials Manager, with Chris Bell taking over from Pete Morley when Pete fell ill, went seamlessly – largely due to Jean’s super-efficient pre-trial work and her tireless work as base steward.

Catering at the base, and for us lot out in the fields, was in the capable hands of Bob and Annie.  Nothing was too much trouble, from the full English breakfast to the cups of coffee waiting as we got back into the base.  Thank you both very much.

My tracklayers, Brian, Andrea and Liz, worked tirelessly and accurately, but sadly without a huge success rate; and Trish laid searches exactly as I asked, with more success, as only two dogs failed this exercise.  Thank you all very much for your hard work and good company.

The weather on Thursday was very windy, but it calmed down later in the week, but became progressively colder, although bright.  Tracking was on stubble, with no growth between rows, and proved too difficult for a number of dogs.  However, those dogs that were well motivated to track did so, and largely with great style and panache.  The track articles were: a wooden lolly stick, laid across the track; a green garden tie, laid lengthways along the track; and a piece of green scourer.  I was surprised at how much mouthing and dropping of articles went on in the squares – I would have expected dogs working at this level to be retrieving articles cleanly.  Only one dog worked a full mark square, Julia Skipp’s Zak, who sadly only completed half of the track.  At the end of the trial we ended up with seven qualifiers, all of whom thoroughly deserved their certificates.

1st Margaret Robinson’s JUST FRANKIE AT TRENTVALLEY, WSD, D, 202, Q.  Frankie tracked beautifully, with all three articles, but only managed to find two from the square.  I’m sure he will go far.  Well done, and good luck for the future.

2nd Kath McGuckin and CHARLIE DANCER OF COURT, BC, D, 199, Q.  Charlie also tracked beautifully, and recovered three from the square.  Well done, Kath, you are an example to all of us with your determination to keep going.

3rd Wendy Beasley and STARDELL LUNAR, BC, B, 193.5, Q.  Lunar found the tracking quite difficult, but worked her socks off to get round with all the articles.  If she hadn’t been so tired, I’m sure she would have got all the articles from the square, instead of just two. 

4th Paul Beasley, STARDELL SPICA, BC, D, 193, Q.  Spica also found the tracking conditions difficult, and worked really hard to finish with all his articles, Paul’s experience getting them out of trouble on a couple of occasions. 

Also Qualified:

Mr and Mrs William’s SHADOWQUEST LEGACY, GSD, D, 192, handled by June Reed.  Buddy tracked with great enthusiasm, but sadly tracked over the last article.  Four from the square completed an excellent nosework round.

Fran and John Atkin’s BLEDRI OF STEPASIDE, WSD, D, 189.5, handled by Fran. Merlyn was the first dog to track, and set a high standard, with a very nice track and four from the square.

Eleanor Mestraud with WOLFHART FIRENFUL IDES, GSD, B, 181.5.  When a huge hare leapt up under Chaos’ nose on only the third leg of the track, we thought that was that.  But Eleanor had other ideas, and got Chaos back working and finished the track, the only dog to do so in the afternoon field.  Very well done!

The Best Track award went to Rita Banfather’s NICOLEE TRUE GRIT OF BANNERSWAY, GSD, D.   McCoy tackled the track with great enthusiasm and style, gaining 98 marks and recovering all three articles, and then retrieved all four from the square – a joy to watch!




Stewards: Angela Porter, Jeny Miller, Sharon Brown

Many thanks to the society for inviting me to judge, and to Chris Bell and his team for organising, and running the trial, including Jean Morley and her apprentice, Jackie Lloyd, who ran the base extremely efficiently, along with Bob and Annie, who kept us all fed and watered.

Angela was my steward for the whole trial, and did a grand job of looking after, and guiding the competitors through their paces.  Jeny helped by working as search steward in the CD Stake, and then as gate steward, making sure we were never without a competitor – even with almost 100 entries, there was no wasting time.  THANKS TO YOU BOTH!

We were blessed with four reasonably good days, with lots of sun, and for Thursday and Friday an aerobatic display from the Red Arrows twice each day - brilliant, and didn’t seem to bother the dogs too much.

I would like to thank all the competitors for entering and accepting my decisions. I really enjoyed watching your dogs work!


1st Mike Williams and MARINA BENNY’S PAL,  90.5, Q.  Lovely round overall, her little tail never stopped wagging.

2nd Sue Highe and BROOK OF WASHBURN, 89.5, NQ.  Excellent round for your first trial, just a blip on long jump and no return on the scale put you out of qualification today, but he’s going to do well for you.  He loved every minute of it, so keep up the good work.

3rd Angela Moslin and GREAT ARAMIS OF DARK BRIGHTNESS OVER WILDFIRE, 73.5, NQ.  The jumps were her downfall today.

4th Maren Amey and WILBERT WONDER, 70, NQ.  Harvey certainly came out to enjoy himself today, what a character!  He was definitely the dog we would have loved to take home!


1st Anne Fowler and GLENALPINE MAISEY, BC, 195, Q.  Nice round, well done; good luck for the future.

2nd Mrs E Robards and TARNEDGE COLUMBINE, Lab, 194, Q. Second attempt at long jump was costly today, but still had best nosework trophy.

3rd Stephanie McBride and DELFLEET ODIN,  Lab, 192, Q. Nice round, well done.

4th Barrie James and CORRIEDHU CESAN, BC, 190.5, Q.  Another nice round. Well done.

Also qualified:

Jenny Henton and BLACKBERRY FEN, Lab



1st John Wykes and KIPCROFT RED KYLE OF TARNFORCE, BC, 182, Q.  Kyle worked well for you today, heelwork needs tidying, otherwise, well done.

2nd Jeny Miller FOXFOLD UNEXPECTED EDITION, GSD X, 180, Q.  A beautiful control round from this team, losing just the one mark on sendaway.  Congratulatioins.

3rd A Thorpe and GLENALPINE MISS MOLL AT DALEMAIN, BC, 179, Q.  Just a blip on the long jump, otherwise quite a good round from this team. Well done.

4th Mike Williams and MARINA BENNY’S PAL, Lab X, NQ.  Jumps let you down this time, better luck next time.


1st Margaret Robinson and JUST FRANKIE AT TRENTVALLEY, WSD, 202, Q.  A nice round from this young dog.  Congratulations.

2nd K McGuckin and CHARLIE DANCER OF COURT, BC, 199, Q. Well done. Congratulations.

3rd Wendy Beasley and STARDELL LUNAR, BC, 193.5, Q.  Another nice round. Well done.

4th Paul Beasley and STARDELL SPICA, BC, 193, Q.  Very similar round to his litter sister, nicely done. Congratulations.

Also qualified:



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