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Venue: Dunholme


Another trial under our belts and I would like say a big thank you to all my helpers for making this a very successful trial.  Well done to you all – as usual you were all brilliant.

A special thank you to Janet for being Trials Secretary and Base Steward, for all the hard work she does before, during and after the trial - she does a brilliant job, thank you so much.  The kitchen staff, Bob, Annie and Jenny who do a great job, and kept everyone fed and watered.

The judges, Sue (TD), Pete (WD) and Nigel (UD) our nosework judges, and Judy CD and C/A, for being such good company; we had a few laughs and jokes, but at the end of the day you all set brilliant tests and judged very professionally.  Thank you all.

All trials have their problems, what with heavy rainfalls prior to the trial, and then to find out that two of our main farmers had sold out to a big consortium is bit worrying to say the least.  However the new farm manager allowed us to use some of the land, and we managed to find some dry weather for the trial.  So a big thank you to the farmers for supplying the land, all worked out well in the end.  Thanks again to the Lincolnshire Showground for letting us use the car parks for the control.

Special thanks to Joan and Malcolm Snowden for all their help and the accommodation.

I hope the competitors enjoyed the trial; congratulations to those who qualified and the best of luck next time for those that didn’t.





Stewards: Wendy Magyar and Fran Atkin

Many thanks to Lincoln Society for the invitation to judge the CD and C/A at the November Open Trial.   Jim and Jan Sewell, as usual, managed the trial with quiet efficiency, and from my point of view, everything ran like clockwork, with competitors always ready to come forward to be judged, and an endless supply of refreshments to keep us going on three cold and windy days.  Thank you to all those who helped Jim and Jan achieve this seamless operation, especially to Bob, Annie and Jenny in the kitchen.  My thanks are also extended to my stewards, Fran and Wendy, who were great company, and stewarded the competitors with efficiency and friendliness.  Thank you both for all your efforts.


I really enjoyed seeing these young dogs just starting on their Trials careers.  Of the 10 dogs taking part, 5 recovered all three articles (a dolly peg, a metal teaspoon and a giant pipe cleaner) from the search square, all with enthusiasm and enjoyment, which bodes well for the future.  As ever with young dogs, the jumps were a problem for some, but all other exercises were, on the whole, very well done, and I was impressed with the general high standard of work.  I look forward to seeing all these dogs progress up the stakes.

1st Eva Robards, TARNEDGE COLUMBINE, Lab, B, 93.5, Q.  Caya worked an excellent round, with all exercises completed to a very high standard.

2nd Joanna Hebdon, ZEPHYR SILVERHEELS, BC, D, 90.5, Q.  Joanna’s nice quite handling brought out the best in Zeph, who is a lovely young dog.

3rd Ray Lea, AMEETUE COLOURFUL LADY, BC, B, 84.5, Q.  Ruby’s nosework was excellent, and she just lost bits and pieces on the other exercises.

4th Steve Smith, ALBESA A PERFECT REASON, GSD, D, NQ.  Krue worked a superb full mark control round, but unfortunately a failure on the scale meant that he couldn’t qualify today.


In general, the standard in this stake was also high, although a few dogs showed their inexperience, with handlers’ nerves being transmitted to their dogs.  However, every dog showed that it is quite capable of qualifying with a little more work.

1st David Waite, EYLAUERHOF RULA, Rott, B, 191, Q.  Rula worked a near perfect C/A round, only dropping a few marks on the sendaway when distracted by a barking dog.  Well done – she looks set for a glittering career!

2nd Laura Bardwell, POLLGINA JACKSON MCBRIDE, Lab, D, 182.5, Q.  Slightly untidy heelwork, but otherwise Ted’s work was  perfect, and he was very nicely handled by Laura.

3rd Rachel Abbott, SQWUFFEE FENSTER, WSD, B, NQ.  Fen didn’t make it back over the scale, but the rest of her work was neat and tidy.  It won’t be long before she qualifies.

4th Andrea Clarke, BEINHARD YASKO, GSD, D, NQ.  Coppa worked extremely well in both sections, only losing 1.5 marks.  Another dog who will be qualifying very soon.


Again, the standard of work was very high, with the sendaway, 100yards (ish!) to a flag in the hedge, particularly well done.

1st Andrea Lynd, REBARK BUBBLY PEG, Lab, B, 182, Q.  Peg worked very stylishly; the few marks she lost were for over-enthusiasm.  Keep her happy, Andrea, and she will go far.  Well done.

2nd Carole Hall with Mr and Mrs Johnson’s Lab, PENRITH NELL, 181, Q.  Another near perfect round from Darcy, again worked with enthusiasm and style.  Well handled, Carole.

3rd Liz Price, KESTENBAR PARIS, GSD, B, 179.5, Q.  Grace only dropped 0.5 marks, on the heelwork – a joy to watch.  Well done.

4th Rosie Jones, DREAGANTA GALLADUBH, BC, B, 166.5, Q.  A nice tidy control round from Galla, but didn’t make it back over the scale.

Also qualified:

Pam Wadsworth, BURSTEAD CON OF ROANLODGE, Cocker Spaniel, D, 163.5.  A lovely control round, and successful jumps, apart from the return on the scale, made Connor the first ever Cocker Spaniel to qualify at this level.  Very well done, Pam.


The standard of work in this stake was mixed, with some dogs completing the exercises to a very high level, but some not quite ready for the extra exercises in TD. 

1st Andy Baker, SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER, BC, D, 205, Q.  Apart from slightly untidy heelwork, Sid worked a lovely round.  Well done, and good luck in Ticket, Andy.

2nd Sue Drake, MISH MASH MISHKA, Cross, B, 205, Q.  Mishka found the sendaway difficult, but got just enough marks to qualify in the control section.  Good luck in Ticket to you as well, Sue.

3rd Ruth Cahill, VOMKYNA BORUSS, GSD, D, 192.5, Q.  A nice control round from Bud, but a close run thing on the Agility.  Well done, Ruth, he’s a lovely working dog.

4th Jain Douglas, ROTHIEVALE CIARA, Lab, B, 189, Q.  Nice tidy work from Kira, particularly her heelwork.




Tracklayers:  Trevor Smith, Andrea Lynd, Jan Vallack

Steward:  June Hines.  

Many thanks to Lincoln Society for the invitation to judge the UD Open nosework.  It was a pleasure to judge this stake and to watch both newcomers and experienced handlers competing. 

Jim and Jan Sewell did a great job of organising the trial with the help of the Lincoln faithful.  My tracklayers were Trevor Smith, Andrea Lynd and Jan Vallack; thanks to them for their conscientiousness and their company over the two days we worked.  My wife June laid the squares in her usual efficient way and, again, many thanks.

Tracking was on winter wheat with decent growth but very wet underfoot.  We had one very large field to work in, just across the road from the base, so no added stress for the competitors getting lost on the way to their tracks.  There were mixed fortunes with the tracking but the search squares were generally excellent – it was good to see these young dogs so well motivated in this exercise.

1st EYLAUERHOF RULA, Rott, B, handled by David Waite, 191, Q.  David and Rula also received the Best Nosework trophy.  Well done and congratulations on your well-deserved first place.

2nd  POLLGINA JACKSON MCBRIDE,  Lab, D, handled by Laura Bardwell, 182.5 Q.  Ted bombed around the track with Laura in tow but missed one of the articles.  Well done on your qualification.

3rd SQWUFFEE FENSTER, WSD, B,  handled by Rachel Abbott, 150.5, NQ. 

4th BEINHARD YASKO, GSD, D, handled by Andrea Clarke, 146.5, NQ



Judge:  Peter Jones

Tracklayers:  Geoff Bull, Barry Gilbert

Square Stewards:  Fran Atkin (Sat), Shirley Frankcom (Sun)  

Many thanks to the Society for the invite to judge at their Open Trial.  Sue and I have many happy and successful memories of competing here and enjoyed our 3 days; I can see why it’s a great trial because they are a great team and all pull together.

Jim (Trials Manager) phoned a few weeks before the Trials to discuss the tracking land and due to the seasonal weather conditions, the problems he was having in finding suitable land, also that one of his usual farmers had sold a large portion of his fields to other parties, a Trials Manager’s nightmare.  Jim told me that my WD Stake may have to track on rolled mud!

After a lot of running around and diplomatic arm twisting, he came good, although I think he must have gone to China to find the stubble fields we used - it was more suitable for growing rice on, especially after the Saturday evening heavy rain.  At least the dogs could grab a drink on the way round.

Having said that about the ground conditions, we had 13 dogs entered, 10 worked and 5 dogs qualified the nosework, with 2 ‘if only’ going wrong at the last turn.  Which proves if the dog’s attitude to tracking is right they will try when the going gets tough.

In Nosework marks order:-

1st Andrea Lynd, REBARK BUBBLY PEG, Lab, B, 131 (Best Track Trophy)

2nd Carole Hall, PENRITH NELL, Lab, B, 128

3rd Liz Price, KESTENBAR PARIS, GSD, B, 125

4th Rosie Jones, DREAGANTA GALLANDUBH, BC, B, 119

5th Pam Wandsworth, BURSTEAD CON of ROANLODGE, Cocker Spaniel, D, 116

All the above qualified the C/A and remained in that order of placing.  Well done, it was not easy out there.

Well done also to my helpers, you were great company and thanks for giving your time.  Thanks to Bob Carter and his catering assistants.  I only had to walk into the Base and I had a drink or even a bacon bap thrust into my hand!!  Thanks to Jan for running base and scores and appreciation for the gift from the Society.



Judge:  Sue Jones

Tracklayers:  Andrea Lynd (1 day), Malcolm Snowden (2 days), Andy Magyar (3 days)

Square Steward:  Joan Snowden   

I have always enjoyed competing at Lincoln trials, so when Pete and I were invited to judge at their Open Trial, we had no hesitation in accepting.

The organisation at this trial overseen by Jan and Jim Sewell was superb.  Thanks to both of you and your team for making my judging appointment so very enjoyable.

Tracking was on stubble, which seemed to cause problems for some dogs, as some hardly left the start pole, but others coped well with the conditions.  All 3 days remained dry whilst we were tracking but it was very windy and it rained during the night.

My tracklayers did a brilliant job and were great company, and managed to retrieve all articles left on the fields.  I thought my search articles might have been on the small size when I saw the length of the stubble, but Joan only had to pick up 5 articles - I don’t know what that says about you Joan?

Bob, Annie and Jenny did a marvellous job in the kitchen - thanks, you managed to blow my slimming schedule!

We had an air display on Friday from the Red Arrows, but this didn’t seem to affect the dogs that were working.

The 6 dogs that qualified the Nosework were:-

1st Sue Drake, MISH MASH MISHKA, XB, B, 161.  A steady track, you did well to read her, good handling.

2nd Andy Baker, SID THE LEOM SQUEEZER, B/C, D, 155.  Super track by an experienced handler, what more can I say but well done.

3rd Ruth Cahill, VOMKYNA BORUSS, GSD, D, 148.5.  The way this dog tracked was amazing to watch, but not too good on articles; Ruth found two.  Won Best Track Trophy.  The lolly stick in the square surprised us all when it came out still in one piece.

4th June Raymond, CANDLEWIND ROMULUS, B/C, D, 147.  A good track by this inexperienced team, your handling was superb in very windy conditions.  Vana, your mentor, must have been very proud of you.

5th Jain Douglas, ROTHIEVALE CIARA, Lab, B, 138.  A lovely little Lab.  Tried her best to drag her owner around the track, Jane did not want to go with her at times but the dog won the day.

6th Sara Royle, POLLGINA MICHELLE SO GENTLE, Lab, B, 131.  What a dog, but unfortunately Sara thought she knew where the last leg went and didn’t believe her dog.

Four of these dogs qualified in the C/A and I will leave the final placing to the C/A Judge.

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