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Venue: Dunholme

Trials Manager’s Report

Another trial under our belts and I would like to thank all my helpers for making this another successful trial; well done to you all – you were brilliant.  A special thank you to Janet for being Trials Secretary and Base Steward, for all the hard work she does before, during and after the trial; she does a brilliant job, thank you very much.  The kitchen staff, Bob, Annie and Jenny did a great job as usual, keeping everyone fed and watered.

Many thanks to the farmers for supplying the land; they certainly came up trumps again, finding us plenty of fields to work and fall back on. Usual problems of crop spraying but all worked out well in the end.

Thanks again to the Lincolnshire Showground for letting us use the car parks for the control.

To the judges, Jan Vallack, Dave Stewart, John Wykes and Ron Jaques, thanks for your company and being easy to work with. All the judges set good tests.

Special thanks to Joan and Malcolm Snowden for all their help and the accommodation.

I hope the competitors enjoyed the trial. Congratulations to those who qualified and the best of luck next time for those that didn’t.  Our congratulations go to Wendy Beasley with WTCh Glenalpine Phoebe of Stardell on winning the Ticket - good luck at KC’s.

Jim Sewell




Steward: Rosie Jones

Thank you to Lincolnshire GSD and ABTS for the invitation to judge the CD stake, and to Jim and Jan for all your hard work and wonderful hospitality.  You have a lovely friendly trial, a great team, and long may you continue.  To the kitchen staff, Bob, Annie and Jen, you were great.  Thanks for everything, nothing was too much trouble and there was always a smile.

To my steward, Rosie Jones – you were excellent company, knew exactly what you were doing, and were a treat to work with.  Thanks, Rosie.

We were lucky with the weather, the rain kept off, although the wind did get up a bit.  The test was done on grass.  As is usual in CD, there was a mixture of experienced handlers with young dogs and teams who were very new to the sport.  Whilst the control on the whole wasn’t brilliant, the enthusiasm and determination to do well was excellent.  It was also pleasing to see so many new teams coming into the sport.  We need them and I hope they continue and have success.

The search articles were a teaspoon, a dolly peg, and a 4" piece of rope (sorry, not into centimetres); only three dogs out of 17 managed to get all three.  The sendaway was 70 paces to poles – this seemed to cause all sorts of problems, with only half the teams getting anywhere near.  As usual the jumps and stays took their toll, and I finished up with only one qualifier.

1st Louise Meaking with DELILAHS MAN, GSD, 84.5, Q.  Congratulations, Louise, a very good overall performance, and a well deserved win.  Good luck to you and Sampson in the higher stakes.

2nd Eleanor Francis with OSCAR OF WILSON, Lab, 79.5, NQ.  So close, Eleanor.  The sit stay proved just too much of a hurdle to overcome, but don’t worry, Oscar has the talent and it’s only a matter of time.  All the best in your future competitions.

3rd Ann Trodd with BAILLIE OF CHELSASA, Xbreed, 82, NQ.  Another team so close.  Once you sort out the search square qualifying should not be a problem.  Everything else is there.

4th Shirley Frankcom with VAPESTRO DISCOVERY, BSD, 76.5, NQ.  Myla did one of the best control rounds, only dropping 0.5 point in the heelwork, recall and sendaway.  The jumps were the problem.  Once that’s sorted, Shirley, you’ll be on your way.  Good luck.

Thank you to all the competitors for allowing me to judge your dogs, and accepting my decisions.  Your attitude and enthusiasm was brilliant.




Tracklayers:  Sat – Malc and Joan Snowden, Sun – Lol Campbell and Andrew Lynd.

Steward and Scribe: June Hines.

Thank you to the Society for inviting me to judge the UD stake.  This was a really enjoyable and relaxed weekend with friends.  Everything was taken care of by Jim and Jan Sewell, nothing was too much trouble; organisation at its best.  Thanks also to Annie, Jenny and Bob Carter in the kitchen – lots and lots of hard work, all done with a smile.

June is a superb scribe and search steward, taking care of everything, someone every judge should have – thank you, June.  The tracklayers were excellent, giving every competitor and dog the opportunity to do good tracks – and we saw some brilliant ones.

The control was done in the morning, in a cold strong wind, which blew both days, but it didn’t rain.  I saw some very nice control rounds; only one dog failed the stays, and two had full marks for agility.  The tracking was on quite lush spring corn, with mixed results, and some lovely full mark squares.

1st Graham Brumpton with TAFFY GO LUCKY, X/B dog.  Congratulations, Graham, with this very busy little dog – just a slight blip on the clear jump.  Track 89 + 20, square 34, Control 33, Agility 14.5 – UDEx, 190.5.  Well done.

2nd Vana Moody with GLENALPINE SHEP, BC dog.  Onwards and upwards, Vana and Zig – very nice work all round.  88 + 20, 34. 28, 19 – UDEx, 189.  Well done.

3rd Yvonne Carpenter with HEX AT CARFELD, BC bitch.  A very quick busy little bitch, keeps Mum on her toes.  Full mark jumps and square.  83 + 20, 35, 31, 20 – UDEx, 189.  Well done.

4th D Curren with ANSONA BRIGADIER, Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer dog.  First time I have had the pleasure of seeing this breed.  A very impressive strong dog, full mark sendaway, full mark square.  86 + 20, 35, 32.5, 14.5 – UDEx, 188.  I think you went home very happy with Fuzzy.

Also qualified UDEx:

R Kidson with CHESARIK ZAC, BC dog, 174.

Lee Kane with TIGGERTOO WORKS LIKE A CHARM, Rott dog, 166.

Paul Morling with VONGRAF KAGUL, GSD, dog, 160.

Qualified UD:

Heather Cook with THAMESPOL ISSIE, GSD, bitch.

Thank you to all the competitors for the pleasure of judging you and your dogs.  To those who qualified – congratulations; to those who didn’t, you have proved that you can do it in UD Open.  Good luck to you all in future trials.




Tracklayers: Trevor Smith and Geoff Ball

Stewards: Shirley Francome and Joan Snowden

First of all sincere apologies for the lateness of this report.

I would like to say a big thank you to the society for asking me to judge.  I had a wonderful time and was well looked after by everybody, both in the base and out in the fields.  My tracklayers did an excellent job, giving all the competitors the same test, as did my stewards.  The weather remained fairly constant, cold but dry.  The land was excellent, winter wheat with reasonable growth, and looked great; however the dogs didn’t seem to find it as easy as it looked and for the first three days, although they tried hard, we didn’t have a lot of success; but that all changed on the last day as all but one got round.  The control, however, was a different story - in fact overall it was appalling, apart from a small minority.  The only good bit was the sendaway which most dogs did quite well; just as well, or there wouldn’t have been many qualifiers.

I set what I thought was a reasonable CH WD test, not a test because it might be there last step up into ticket, but a WD test.  Most of them will have to look to their control if they are going up into ticket; I didn’t do them any favours, I just judged it as it was - WD.

1st D Turner and LUCY GREENGAGE, CDEx, UDEx, BC, B.  A good all round performance gave this pair a well deserved win.  185.5, Q

2nd R Shrimpton and CORNDON TAFF AT GRELGANNA, CDEx - WDEx, BC, D.  Bits and pieces cost this pair the win.  181, Q

3rd P Williams and SUNSHINE PIP, CDEx, UDEx, Cross, B, 179.5, Q

4th R Cahill and VOMKYNA BORUSS, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, D, 178.5, Q

Also qualifying WDEx:

H Mercer and STARDELL INDI, CDEx, UDEx, BC, B, 176

J Gibney and BRYN HEULOG AP BRECON, CDEx – WDEx, WSD, D, 174.5


I Nicholl and GUNULT CHA CHA, CDEx, UDEx, Weim, D, 172

A Bedford and ABI NEVIS SAY DIE, CDEx, UDEx, Cross, 171

L Baker and AQUACADIAN BLACK AZELL, Lab, D, 162.5


Qualified WD:

J Szmidt and SIMBA SON OF MUFASA, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, GSD, D, 158

To those who qualified, well done; to those who didn’t, better luck next time.


Stake: PD

Judge: Ron Jaques

Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd, Lol Campbell. Nigel Hines

Steward:  Paula Jaques (Squares, C/A and Patrol)

Scribe. Rosie Jones

PD Round Helpers: Linda Newbold, Chris Madden, John Philips, Nigel Hines.

Thanks to Lincoln for the invitation to judge the PD ticket, and thanks to Jim Sewell and all his helpers for a very well run trial.   My thanks to my tracklayers who all did a bril job and were great company.  Thanks to all the helpers they were brilliant as always. It was a luxury to have a scribe and Rosie did an excellent job.

Tracking was in very high winds (with an ariel display by the Red Arrows!) and was of a high standard. Best nosework was Tracey Parks with Brook.  Control and jumps were generally very good, leaving ten dogs to take part in the patrol round on Sunday with very little between them.

The weather was better on the Sunday, and the round was fitted around a large course of permanent horse jumps.  All dogs coped very well with the test, except for the recall, which only one dog managed.  My special thanks to Gary Martin and Roy, who helped me sort the distances for the chase and recall. This was a totally inexperienced dog and he put on a blinding show, doing two perfect recalls .

I hope everyone enjoyed the test as much as I enjoyed judging you all.

1st Wendy Beasley with WTCh GLENALPINE PHOEBE OF STARDELL.  Good all round performance - the recall decided it.  Very well done.  Congratulations,  284, Q

2nd Tracey Parks with WAGGERLAND BROOK, 263, NQ.  Well done .

3rd Paul Beasley with GRELGANNA LEO OF STARDELL, 255.5, NQ.  Well done

4th Dave Marchant with WTCh WAGGERLAND MISTER JAKE, 255, NQ

Thank you to my wife Paula for all the stewarding - super job as always.  Good luck to everyone in your future competitions.

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