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Venue: Dunholme

Trials Managers Report

Thanks as always to our farmers for the land and to Lincolnshire Police for the use of their land on the showground.

Big thanks must go again to Jean Morley for the work she puts in before, during and after the trial. And to her husband, Peter, who puts the jumps up, takes them down, stewards and anything else asked of him!

I will let the judges mention their own helpers but I would like to thank them collectively

for their efforts in making the trial run smoothly. Thanks also to the judges for setting their

tests without devaluing the standards required at Championship level. They gave everyone

a fair chance.

Thanks to Maic and Joan Snowden for their hospitality and a special mention for the ladies in the kitchen, who did a superb job keeping everyone fed and watered. I hope you've booked your holidays for our next trial, Annie!

From my point of view, the trial was made much easier to run because of all the help that was at hand; it was much appreciated. Many thanks.

Nigel Hines


CD Stake


Steward : Andrea Lynd

General remarks - Thank you to the Society for asking me to judge the CD.  There were 16 entries 13 completing the test.  Thank you to everyone in the kitchen, you were all brilliant, thanks Jean who works very hard in the base to ensure everything runs smoothly and to everyone else who helps, thank you.

Results and comments -

CD ran over 2 days.  The weather was dry but cold for both.  I finished with 2 qualifiers.  Andrea was my steward for both days, thanks Andrea you were brilliant.  Thanks also to Cerole Hall for keeping things flowing on Sunday.

1st           David Waite - DUNNSLAYNE BLUE OMEN WSD.  Merlin only recovered 2 from the square but apart from that hardly lost a point.  Well done, lovely round. 90

2nd         Brian Kneller SEA SMOKE ACCIDENTAL HERO NSDTR.  Rusty recovered all the square articles and did a nice steady round to ensure qualification.  Well done Brian. 82.5

3rd          Angela Porter NQ CARIS TYLER WOOD G/ret.  Charlie worked beautifully but unfortunately the jumps were Charlie's downfall today.

4th          Les Theobald NQ TYTRI TESS BC.  Tess worked well in the nosework, stays and jumps but didn't do the sendaway today.

Good luck to everyone in your future trialing and thank you all for entering.


UD Stake


Tracklayers: Alan Davies, Carole Hall

Stewards: Alan Davies, Carole Hall.

Thank you to Lincoln for the invitation to judge the UD Stake l had a very pleasant 3 judging UD and two tracklaying in WD.

This was a well run trial by a very friendly team. A big thank you to Trials Manager Nigel and Trials secretary/Base steward Jean Morley for all their hard work before and during the trial. To all who helped in the kitchen it was much appreciated.

I had a great bunch of helpers in UD. Tracklayers Alan and Carole, Square steward Ann and Control and Agility steward Carole all did an excellent job. Many thanks to you all.

There were 9 competitors and 7 qualified/Tracking was on winter wheat of good growth some fields were better than others All dogs completed the track and 8 qualified in the search.

The Control and Agility which we did on Lincoln Showground was on the whole of good standard.

Qualifying UD Excellent..

1st           Cohn Ball and CONNEYWARREN TUCKER BOX LABI Excellent all round performance from this young dog Track 86. Articles 20, Search 33,Control 33, Agility 19 Total 191 Congratulations Cohn and Tucker. A well deserved win.

2nd         Rowena Hodnett and DRUMMMMOR GOOD LUCK CHARM IRO111. I was impressed with Ziggi's track she had to track through 2 Large patches of almost bare ground to complete the track. .The highest C&A mark. Track 88, Articles 20.Search 26. Control 345, Agility 19.5. Total l88Well Done.

3rd          Dave Olley and BLACK NEWBOROUGH LAD AB] Nice round Dave. Qualifying comfortably in ail sections. Good to see a good fit Lab working at almost 9 years old. Track 86, Articles 20.Searth 26. Control 31 .5 Agility 19.Total 182.5.

4th          Fran Mitchell RENDALE ROBIN AB] Missing the first track article cost you 2nd place but a good standard overall Track 86.5, Articles 10, Search 33, Control 30, Agility 19.5 Total 179. Well Done

Also Gaining UDEX

Essex Police...KAI OF NEWCOURT  177.5. Handled by Belinda Chapman

Damian Chadwick STILLMOOR STORMY SKY C] 172.5


WD stake


Tracklayers: Andy Magyar, Pete Hodgkins, Trevor Ball, Geoff Ball.

Steward: Pete Morley

It is 5 years since I judged at Lincoln so it was good to be invited back to judge the WD Stake.

Thanks to Nigel Hines and Jean Morley and all their team who contributed to making the trial a success.Thank you Jean and Pete for the lovely meal on Thursday night The kitchen staff did a grand job providing food throughout the trial.

Pete Morley laid all the searches and stewarded C& A each day, a very experienced steward who made my job easy. Many thanks Pete.

I had 4 "heavy " tracklayers….Andy, Pete, Geoff and Trevor. On behalf of myself and competitors, Thank you for your time.

Tracking was on winter wheat. The first day was foggy and no wind, resulting in all dogs completing the track easily. The second day was windy so tracking was mixed. The third started with sleet showers but these had cleared before the first track was run.

The society is lucky to have use of Lincoln showground which makes an ideal venue for control and agility. I had a very enjoyable few days in great company.

1st           Ron Jacques and DETANIA GOAN GET EM C) A super little dog in very experienced hands.TiIIey tracked on the third day on a sparser piece of land and was very impressive. She then recovered 4 articles from the square, and followed this with a good solid C&A round, gaining a well deserved first place. Congratulations. 192.5 COM

2nd         Val Scott and BIG DUKE (CROSSBREED) I have judged Duke before- he works steadily and enjoys himself. Worked the first day and found all the articles from the track and square. A hiccup on the sendaway but had enough marks to qualify on the section. Good luck in TD Val. 179.5 COM

3rd          Sheren Perez and KAY LAREN Tracked on the 3rd day Kayla missed the first article but had 4 from the square.She is such a small collie but has loads of spring over the jumps....Full agility and super sendaway. A long trip home but worth the journey for this qualification. Well done. 178 COM

4th          Kim Astbury and ANGEL IN DISGUISE (CROSSBREED) Another first day track Very good track with 3 from the square. Bracken had the highest sendaway mark, the same as the winner. .No long jump today but I hope you can soon sort it out. Best of luck for future trials 173 COM

Also gaining WDEX were

Phillipa Feams and MORGANNA MOJALLA WEIM] 169.5

Bill Lloyd and SPARAZDEN REZAQ  169 . The day after qualifying WDEX Dee won the Working Class at Crufts.


PD Stake

Judge : N. MASON

Tracklayers : Malcolm, Keith, Andy

Steward : Irene Seymour

Armed and dangerous robbers, Malcolm, Andy, Geoff, Steve, Simon.

After receiving a call from Jean (the map) Morley I anticipated a problem when she asked we are desperate for a judge please would you help.  I immediately realized that she must be desperate, from here on it went downhill.

During my frequent requests as to where the base was I was informed "village hall as usual".  The last time I was at Lincoln Robin Hood was still on the loose, Chris Bell was still in short pants, the sheriff of Nottingham was known as Ernie Thompson, eventually I found the base and as I entered the hall I saw all the faces drop in dismay and someone muttered oh hell he has turned up.

The evening meal I was invited to was some distance away, but Jean (the map) Morley gave me direct instructions, down this road at junction with A57, turn right, first roundabout, the very first right turn and then you are there.  I turned right at the A57 as instructed, after 59.5 miles I came to the first roundabout, turned right into Tesco car park., from here I rang Jean who said, damn, I forgot you should have turned left at A57, by now I am starting to get the message.

Later than normal I sat down to a meal, only to be joined by the trials manager who quietly sat beside me stating "I've got to be honest with you, you're track pattern is crap".  I have now at this point got the message.

In conclusion, my sincere thanks to the committee of Lincoln Dog Club for the invitation and to your wonderful hospitality for the weekend.  It was a pleasure to play a part in your trial, you have a great bunch of helpers and a lot of smiling face.  We got pleasure, agro, disappointment, a difference of opinion, brilliant.

1st           T.A. Park with TOP OF THE LEAGUE, Tracey was the only one who kept her wits and took control of the whole situation, a very worthy winner.  She refused to join in with the robbers, her dog was under control throughout the test and this allowed her to concentrate on the situation.  This was exactly what I had in mind when I designed this test.  Tracey, my best wishes to you at the K.C.'s.  Q295.

2nd         S. Banks with TAG VENTURE, Again with his dog in total control of the situation.  It allowed Stan to check everything as instructed, they were both calm and in control, well done to you both.  Q282.5.

3rd          A. McLellan with JAKE OF ASHLINDT, yet again a dog that was under total control allowing the handler to take control of every situation and complete my test.  Q276.

Also qualifying

John Watts with STARLIGHT BLUE 274.5

Dave Marchant with MISTER JAKE 273.5

Moira Rogerson with XANDOA'S TORNADO 269.5.

The best man work was awarded to a handler who after each exercise came to me and said, he will fail the next part so I will do a run through, without a shadow of a doubt the best man work dog of the day was WSD BYRONS BIG BEAR handled by Pete Carroll.

Finally my steward Irene, she was more than helpful with my test, also spent a lot of time prior to the trial helping me put it all together, scoring, tea girl, food provider, all I had to do was stand with pen in hand trying to look the part, thank you for a brill 2 days.

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