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Venue: Dunholme

Trials Manager's Report

Another trial over and I would like to thank all my helpers for a job well done - you were brilliant.  At this trial, I had so many offers of help and I'm sorry if there weren't enough jobs to go round but I hope those offers stand for future trials!

All the judges set good tests, were good company and easy to work with, so very many thanks to them.  Our farmers came up trumps and we had plenty of land to fall back on.

The kitchen staff of Bob, Annie and Jenny did a good job as usual feeding everyone.  Thanks also to Malcolm and Joan Snowden for putting up helpers and judges, myself and June.

I would also like to thank Jean and Peter Morley for their work in the past with the Lincoln trials, from which they have now retired.  Jan Sewell took over as Trials Secretary and did an excellent job - many thanks Jan.



CD Stake &, UD - WD C&A


Square / control steward : June Hines

Entries : CD 6, UD 26, WD 13

Thank you to Lincoln for the invitation to judge at this friendly, well-run trial.  Carole and I stayed at Joan and Malcolm Snowden's fabulous new barn conversion, along with a great bunch of people who ran, helped and organised this trial.  Thanks for your hospitality.  Nigel and his merry band of helpers make sure this trial runs as smoothly as it does.  Everything was catered for - even the weather! We had two days of sunshine, considering the horrific forecast, Lincoln did us proud! THANK YOU.  Carole had planned to be my steward for the weekend, but definitely did not plan to come down with a gastric infection on Friday evening.  She sadly had to go home on Saturday morning.  You were a miss Carole, especially at the Saturday night Karaoke!!   Glad you are well now.  June drafted in as my steward at very short notice but did a great job.  Thanks June, you were great company.

CD Open

1st           Meg O'Kelly with ON YER BIKE WSD (B) 83.5 CD COM.  This lovely collie did a nice control round.  Very close marks on the jumps!  Well done and good luck in the future.

2nd         D. Ellis with MISTER TILBUS Lab / Ret(D) 73 NQ.  This handler was very nervous, as it was her first trial.  No need to be, your dog has tremendous potential; he just needs time and patience.  Sadly the jumps and nosework took their toll.  He is lovely, good luck.

3rd          R. Coitino with KENMILFORE  COPPER GSD (D) 48NQ.  This handsome GSD has a fantastic attitude to his work.  His handler told me he had trained him on his own from videos and books!  WOW.  Very impressive.  The stays and jumps let him down today, but I am sure he has a bright future ahead of him.


1st           Moira Rogerson with SELDOMSEEN RIO WSD (D) 197.5 UD COM.  Moira and Rio did a lovely control round.  First class.  He has a great future ahead of him Moira.  Well done and good luck in championship. h/w 5, rt 5, s/w 9.5, stay 10, jumps 20.

2nd         Laura Bardwell with TSAR PRINCE AMANUKA Rottweiler (D) 194 UD COM.  This dog worked a lovely round.  Nicely controlled with no fuss handling.  Well done and good luck.  h/w 4.5, rt 4, s/w 9.5, stay 10, jumps 18.

3rd          J. Sayer with VILLAGE KING GSP (D) 193.5 UD COM.  What a powerhouse of a dog.  Well handled.  Good luck.  h/w 4, rt 5, s/w 6, stay 10, jumps 19.5.

4th          Tracey Toms with CARISHILL BRAZILIAN Golden Ret (B) 188.5 UD COM  What a lovely goldie.  Worked with style and attitude.  Full attention, even in the down stay!  A pleasure to judge.  Well done.  h/w 4, rt 4, s/w 10, stay 10, jumps 18.5.

Also qualified

Judith Owens with FIRCROFT DALWINNIE BC (B)  188 UD COM

Jacqui Gibney with BRYN HEULOG AP BRECON Welsh Sheepdog.  (D) 174 UD COM

Keith Butterfield with PLAS MAJOR KYLE BC (D) 162.5 UD COM.


1st           Ann Bedford with WOLFHARTS DARK ISLANDER GSD (B) 188 WD COM.  Rohan pulled out all the stops today.  Nice accurate control round.  Bit of a heart attack on the scale.  Well done Ann, good luck in championship.  h/w 4.5, rt 4, s/w 10, stay 10, jumps 19.5.

2nd         Gordon Kirk with DARLING LASSIE Lab (B) 163 WD COM.  This Labrador worked a dream for her handler, lovely teamwork.  Seven years old, and young at heart!  Well done and good luck.  h/w 4.5, rt 4.5, s/w 8.5, stay 10, jumps 17.5.

3rd          Yvonne Filleul with SODEN JAY WSD (D) 164 NQ.  Unfortunately the sendaway let you down today.  Good luck for the future.  h/w 3, rt 3, s/w 2, stay 10, jumps 20.

4th          Irene Nicholl with GAMEPOINT GO AND GO Weimaraner (D) 160.5 NQ.  A nice control round but sadly no scale today.  Good luck for the future. h/w 4, rt 4.5, s/w 10, stay 10, jumps 10.


UD Nosework


Tracklayers : Jim Sewell, Alan Davis

Search Steward : Anne Davis

Comp entered 26  worked 23  Qual 7

Thank you to Lincoln for the invitation to judge the UD Nosework.  Also to Nigel Hines and his team at the base for running an excellent trial,  my thanks to the kitchen staff who kept us well fed throughout the trial.  A big thank you to my tracklayers Jim Sewell and Alan Davies and search steward Anne Davies who did an excellent job and was great company on both days.

Tracking was on winter wheat, sparse in places, with the fields dry for the time of year.  Over the two days it was a pleasure to judge some excellent nosework from a variety of breeds, from experienced handlers with young dogs and new handlers competing in trials for the first time. Well done to all qualifiers.

1st           Mr. Rogerson with SELDOM SEEN RIO WSD 197.5Q.   A young dog in experienced hands.  Congratulations on your win.

2nd         L. Bardwell with TSAR PRINCE AMANUKA CDex, Rottweiler 194Q.  This team was steadily consistent, hardly put a paw wrong.  Well done.

3rd          J. Sayer with VILLAGE KING GSP 193Q.  Only lost one mark on the track, a pleasure to watch, also winning Best Nosework Trophy.  Well done.

4th          T. Toms with CARISHELL BRAZILIAN Gold Ret 188.5Q.  Another nice track, a well deserved qualification with this lovely dog.

Also Qualified


J. Gibney with BRYN HEULOG AP BRECON Welsh sheepdog 174Q

K. Butterfield with PLAS MAJAR R KYLE CDex BC 162.5Q


WD Nosework


Tracklayers : Andrea and Trevor

Steward : Joan Snowden

My thanks to Lincoln for inviting me to judge, to Jan Sewell for running the Base, to Bob and crew for the excellent food.  Thanks to Andrea and Trevor for their professional tracklaying and to Joan for laying the squares.

Special thanks to Malc and Joan for their hospitality over the weekend and to Carol for the bed. 

Tracking was on well grown crop and the weather, though cold, stayed dry and bright.  11 dogs  worked and 5 completed the track.  Enthusiasm and speed seeming to cause more problems that the conditions.

1st           Ann Bedford with WOLFHARTS DARK ISLANDER 188Q.  Lovely track.  After a nerve racking start, and a very nicely worked square, especially given the domestic taking place the other side of the hedge!

2nd         Mr. G. Kirk with DARLING LASSIE 163Q.  Nice steady track and square.  Shame about cutting the last leg, so missing an article.

3rd          Yvonne Filleul with SODEN JAY 164.5NQ.  Lovely steady track and both articles but then Jay decided not to do the square!

4th          I. Nicholl with GAME POINT GO AND GO 160.5 NQ.  BEST TRACK. Kyser raced round the track with a very breathless Irene in tow!  Nice track and square, just needs a bit more work on holding rather than shattering the articles.


PD Stake


Tracklayers : Andy and Geoff

Stewards : Simon and Alan

Thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge this small but friendly trial.  Nigel and all his helpers ran a well organised event, from kitchen staff to criminals, all performed brilliantly.

Not being in trials for a number of years, it was great to see some old friends (and young) whom I hadn't seen for a long time.  We had a good laugh on the Saturday night "get together", a bit different but all in good fun.  Just what trials used to be like, let's have more of it.  A special thanks to Alan Bolton, who not only kept great company, but also stewarded the patrol round and put everyone at ease, (not often you get a "Ticket" Judge to run after you).  Many thanks Alan.

Saturday saw 5 dogs compete, all of which completed nosework to a very high standard.  Judith Owen and Brody gaining a full point track.  Control, I always like to see good, sensitive handling, yet not a tick tock dog, again standard was very high.  Full control marks to Malcolm Snowdon and Jay.

Patrol .  I always try to set a test in which the dog will work as much as possible on its own, in a flowing test, yet always within the control of the handler.  Marks being gained for the dogs which work under their own enthusiasm, and points being lost for handlers with little or no control.

All teams gave a very creditable account of themselves 149/150 points scored from Jeff Poole and KIRI.

Sunday.  Again 5 dogs competed but only 2 completed the nosework.  Colin Harrison and NINA completed a track when most other handlers would have given up (or being blown off by fine tune judges).  A credit to a sensitive and experienced handler.

Control varied from nearly there to "get back to basics" and let your dog enjoy the exercise.

Patrol.  Dogs that didn't qualify need a little more work.  John Philips and Colin Harrison just need a little "fine tuning".

1st           Jeff Poole and KIRI BSD.  This team were a pleasure to judge, a cracking bitch, good handling by a chap probably used to handling "big macho dogs".  Credit to you Jeff, will almost certainly be a Ticket Team.  311.5Q

2nd         Judith Owens and BRODY BC.  Faultless nosework, control and only minor blips on the patrol. Gave Jeff a run for his money and another team for the Ticket class.  293.5Q.

3rd          Lynne Davies and KANE Cross.  Did enough in each section, and with a little more polish will give a good account of themselves.  258.5Q.

4th          John Philips and LOGAN.  Very good nosework, a little sticky on the control. Needs a bit more work on the patrol, well done.  258 NQ.

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