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Open Trial
Venue: Dunholme
Trial Held: 09 November 1997



Steward: Joan

Thank you to Lincoln for asking me to judge this, my first judging appointment, and also for the first time in six years of helping at Lincoln that I've got wet. Thanks also to Joan for stewarding for me, the kitchen staff

and everyone back at the base. There were 8 entries, with 3 qualifYing: the stays and jumps taking out the others.

Congratulations to the following:

1st. 91 pts. Roly Jackson with Chokki. Excellent performance, full mark square completed in I min 42 sees. Shame about the heelwork, perhaps Chokki didn't like the rough terrain.

2nd. 89 pts. Liz Warrior with Mollie. Very good all round performance, well done.

3rd. 86 pts. Lei Schofield. Another tidy performance, well done.

4th. 81 pts. Bob Newman with Shep was the hard luck story of the day, jumps costing him the CoM and first place.



Judge: P N HINES

Tracklayers: Andrea

Snowden, Trevor Smith,

Graham Halford

Lynd, Male

Keith Jordan,

Search Steward: June Hines

Many thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge at this triaL Conditions weatherwise ranged from fair to horrible, with wind and rain on the Sunday. Tracking was on rape of about 6" in height, to which a straightforward track pattern was laid with both articles of decent size, although the first one was for the dog to find and not the handler to see. Most dogs made an attempt at the track although some were not quite ready for WD yet..

Many thanks to my helpers - Andrea, Male, Keith, Trev and Graham for tracklaying and being good company, to June for laying the squares and keeping us all in order. Thanks to Jean and her helpers at the base for the food and the organisation, and to the competitors for allowing me to watch and judge their dogs.

1st. WYLDERWAY MACAULEYS DREAM (GSD) 181.5. Handled by Ms A Fowler. Nice tracking dog handled by a nervous owner - well done.

2nd. VALLEY TOWN SADIE (WSD) 181. Handled by Mrs L Draper. Another good track with a full mark square, only just missing out on first place- well done.

3rd. MAX OF EBORACUM (GSD) 171.5. Handled by R Fletcher. Another very good tracking dog with full mark square - well done.

4th. CLASSICAL DIAMOND (G/ret) 169 Handled by Miss T Addison. Nice track, full mark square - well done.


NICE TRI 165.5 Handled by Mrs M Rickward - well done.




Tracklayers: Malcolm Snowden & Pete Carroll

Search Steward: Bert Cooper

Control/Patrol Steward: Terry Turtoll

Criminals: Pete Carroll, Malcolm

Snowden, Bert Cooper, John Phillips

Many thanks to the Lincolnshire Committee for this judging appointment which proved to be a very enjoyable three days. Aided by the hospital ity and help of Graham Halford and his very competent back-up team's efforts to ensure the Trial was a complete success. Thanks on a more personal note to my team, all listed overleaf, who did a first class job in giving every competitor an identical test. (Pity the weather didn't do the same!)

A special thank you to the competitors who conducted themselves admirably in accepting my decisions in a sporting manner and reminding me on a wet, cold and windy day why I enjoy spending my leisure time in their company.

1st. Mr A Skene BESS OF URBAN SPACEMAN (X Breed) This little bitch did a reasonable track and an excellent square in very poor conditions for 96 pts. Control 29.5, agility 15, patrol 1 I 9. Total 259.5 CoM.

2nd. Mrs EM Minch YONHAUSNYE BACH (GSD) This was the highest track mark, albeit in excellent conditions, plus a good square for I II pts. Control 32.5, agility 20, patrol 85. Total 248.5. NQ.

3rd. Mr M Cammidge WAGGERLAND JIM (WSD) Brilliant track in the worst conditions plus full mark square for 112 pts. Control 32, agility 20, patrol 78. Total 242.

4th. Mr J K Grantham DRINGHOE SPARTAN (GSD) Good track and square for I 05. Control 23 .5, agility 20, patrol 92. Total 240.5. NQ.

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