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Venue: Dunholme


Stake: CD


Steward: Margo Brothwell

Many thanks to Lincolnshire and Chris for asking me to judge at this well-run and very friendly trial.  I was looked after so very well, nothing was too much trouble.  Thanks to Chris and Jenny for all their hard work before and during the trial.  Well done, Chris, for continuing to secure the showground for us - it’s the most perfect CD venue you could hope to find.  You also organised some great weather!  Thanks also to Thelma, Jean and Pete for all your hard work on the day, both at the base and out on the showground.  Big thanks to Pat, Carol and Teresa in the kitchen, who kept Margo and me well fed and watered! Huge thanks as always to Margo for her concise and calm stewarding; she put the competitors at ease and kept me in line all day!

15 teams entered this stake, 12 ran and we had three first timers.  As always in CD, it is a delight to see so many different breeds and personalities.  One small cocker spaniel had Margo and me in fits with her very expressive face and body language, especially during heelwork!  Of the 12 that ran, we had 5 qualifiers, but many more teams showed future potential with just bits and pieces letting you down.  Sorry about the run-off for first and second!

1st           after run-off, QUARRINGTON FLASHDANCE, Crossbreed, B, handled by Thelma Kirchen, 90, Q.  Eden is a neat little crossbreed that didn’t do much wrong at all during the round and carried on with this theme in the run-off.  A worthy winner, congratulations.

2nd         after run-off, WOOLSHAN JONKA, GSD, B, handled by W J Pearce, 90, Q.  Amber just got on with her job in a very workmanlike fashion, I was just sorry I couldn’t hand out two first place rosettes.  Well done!

3rd          TEASEL TUMBLETWIST, Lab, D. handled by Abbey Peart, 89.5, Q.  Dobby (love the name!) swept into the stake and did all the exercises his way and was one of only two dogs with full marks jumps.  He would have been placed higher if he had not used his own interpretation of the sendaway!  Nice job.

4th          HERCULES OF WINTERCRACK, Lab, D, handled by Jenny Henton, 89, Q.  Another gundog in the placings!  Our Wesley was a fast enthusiastic worker, only pegged back to this place by missing the long jump.  Congratulations.

Also qualifying: ASTRA RUBY RUBEUS with Lucy Newsome, 87.5



Stake: WD 


Steward: Glenys Page

Tracklayers:  Andrea Lynd, Steve Smith, Andy Laws, Chris Bell

My thanks to Lincolnshire GSD and All Breeds Training Society for inviting me to judge the WD stake at their Championship trial.  It is always a pleasure for me to help at this trial in whatever capacity needed.  A great crowd of people get involved and make a wonderful team headed by Chris Bell, Trials Manager.

Many thanks to Pat Quinn for putting me up and providing such warm hospitality and ensuring that I got to the base on time each day.

So to the ladies in catering, Pat, Liz, Theresa and Carol - thank you for ensuring we were all fed and watered.  Your job was not made any easier this year due to having to move base after day one.  My thanks also go to Jean, Jenny and Thelma, who so professionally run the base.

Thank you Glenys for stewarding both days and being great company.  With the windy conditions it was nice to have someone who is not afraid to shout instructions and so give the competitors every chance for success.  To all my tracklayers, Andrea, Steve, Andy and Chris, thanks for doing an excellent job - we had a good success rate, not many articles to find.
Also I would like to add my thanks to the farmers for letting us use their land for tracking and to Charles Hood for making the Showground available for Control rounds.

Tracking was on winter wheat, with fairly even growth throughout the field.  My track had 14 legs and incorporated 6 acute angles, the first articles being on the 6th leg.  Most of the dogs had no trouble with the track despite the wind and all the dogs got at least 2 articles from the search square.  2 of my articles were 'scent carriers' and 2 were highly visible but not known for holding a lot of scent.  The 'gold' coin gave the most problems.

13 teams entered, 10 competed, 6 qualified WDEx, 1 WD.

1st           Bridget Montague with CRISELLA DELTA DUFFY, Lab, 186.5, Q WDEx.   Excellent track and C/A - what lovely teamwork.  I awarded first place to this team based on higher track mark.

2nd         Ann Clarke with TADMARTON EVITA, Lab, 186.5, Q WDEx.  Qualified on same mark as 1st place.  Ember and Ann ran the fastest track I have ever seen, followed by a full mark search square.  Pity about the sendaway.  Congrats on your qualification.
3rd          Barrie James with LYRICHALINE TIME TO SHINE, Border Collie, 184.5, Q WDEx.  One of only 4 dogs with full agility marks.  Just a little tidying up on H/W needed.  Another lovely track, very steady.  Well done.

4th          Pat Parkinson with WAGGERLAND MY SHADOW, WSD, 181, Q WDEx.  Best Track, Shadow made it look so easy.  Only 2 out of the square was costly, otherwise an almost perfect score.  Congratulations.

Also qualified WDEx:

Roger Shrimpton with STARDELL ZUBEN, BC, 176.5.  1st dog to work.  Search square was the stumbling block.

Sue Zackheim with COOLHAND FLOOK, X-breed, 176.5.  Last dog to work and struggled towards the end of the track.

Qualified WD:

Jenny Henton with BLACKBERRY FEN, Lab, 158.5.  Brilliant track to start, 10 legs perfect then got lost - what a shame.

Thank you competitors, it was lovely to see some really great dogs working to their best.  Better luck next time to non-qualifiers.  Keep your nerve and listen to instructions.


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Brian Page, John Phillips, Steve Smith, Richard Musgrave

Square Stewards: Richard Musgrave, Steve Smith

C/A Steward: Richard Musgrave

My thanks to Lincoln Society for the invitation to judge the Ticket Stake.  And thanks to Trials Manager, Chris Bell, and to all the background helpers – Jenny and Jean at base, Thelma, Pat and all in the kitchen, escorts and all the “gofers” who contributed to the successful running of the trial.  And of course, thanks to the farmer who allowed us to use the huge crop field on which all the tracks were run, and to the hunt who rescheduled their drag route to avoid crossing the tracks.

My team in the field were brilliant, with all tracks laid exactly as I wanted, and searches laid with pinpoint accuracy, giving every competitor as good a chance as the weather would allow.  Indeed, the weather played a large part in the success of the nosework.  The first day was extremely windy, which inevitably affected dogs’ ability to track accurately, but after that the wind eased a little, although it was never exactly calm!

TD Track Lincoln Champ small

Tracking on the whole, on a straightforward track pattern, was of a good standard, as you would expect at this level of competition, but the middle article, a kebab stick (points removed!) laid along the track, was missed by quite a few dogs; but every dog that reached the end located the last article.   Only six dogs recovered all four articles from the square, which surprised me, and only two got full marks.

Sixteen dogs returned for the stays, which all completed successfully, and all bar two qualified the C/A.  The control round was uncomplicated – speak at heel, two sessions of heelwork as a way of getting between other exercises, and a 130 yard sendaway, and a similar length left redirect along a hedgeline - but I was looking for a high standard of work; in the main, I was not disappointed.  Jumps were generally well done, with most dogs getting full marks.

1st           Wendy Beasley with WTCh STARDELL LUNAR, BC, B, 208.5, Q.  Excellent nosework, with one of the two full mark squares, followed by an almost faultless C/A round, ensured a well-deserved win for Wendy and Lunar.  Very well done, and good luck at the KCC’s.

2nd         Julie Skipp with ZAK OF SKIPAWAY, WSD, D, 207.5, Q.  Julie and Zak were slightly ahead on the nosework, but the sendaway made all the difference.  I’m sure Zak’s day will come, he is so consistent in his work.

3rd          Margaret Robinson with WTCh JUST FRANKIE AT TRENTVALLEY, WSD, D, 206, Q.  Another consistent team, with the best track, but this time the missed article in the square made all the difference.

4th          Mike Williams with TADMARTON ELEANOR, Lab, B, 201.5, Q.  Tara worked happily at a very high standard in all exercises, but like Frankie, missing an article in the square was costly.

Also qualified TDEx:

Mike Williams and MARINA BEN’S PAL, 199.5

Alan Bexon and WTCh FLY BY NIGHT LAD, 199

Sheila Tannert and WTCh STYPERSON CLEO, 198.5

Vic Snook and LITTLE MICA, 193

Sue Ashby and WTCh THE TITAN, 191

John Simpson and FAR CANAL FOSTER, 188

Sarah Burroughes and TARNEDGE VELVET, 185

Paul Adams, and SHERINGEM GLYNN, 184.5

Glenys Page and WTCh BILKO’S GLORY, 184

Paul Beasley and STARDELL SPICA, 183

Qualified TD:

Tony Lockyer and TRIPLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, 169.5

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