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Open Trial
Venue: Dunholme
Trial Held: 09 November 2003



Trials Managers Report

Another trial over - not such a big entry this year so we managed to run it over two days. I'll leave the judges to thank their helpers but I would like to thank Jean Morley for all her hard work before and during the trial. Thanks also to Pete Morley for helping to set everything up on the Friday, it was much appreciated

We had a great team of helpers who mucked in and did whatever needed doing, and once again, 'our friends in the north' came to lend a hand. Jean and Pete and Joan and Malc kindly found room in their homes to put up judges and helpers, so many thanks to them for that.

Bob Carter and Annie were brilliant in the kitchen - they must be good if the local youth football team came in to buy their bacon butties!

Thanks as always to our farmers for the land and to Lincolnshire Police for the use of their land on the showground. For the next trial I really am going to have to come up with something to get the message across about not exercising dogs on the showground but that's the moan over for this time.

Thanks to the judges for setting such good tests and for being excellent company. I think the Saturday night meal was a success; everyone seemed to enjoy it. I just hope the Red Lion will have us back next time!

Nigel Hines


UD Nosework

Judge : Martyn Cordon

Track Layers : Andrea Lynd and Carol Hall

Square Steward : June Hines

Thank you to Lincs GSD and ABTS for the invitation to judge.  Many thanks to Jean and Pete Morley, June and Nigel Hines, Joan and Malc Snowden for your hospitality and a well run trial.  I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend with you all.  To my tracklayers and steward you were excellent company and every dog had equally well laid tests.  No-one could ask for a better team.

Well done competitors! Your own and your dogs attitudes were all superb and a pleasure to judge.

The results for the nosework section only.

1st           Stan Hayes with Blitz (Norshep Molto)

An absolutely stunning track, never faulted, never changed pace. Lovely to watch.  Full marks, accompanied with an excellent square 34.5. Total 144.5 and Best Track Trophy.  Well done Stan.

2nd         Geoff Morgan with Gil (Whitethorne Gil)

An excellent all round performance, totally professional with a superb attitude.  89 track  34 square and went on to win the stake.  Congratulations, Nosework total 143.

3rd         Melissa Padgett with Jess (Jess the Superblade)

This young lady made my weekend.  A lovely track losing only a half  on the first corner.  On telling her that her square was ready she simply said to Jess "go find your toy" and Jess did!  I'm sure there's a lesson in that for some of us older control freaks.  This young lady is 12 years old.  Well done Melissa.  Nosework total 137.5.

4th          Belinda Chapman with Kai (Kai of Newcourt)

A totally competent performance.  Kai was a little unsure on one corner but never looked like going astray and worked it out well.  An excellent square in just over 2 minutes.  Nosework total 136.

Thank you competitors for accepting my decisions and please remember to always thank your tracklayer and stewards.


WD Nosework

Judge : Jim Sewell

Tracklayers : Trevor Smith, Geoff Ball

Steward : Janet Sewell

My thanks to Lincoln for the invitation to judge WD. nosework. Nigel, Jean and the team for such a friendly and well organised trial, Bob in the kitchen for keeping us fed and watered. A special thanks to Joan and Malcolm for inviting us to stay and making us so welcome, much appreciated.

Thanks to my tracklayers Trevor and Geoff for doing such a great job and being such good company. Janet for laying squares and keeping me organised and the competitors for entering under me.

Tracking was on winter wheat over two day's. 17 entered, 14 worked and 6 qualified nosework. Saturday was very cold with drizzle, Sunday was fine and dry.

1st           Mary Hardacre with Tamdale Tag (BC) 0. 182. Super handling, a pleasure to watch, well done.

2nd         Joan Snowden with Tytri Triple Tee (BC) D. 178.5. Good handling, Tag didn't stop working for you.

3rd         Betty Orrin with Vashika Zaskia On Merlock (GSD) B. 171. Pleasure to watch, didn't know you could run so fast.

4th          P T Collier with Sorumour Just for a Laugh at Glentrada (GSD) 0. NQ


CD Stake and UD, WD C&A

Judge John Watts

Control & Search Steward: Lol Campbell

Thank you to Lincolnshire GSD & All Breeds Training Society for the invitation to Judge the CD Stake and UD/WD C/A. Thank you to Trials Manager Nigel Hines and his willing band of helpers, you have a great bunch of people Nigel all pulling together which makes the trial enjoyable for Competitors and Judges alike. A special thank you to Pete and Jean Morley for your hospitality, how you catered for that crowd of hungry Doggie people in your home, was a joy to see.

Thank you to my Search / Control Steward Lol Campbell for the two days of professional proficiency (and the good company) Now, to the Dogs:

CD Stake

I thought the standard of work seen was very high and a lot of you should have no problem in Championship CD. We had a mixture of experienced and novice handlers with mainly young dogs. All dogs did the stay exercises which was nice to see. Those of you that qualified well done you prepared your dogs well. To those of you that failed keep at it you are not far away.

1st           Sheltysham Shepson of Protorm (B.C) handled by Sandra Dearing

 Cool, steady well handled throughout well deserved win CoM 96 .5

2nd         Thirtleby Classic Topaz (Rott) Handled by Neil Symons. Another impressive performance, nice to see good control of a powerful dog, only one article missed in search square, otherwise faultless CoM 95

3rd         Whitthome Chips (B/C) Handled by Jeff Morgan        Impressed with this young mans handling his quiet control was nice to see, just the return over the scale otherwise spot on. CoM 94

4th          Stillnioor Red Spike (B/C) Handled by Carol Cordon

Another nice attitude to her dog and boy does he like pleasing you. A few more displays like this and you will be able to guide your Dad and keep him right. Well done CoM 90.5 

UD/WD Control and Agility

A mixed bag of some not quite ready to first class, the main problems being the jumps and sendaways which seemed to be common throughout both stakes. To the teams that qualified well done, to-day was your day your dogs worked really well. To the non qualifiers keep trying you must all know the areas you have to concentrate on, good luck for the future.

U D Stake

1st           Whitethome Gil (B/C) handled by J Morgan.The score says it all, full points C/A one to watch for the future. Well done CoM 198

2nd         Norshep Molto (GSD) handled by S Hayes. Another good control round only the sendaway, that lost you points, congratulations. CoM 194

3rd         Essex Police Dog Kia of Newcourt (GSD) Handled by B Chapman. Good control round only the Long Jump caused any problems. Well done. CoM 183.5

4th          Just Jinty (X Breed) Handled by J Finnegan. Steady round again the sendaway caused the problems Well done CoM 164

W.D Stake

1st           Tarndale Tag (B.C.) handled by Mary Hardacre. Congratulations well done, work on your Long Jump and Sendaway before you move up the ladder. CoM 182

2nd         Tytri Triple Tee (B/C) handled by Joan Snowden Experience told, steady round Well done. CoM 178.5

3rd         Vashika Xaskia (GSD) Handled by Betty Orrin. Full Jumps only sendaway caused a blip otherwise

Well done (1 think you were pleased Betty?) CoM 171


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