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Venue: Dunholme


Stake: CD  



Steward: Jane Lewis 

Thanks to Lincoln for the invitation to judge and to Chris Bell and his team for all the work involved before, during and after the trial.  Thank you, Jean and Jenny, for looking after the base and doing all the score sheets.  To all the ladies in the kitchen, a really big thank you for the excellent food provided.

A very special thank you to my steward, Jane Lewis.  Jane rounded up the competitors and brought them up to the control field, laid all the squares and stewarded the C/A.  She had a lovely welcoming attitude for each competitor, putting them all at ease and encouraging them through each step of the round, which she stewarded to perfection.  Thank you, Jane.

The weather was windy but we managed to remain dry throughout the test,

1st           Sally Rose with RETSWERB HOT SPICE, Lab, 80.5, NQ.  A first class square and good retrieve got them off to a brilliant start.  Heelwork needs a little more work and anticipating the recall proved costly, but brilliant sendaway and agility saved the day and they were qualifying right up to the down stay, when Bonnie sat up to get a better view of the handlers entering the field to do stays in the C/A field some 100 yards away.  Such bad luck, Sally, but never mind, all the rest is coming together nicely.

2nd         Dave Stewart with BANDAITCH STAR EDITION, XB, 76.5, NQ.  A nice square and retrieve followed by a good control round, with a full point sendaway, only to uncharacteristically need a 2nd attempt on the long jump; then a little loss of control on the scale resulted in Roxy failing to return.  A lovely happy dog, ever willing to please; I really enjoyed watching her and loved her enthusiastic attitude.  Unfortunately broke her down stay at 7.5 minutes so finished on 76.5, but this does not really reflect this lovely girl's attitude and ability.  Another couple of months and she will be well on her way.

3rd          Alison Walker with VIBRANT GOLDEN CRUMBLE, XB, 66.5, NQ.  Rubarb managed to get all 3 articles out of the square with a lot of help from her mum.  Sendaway needs a little work but otherwise a very good control round. Unfortunately, the jumps proved to be a little beyond Rubarb today, but she was the only dog to get full mark stays, so very well done. 

With a little more work and experience these dogs will soon be qualifying, so please keep going.  Thank you for entering under me and accepting my decisions with grace and good humour.


Stake: UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Steve and Joe

Steward: Irene Seymour

I would like to thank Lincoln German Shepherd Club for inviting me to judge their UD nosework.  Chris Bell was the trials manager - he ran a very nice trial.  Jean and Jenny organised the base very efficiently, and Pat and the other ladies in the kitchen looked after us really well. 

There were 18 entrants, 15 worked.  My tracklayers were Joe and Steve; thanks to them for all their hard work - they did a grand job.  My search square steward was Irene Seymour, who did an excellent job.

The dogs were tracking on winter wheat, with a little growth.  The first day was the better weather and five out of eight got round the track; on the second day only three got round.  Some rain, but strong wind seemed to be more of a problem.

It was lovely to see the young dogs working, especially when the handlers praised their dogs; it made such a difference to the dogs’ attitudes.  Occasionally the contestants forgot to thank the tracklayers and square steward - it is nice if they remember!

1st           Rod Roberts, LITTLE ED, Cross, 196, Q.  Ed did the best track with his very experienced handler; they were slow and steady in strong wind and rain, only losing one mark.  A full mark square, with the articles nicely presented.  Well done, nice to watch; just lost half a mark on the gun.

2nd         Martin Brown, MARKAT JESS, CDEx, Malinois, 192.5, Q.  Jess was a little slow at the start of the track; she appeared to wander a bit, but when she got going she was quite precise - track 85.  Good square, just dropped one article, for 34.  Gun 5. Well done, both of you.

3rd          David Waite, EYLAUERHOF ISLA, Rott, 192, Q.  Isla did a very nice track, and was very well handled.  Track 87.  A lovely square, nice attitude only spoilt by the call of nature!  Square 30, Gun 5.  Good luck to you both.

4th          Jackie Dykes, ZINZAN ZOO, Cross, 187, Q.  Poppy worked so hard in very strong wind on her track, handled very well by Jackie, track 86.  Nice square for 33, Gun 5.  Well done to both.

Also qualified:

Cyril Barke, LEGEND OF GYPS JOE, BC, 179

Rob Boyd, BLOND FROM THE MIST, Cross, 166.5


Stake: WD Nosework


Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd and Christine Stewart

Steward:  Kev Bryan

Thank you to Lincolnshire Training Society committee for the judging appointment.  Thank you to Chris and all the behind the scene helpers for running the trial, to all the ladies in the kitchen for doing a great job keeping us well fed, to Jenny, Jean and Thelma for manning the base, doing all the scores and certificates, to the escorts who got everyone to the tracking land on time, and to the farmers for allowing us to use their land.  Thank you to my tracklayers, who both did a wonderful job; it was just very disappointing that the conditions were against a lot of the teams.  Thanks to my steward, Kev, for laying squares - first time helping at a trial and he did a great job.

Thank you to all the competitors who entered and turned up despite the weather, your dogs all tried their best.

Tracking was on stubble that had no greenery coming through and along with the wind and rain this proved difficult for some of the young inexperienced dogs.  Every one of them did their best and put in a lot of effort but, sadly, only 2 out of 16 dogs managed to finish the track.

1st           Jane Lewis and RHYNSTON RHYS, 191.5, Q.  Steady, positive tracking followed by a lovely square.  Track 83/20, Square 34, Gun 5.  Congratulations and well done.

2nd         John Fitzpatrick and THREENINES ACE OF CLUBS, 184.5, Q.  Last track of the day, just as the sunshine appeared, but this team made the tracking look easy.   86/20, 30, 5.  Well done.

3rd          John Curry and DREAGANTA BIGMAC, 149, NQ.  Really disappointing result, as Mac was making the track look so easy, never lifted his head or stopped, but sadly took the previous day’s leg two thirds of the way round!  Fabulous square. 58/10, 35, 5                                                                                   

4th       Sue Ashby and THE ZETA, NQ.  Sadly, another dog who was doing great, without losing any points, until near the end when Zeta turned the wrong way.  Super square.  61, 33 

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