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Venue: Dunholme


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Glenys and Brian Page

 Steward: Dave Olley

Thanks to Chris Bell and his base team for all their work.  Thanks to my helpers in the field, Dave, Glenys and Brian, great work and good company too.  I had two great days judging some fantastic teams, and once the fog lifted the sun shone.  14 entered, 11 worked, some very high standard work over all sections; each day started with nosework, 7 qualified on the nosework, all 7 teams went on to qualify in the C/A.

1st           Sue Ashby and THE ZETA, WSD, B, 197.5, Q.  A fabulous performance from this team.  Super nosework, followed by an excellent C/A, made Sue and Zeta a winning team.  Congratulations, Sue and Zeta.

2nd         John Wykes and DREAGANTA RED RORY OF TARNFORCE, BC, D, 196.5, Q.  A solid performance throughout, including full point search, secured a great qualification.  Well done, John and Rory.

3rd          Andy Baker and RIGHT THEN SONNY JIM, WSD, D, 195.5, Q.  Winners of the best track rosette, faultless nosework and good C/A.  Well done, Andy and Jim.

4th          Martin Brown and MARKAT JESS, Mali, B, 195.5, Q.  Excellent work from this new team to trials, great handling.   Well done, Martin and Jess.

Also qualifying UDEx:

David Waite and EYLAUERHOF ISLA, Rott, B, 193.5.

Bob Shropshire and TADMARTON EARL, Lab, D, 187.5.

Barbara Brown and EVA PARMASSUS MUSE, WSD, B, 166.

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