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Venue: Dunholme


Stake: CD


Steward: Carol Grant

Thank you to Lincoln for the invitation to judge CD and WD nosework, also to Chris Bell for running an excellent Trial. Sorry to hear that it is your last time as trials manager for Lincoln. Good luck in the future. Well done to Joan and June keeping everyone organized at the base, also big thanks to all who helped in the kitchen.

A big thank you to my control and search steward, Carol, who did an excellent job and put the competitors at ease.

CD was held on Saturday. The control field was ideal, the weather was not as good.

It was a pleasure to judge some excellent teams, some of them first time in competition. Well done and good luck to all the competitors in the future.

5 Entered, 4 Ran    


1st           Kathryn Jenneson with JUST MIDGE, BC, 96.5, Q. Midge did an excellent round with full mark jumps and stays. A pleasure to watch and a well worthy winner.

2nd         Kevin Bryan with SUGAR SMACK JOY, C Spaniel, 82.5, Q. Lottie did you proud today, she has a lovely attitude. Well done.

3rd               Jan Marshall with FOXFOLD QUINLAN OF ROSSNICK, GSD, 80, Q. Norman struggled with the jumps, however he did an excellent control round. Well done.

4th          Judy Hursthouse with LANABBIANS SPECIAL DREAM AT JAYNIE, Lab, 63.5, NQ. Albert did a good control round, unfortunately let down by the stays.


Stake: UD Nosework 


Tracklayers: Jayne Lewis, Angela Porter, Martin Brown

Square Stewards: Friday, Jan Marshall; Saturday, Diane Ellis

Thanks to the LGSD and ABTS for the invitation to judge the UD nosework in sunny Lincolnshire (well, it was sunny on the Friday) - as always, I feel it’s a privilege to be asked.

Thanks to my tracklayers Angela (Friday), Jayne (both days) and Martin (Saturday) for doing a super job on a good growth of winter wheat, and thanks also to Jan and Diane for laying squares on the same very tasty crop.

Thanks also to the kitchen helpers Liz, Mark, Thelma, Jane, Ted, Anne and John, to Joan and June for running the base and of course to Chris Bell for managing another super trial and giving us some very nice land to work on.  Finally, thanks to all the competing teams for travelling to Dunholme to have a go at my test.

Out of fourteen entries, eleven ran over two days, ending up with seven qualifiers.  I was very impressed by the standard of tracking, and handling on the track (nine teams qualified the nosework with some impressive marks) and I also saw some very enthusiastic squares. The gun test gave a neat row of fives on the scoresheet.

1st           MY LANIE JANE, handled by Jeny Miller, 197.5, Q, and Best Nosework.  A steady and very accurate track, and a full point square.  Well done.

2nd         HOHENBURG APOLO, handled by Joe Craft, 194.5, Q.  A very calmly handled track, and an exciting square. Nice.

3rd          IT’S AN ILLUSION, handled by Irene Seymour, 193.5, Q.  Lovely accurate corners and a full point square. Well done.

4th          QUARRINGTON FLASHDANCE, handled by Thelma Kirchen, 187, Q.  A consistent, steady track. Nice.

Also qualifying;

BENTEGRUFF ETHEL, handled by Tracey Berry, 185.  An enthusiastic track.  Well done.

COCAINE Z KOVARNY, handled by Angela Moslin, 183.  Worked hard on the track.  Well done.

GLENDARACH MAGIC MYST, handled by Cath Chadwick, 183.  Worked hard on the track.  Nice.

Thanks, you lovely competitors.


Stake: WD Nosework


Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd and Liz Warrior

Steward: Carol Grant


I had 2 experienced tracklayers, Andrea and Liz; thank you for giving up your time. My thanks to Carol for laying the search squares and for being such great company throughout the trial.

Tracking was on crop, sparse in places; most teams completed the track, retrieving both articles. Mouthing of articles was the main cause for loss of points on the search squares.

Well done and good luck to all the competitors in the future.

9 entered, 4 worked, 2 qual.


1st           Mr Martin Brown with MARKAT JESS, Malinois, 190, Q. Jess did an excellent track and full mark search square. A pleasure to watch and a well worthy winner.

2nd         Mr Dave Stewart with BANDAITCH STAR EDITION, X-Breed, 168.5, Q. A nice track from Roxy and well handled by Dave.

3rd               Mrs Di Assheton-Bowtle with THE ASHBOW INKSPOT, GSD/X, 181.5, NQ.



Stake: TD Nosework


Tracklayers: Brian Page, Andy Laws and Steve Smith

Steward: Fran Atkin


Many thanks to the Society for asking me to judge the nosework for TD, watching trials dogs doing what they enjoy most. Thank you to trials manager, Chris Bell, and everyone at the base, Joan and June on the desk and especially the kitchen staff, who made the best bacon and egg butties.

Special thanks must go to the tracklayers, Brian Page who did all the earlies, Andy Laws and Steve Smith, without exception all good company. Very special thanks to Fran Atkin, who laid all the squares. Very few articles were not recovered, Fran having more scent than normal due to housing a hedgehog in her bath!

All tracks were in one field (the size of a Derbyshire Farm) on very sparse corn. The weather threw all at us, fog, ice, rain and then more rain, but we also had some glorious sunshine. The track was 16 legs/870 yards with all 90 degree corners. Thursday and Friday were the best days, with three teams completing the track on Thursday and two on Friday. On Saturday it rained on all the tracks and everyone struggled, with nobody getting round.

Luckily, I had chosen UD size articles for the square so all the dogs had a really easy square, which was a reward to offset the disappointment of either not finding the track or really struggling to get round it. The majority of dogs were new to TD and conditions were just too difficult.

24 dogs worked out of an entry of 25.

1st           Jayne Lewis and RHYNSTON RHYS, 124/32/5, Q

2nd         Liz Price and LIZLINE OLIVER CROMWELL, 128/30/5, Q (Best Track)

3rd          Andy Baker and RIGHT THEN SONNY JIM, 122/26/5, Q

4th          Joan Snowdon and STARDELL MERCURY, 125/19/5, NQ


Stakes: UD, WD, TD Control and Agility


Stewards: Rita Shield, Annette, Andrea Lynd


Many thanks to the society for the invitation to judge control and agility at the open trial.  A big thank you goes to Chris Bell for all his time and effort in putting on this trial.  To manage a trial takes a lot of preparation, before, during and after the event, and everyone in this sport of ours should be extremely grateful to the few people that are prepared to commit such dedication.  To all the ladies who helped at the base, and to the many helpers in the kitchen, thank you.

At this time of year, it is very unlikely the weather is going to be too kind, and, as predicted, we had one day out of the three which was sunny and dry - the other two were unprintable.  Many thanks to my stewards, Rita, Annette, and Andrea, who did just as I asked, and were great company.

My test started with dumbbell for WD and UD, heelwork up to the sendaway, then back to the jumps, which had second attempts on all jumps.

In TD heelwork was first exercise up to sendaway, then the agility with no second attempts, and lastly the speak. Unfortunately, because of the disruption all around the field, I only had one option for the sendaway, resulting in some confusion for most of the dogs, but, as usual, the dogs with the most experienced handlers demonstrated it could be done.  The UD stake, because of the open gates, needed to be an easily visible sendaway, resulting in every competitor getting 10 marks.


UD Stake: 

1st           Jeny Miller and MY LANIE JANE, GSD, 197.5, Q, and best nosework.  A lovely round, Jeny, the marks say it all!!  Many congratulations.

2nd         Joe Craft and HOHENBURG APOLO, Jack, GSD, 194.5, Q.  Nice round from this team, second attempt at long put you in second place.  Well done, Joe.

3rd          Irene Seymour and IT’S AN ILLUSION, Mollie, WSD, 193.5, Q.  Another nice round from this team; very fast dog, who didn’t want to wait other side of scale, but I’m sure you’ll sort that out .

4th          Thelma Kirchen and QUARRINGTON FLASHDANCE, Eden, X-breed. 187, Q.  Nice round - bit of work on retrieve needed.  Congratulations

Also qualifying:

Tracey Berry and BENTEGRUFF ETHEL, Darcey, 185

Cath Chadwick and GLENDARACH MAGIC MYST, Dice, 183

Angela Moslin and COCAINE Z KOVARNY,  Kain, 183


WD Stake: 

1st           Martin Brown and MARKAT JESS, Jess, Mali, 190, Q.  Good round, apart from retrieve and sendaway.  Well done.

2nd              Dave Stewart and BANDAITCH STAR EDITION, Roxi,  X-Breed, 168.5, Q.  Well done, Dave.

3rd               Di Assheton-Bowtle and THE ASHBOW INKSPOT, Inca, X-Breed, NQ.


TD Stake: 

1st           Jayne Lewis and RHYNSTON RHYS, Rhys, WSD, 208, Q.  The marks say it all - lovely round.  Good luck in Ticket

2nd         Liz Price and LIZLINE OLIVER CROMWELL, Ollie GSD. 200, Q.  Nice round, had us on pins with the jumps, just gaining enough to qualify.  Well done.

3rd          Andy Baker and RIGHT THEN SONNY JIM, Jim, WSD, 192.5, Q.  Congratulations on qualifying this young dog.

4th          Joan Snowden and STARDELL MERCURY, Moss, BC, NQ. 






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