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Venue: Dunholme

Trials Managers Report

Never in a million years did I ever think i’d be, nor wanted to be a Trials Manager. It is a job I have never coveted, my favourite job was always in the kitchen!! However, having been allowed in Hampshire kitchen just once by Jean Howells, I was unceremoniously dismissed having either eaten or given away the profits!

However life has a habit of throwing up the unexpected and I took on the TM job when it was vacated. It’s a huge task with so many things to think of and bases to cover. But Lincoln has a long trials heritage and immense experience in both competing and organising trials. So, with a new Trials Secretary in June Hines we were off and running.

I make no apology with the time I will take thanking the following people but their help made this trial what it was, a great success. I had a stack of offers to help when I took on the job, a testimony to what a great sport we have and the generosity of trialist’s. I apologise if I didn’t take you up this time but please don’t think you are off the hook!! I have a list and your on it!

Nigel and June Hines, Joan and Malc Snowdon, Mike Williams, Eric and Yvonne Carpenter and Andrea Lynd and I all set about getting organisation on a firm footing. Together with our Club Chair Jeta Tayler and Vice Chair Thelma Kirchen we were going to ensure Lincoln Trials success. The amount of experience in my fellow trialist’s is extensive and proved invaluable and made my job so much easier. Everyone just pitched in and did any job that was needed, painting jumps, marking out fields moving jumps. It all just happened, largely without me knowing or asking!  I am indebted to them all for the incredible assistance they have given and their friendship.

Land……... that essential component of our sport was sorted thanks to the generosity of Rainthorpe Farms, Bourn Farms and Blankney Estates. The latter being a contact that came from Mike Williams has proved invaluable as it ensures we have the capacity to run all stakes in the future. All our farms have been immensely supportive and we thank them for their generosity.

Thelma led the charge in the kitchen, being there first every day and last to leave. The amount and quality of the fare they produced was superb. Thelma was joined by Jenny, Vicky, Mark and Jane. Homemade soups, pasties, chilli and pies were in plentiful supply – fantastic people. Linda Newbold brought cakes, scones and a celebration cake to mark the new team at Lincoln. Thanks Lindy Loo.

Lol Cambell came down to escort competitors to their tracks, and he doesn’t just live around the corner. Thanks mate you are a great friend to Lincoln.

Caroline fed everyone each night with a super array of meals, which is always really welcome after a day in the field. As well as base duties, and a spell in the kitchen Caroline was always there if a job needed doing. Thank you sugar!

Our judges, Di Ellis (CD), Kate Peyton (UD) and Dave Craven (TD) - were great company and set super tests. We so enjoyed having them and the competitors gave them rave reviews too. Thank you all very much, you are the epitome of all that is good in trials.

 Tracklayers were;

UD – Andrea Lynd and Linda Newbold

TD – Malc Snowden, Nidge Hines, Andy Magyar, Andrea Lynd and Jeff Margreaves.

Stewards were Carol Grant (CD), Irene Seymour (UD) and Joan Snowden (TD).

Thank you all for your time, expertise and super company. Working trial folk are truly the very best.

Finally my gratitude to June Hines our trials secretary. What a star the lady is!! Everything was spot on and on time. The epitome of efficiency and organisation. Thank you so much June.


Stake: CD

Judge: Dianne Ellis
Steward: Carol Grant

9 Entries, 7 Ran,

Thank you to LGSD&ABTS for inviting me to judge this stake, I had a very enjoyable and rewarding day. Gary Martin and his wonderful team ran a very well organised, friendly Trial, you did a super job Gary, thank you. My thanks also to the base Stewards, Caroline Martin and June Hines ensuring all the competitors arrived at the right place at the right time. Mark, Jane & Thelma ran an efficient kitchen, the food was delicious.
A huge thank you to Andy Laws and Hayley Sampson for the use of their land for the CD Stake, you both made us all very welcome and the hospitality was very much appreciated.
Carol my Steward did brilliantly guiding all the handlers through their round, all the rounds run smoothly and exactly as I wanted, super job Carol, you were great company as always and thank you.
Most of all I would like to thank all the Competitors who entered and accepted my decisions. It was a privilege watching all the Teams working my test and you all did really well and gave it your best. Congratulations to the Teams that qualified and to others I wish you every success next time.
1st Pat Quinn with Somanic Here We Come Again Std Poodle D 92.5 Q
Well done Pat, a lovely C & A round just dropping a couple of points, 2nd attempt on the Long Jump, and really nice nosework, just losing a little bit of concentration on the Search Square, but very well handled. Congratulations to you both and best wishes for the future.
2nd Eleanor Mestraud with Wolfhart Kindred Spirit GSD B 84.5 Q
This was another lovely round to watch, Kindi works with you beautifully and with a fabulous attitude, a lovely C & A round, it was a shame about the down stay. Full mark jumps and just losing a mark on the nosework. Very well done.
3rd Kev Bryan with Jaynte What’s Your World Lab D 82.5 Q
Kev and Renco worked really hard for their qualification, a well deserved full mark Sendaway. Renco was not at his best today with his heelwork and only 2 out the Square. A Lovely Team who fully deserved this qualification.
4th Jenny Lawrence with Dejaga Camaro GSD D 79 CD Only

A very nice C & A round, it was such a shame about the down stay, 2nd attempt on the clear jump and lovely nosework. Your CDex qualification will come very soon Jenny. Silas worked so well for you and tried his very best. Well done Jenny.


UD stake

Judge: Kate Peyton

Tracklayers:Linda Newbold and Andrea Lynd
C & A and Search Steward: Irene Seymour
Thank you to the Society for the invitation to judge at this happy, friendly, and well run trial.
Many thanks to Gary and Caroline for their hospitality, and for all the hard work put in to make sure everything ran smoothly. Much appreciation to those at the base, June for being calmly efficient and processing marks, sorting out competitors and keeping everyone on track, everyone in the kitchen for great food both during the day and for the evening meal. Andy Laws stepped in and offered the use of his land for the C & A when the original field became waterlogged. Thanks to you Andy, and of course to all the landowners without whom we wouldn’t have a trial.
Linda and Andrea laid all the tracks accurately and consistently ensuring everyone had an equal chance, and Irene laid the squares and stewarded the C & A just as I wanted. Many thanks to you all.
There were 10 entries and 7 ran. The weather was cold and breezy and thankfully dry. Tracking was on ground which was stony but had produced fairly well grown winter wheat. The dogs who had experience on crop mostly tracked well – those with less experience found it more challenging.
The results were as follows:
1. Mark Craven with Codie Canny Jack CDex WSD (D) Strong performance in all areas, and good rapport between Mark and Codie – well deserved 1st place 190 Q UDex
2. Kate Wykes with Dreaganta Xary’s Star of Tarnforce CDex UDex BC (B). Lovely nosework, a touch of heart failure on the jumps but overall well done. 182.5 Q UDex
3. Pauline Cook with April Windy Willow CDex Lab (B) Enthusiastic nosework and beautiful sendaway well deserved qualification 177 Q UDex
4. Jenny Miller with My Lanie Jayne GSD (B) Tracked very accurately initially, but sadly missed last part of the track redeemed herself in the square and did enough on C & A Well done. 151.5 Q UD
Thank you to all competitors for your entries. It was a privilege to see your dogs work and I really enjoyed it.

TD Stake

Judge: David Craven

Tracklayers: Malc Snowden, Nigel Hines, Andy Magyar, Andrea Lynd and Jeff Margreaves
Search & Control Steward: Joan Snowden

I would like to start by thanking Lincoln WTS committee for the invitation to judge my first TD Stake at a Championship trial. Many thanks to Gary Martin also a first as trials manager at Lincoln and his team on doing an excellent job in making it a successful trial, and to Caroline Martin for all her excellent work behind the scenes and providing us with a variety of meals in the evenings.
Thank you to all my tracklayers that all did a terrific job laying all the tracks accurately. Many thanks to Joan who put out all the search squares over the four days as well control steward on Sunday. Thank you all for giving up your time and being such great company throughout the trial.

TD Track

1st Pat Herbert with GLENALPINE FEN, 216, TDEx
Excellent track followed by a full mark square and a superb control round
A pleasure to judge and a well-deserved win. This win makes Fen a WTCH.
2nd Julie Atkins with GLENALPINE PEG, 211.5, TDEx
Another super team with 3 articles off the track and a full mark square.
Another superb control round. Well done.
3rd Diane Ling with WTCh Deben Little Tom, 211 TDex
Another excellent track and ful mark square from Tom and good control round.
Congratulations and well done.
4th Tracy Park with Waggerland Tyne, 210.5 TDex
Great track and full mark square from Tyne, followed by a nice control round.
Well done

Also qualified TDEx:
Andy Fox, Stardell Muscida, 208.5
Diane Ling, WTCh DEBEN LITTLE TOM, 211
Mike Williams WTCh Tadmarton Eleanor, 202.5
Caroline Martin, Gwynion Soll, 200.5
Margoret Robinson, WTCh Just Arran at Trentvalley, 200
Margo Brothwell, Tangham Little Saxon, 199
Dave Marchant, Stardell Pisces, 198.5
John Wykes, Dreaganta Red Rory of Tarnforce, 198.5
Sarah Burroughs, Tarnedge Velvet, 179
Peter Dyer, Carmelia Elite of Kirkview, 176

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