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Steward: Diane Yeatman


Thank you to MCGSDA for the invitation to judge the CD stake. As always, thanks to the farmers; we had a lovely large field in which it proved easy to set up the squares, followed by a flowing control round.

Thanks to everybody at the base for their super organisation and catering skills – Wendy Magyar and Julie Atkins, Josie Waite and Heather Cook. Thanks also to Andy Magyar, trials manager, who couldn’t have been more supportive and helpful; you run a super trial, Andy. Diane Yeatman stewarded for me, laying squares exactly as I’d planned and explaining everything to the competitors clearly – some at their very first trial – thanks, Diane, you did a great job!

Thank you to the competitors for entering. We had a lovely mixture of dogs, with some working extremely well with very competent rounds and many showing a lot of promise. Unfortunately, we had to contend with the local shoot on a drive in the very next field and again in the distance during the down stay. For inexperienced dogs, most coped extremely well.

Search square articles were a long, thin strip of knotted denim, a wooden dolly peg and a 5cm square of brown carpet. The sendaway was 55 m to a blue cone with a yellow pole.

16 entries, 13 worked.


1st Mrs Sue High with STILLMOOR SHOWTIME, BC, 93/100, Q. Carrick did a super round and Sue was thrilled with his full mark jumps. A worthy winner, well done.

2nd Mrs Joan Snowden with STARDELL MERCURY, BC, 88.5/100, Q. Moss is a strong dog and Joan handled him beautifully to get the best out of him. Well done.

3rd Miss Anne Collen with ACHOUFFE FANTOME, SRHP, 85.5/100, Q. A nice round today and a very successful weekend made the long journey home better, I’m sure! Well done.

4th Mrs Steph Cooper with RYANSTOCK LIBERTY, Weimaraner, 82.5/100, Q. Sascha worked well today, doing everything at 100 mph - the only other dog with full mark jumps. Well done.


Qualifying CD:

Mrs Linda Newbold with WAGGERLAND EDWARD, BC, 78.5/100.

Halina Kochanowski with THORNSKY MOONDANCE, Beardie, 75.5/100


For those that did not qualify, keep at it, you are knocking at the right door! Please remember to thank your judge and steward who give up their time, a thank you is always appreciated!





Tracklayers: Sheila Tannert and Jim Sewell

Square and Control Steward: Zoe Finlay


Thank you to Midland Counties GSD Assoc and to Andy and Wendy for the invitation to judge and for running a well organised, friendly and efficient trial at a great new venue.

Many thanks also to Sheila and Jim for organising the ground and laying tracks just as I wanted. Zoe was a great square and control steward and went to lots of trouble to make sure everything was just right. Jose provided yummy sandwiches and Wendy and Julie processed marks and wrote certificates with their usual speed and efficiency. You were all good company and made my job much easier.

There were 9 entries and 7 ran. Tracking was on stubble, the weather was calm, sometimes sunny but mostly cloudy, but thankfully dry. All dogs completed the track and got both articles. Two went out on the square with only one article, and one went out on the stays. The final results were as follows:-


1st Ann Clarke with TADMARTON EVITA, CDEx, Lab, B, 194, Q. Beautiful nosework round followed by accurate and consistent control and agility. A pleasure to watch and well deserved first place.

2nd Vicky Dixon with RUSTIX ALI, BSD Mali, B, 178.5, Q. A keen and enthusiastic worker, sympathetically handled by Vicky, nice track and good control, though at times Ali could have done with being just a little calmer - and quieter! One to watch for the future.

3rd Barbara Bell with DREAGANTA MILO, BC, D, 178, Q. A determined and accurate track, followed by a good control round - well deserved qualification.

4th Anne Collen with ACHOUFFE FANTOME, Slov RHP, B, 169.5, Q. First track of the day, completed with both articles, despite some distractions on the way. Reasonable control with some struggles in the heelwork; maybe not the easiest dog to motivate for this, but good to see an unusual breed doing well overall.


Thank you to competitors for your entries, for your willing participation in the test - and for accepting my decisions gracefully. To those who did not qualify - you were nearly there - good luck next time.






Track Layers: Gary Talbot (Did the earlier tracks every day), Dave Waite (Did middle tracks every day), Liz Warrior (last tracks Thu/Fri), Nigel Hines (last tracks Sat.)

Search Steward: Pete (First day), Robert Martin (Four days)

C/A Scribe: Pete


First I would wish to thank the Association for the invite to judge the ticket stake at their Championship Trial. Very special thanks to Andy for managing the trial, ably assisted by Wendy. They both have put in a lot of hard work to make this event a success. The new base they have found was super - to book a village hall for a whole week was great. I think he had to do a bit of hard bargaining for this and I believe he has booked it for the trials next year. Andy also has a very good rapport with his farmers; when I chose the control field that was on offer to me I wasn’t too happy with the entrance, which had a hole full of water, and I thought some cars might bottom out. Within half an hour Andy came round with the farmer and filled it in -well done! We can’t thank them enough.

I must thank Jose and the ladies in the kitchen for keeping me well fed.

I had a great team of helpers, who did a marvellous job under what were difficult conditions at times. The strong wind on the middle three days took its toll and dogs struggled to cope with it on the high ground. The square had the four articles in a line five paces in from the top with no other fouling; some dogs did it well when left to work it, but some handlers thought they knew better and distracted their dog away from them.

Pete did as he was told and scribed for me on Sunday, looked after the dogs and attended to the caravan, which we had a few problems with.

Thank you all who entered, I am only sorry that the weather was not so kind. We did finish with eight TDEx qualifiers and one TD.


1st Paul Bryan, KIPCROFT ETERNAL FLAME AT BRYNBOURNE, BC, B, 209, Q. Wispa did a nice nosework round, only losing 5.5, and 5.5 on C/A. Best wishes for KCC’s next year, Paul.

2nd Emma Baker, JESSZACKS RICOCHET RIK, BC, D, 207, Q. Rik missed a small box on the last leg, which was costly, then did the best C/A, only losing half a mark. It was super to watch. Well done.

3rd Bill Richardson, KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT, BSD (Mali), D, 204, Q. Bill handled Eck brilliantly on the track, only losing 4.5, but left one in the square. C/A 32.5 - a very nice round.

4th Andy Baker, WTCh SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER, BC, D, 199.5, Q. Only lost 3 on the track, but missing that first article was very costly - should have gone to Specsavers! Nice control round.


Also qualifying TDEx:



Glenys Page, WTCh BILKO’S GLORY, WSD, D, 188.5

Julia Skipp, ZAK OF SKIPAWAY, WSD, D, 178.5

Qualifying TD:

Joan Snowden, GLENALPINE JES, BC, B, 175.5


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