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Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Andy Magyar, David Waite

Search and control steward: Wendy Magyar


Thank you to Midland Counties for the invitation to judge UD, also to Robert Martin and his team, and to Jan Darby who does a wonderful job organizing all the competitors at the base; all arrived in plenty of time for their tracks. A big thank you to my tracklayers, Tom, Andy and Dave, also to my search and control steward, Wendy, who all did an excellent job. A special thanks to Andy and Wendy Magyar, who put in a lot of work before and at the trial, as well as arranging the excellent accommodation and food throughout the trial.

The tracking was on lush crop, causing a few problems for handlers with some dogs either not wanting to put their nose down or deciding the crop was lunch; a similar problem in the square, with only one dog retrieving four articles.

The control was of a good standard for the stake, with all dogs completing the stays, just a couple of dogs struggling with the long jump.

1st Roger Shrimpton with STARDELL ZUBEN, BC, 183.5, Q. Excellent track and control. Congratulations on your win.

2nd Jenny Olley with STARDELL ARCHE, BC, 183, Q. Another excellent track; just missed out on 1st place - Roger had better heelwork. Well done.

3rd Pat Parkinson with WAGGERLAND MY SHADOW, WSD, 179.5, Q. Brilliant track and well handled. Well done.

4th Jacky Lloyd with LITTLETHORN COOPER AT BROOKSBID, BC, 165.5, Q. Another good track. Well done.

 Also qualifying:

Bridgette Montague with CRISELLA DELTA DUFFY, Lab, 165

Liz Warrior with GANGLAND MOSSBOSS, WSD, 164


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