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What a wet weekend!! I don’t think I can remember a trial as wet as this one, since I have been with Midland Counties.

Base was "The Fox" at Kirton, which was warm and dry, and they kept us well fed and watered. Land for UD was rape, WD was winter wheat and PD was on stubble drilled with rape.

Thank you to the judges, Charlie Taylor (PD), Sheila Tannert (WD), David Waite (UD) and Wendy Magyar (CD), who all braved the weather, and still came back to the base with a smile on their faces (lucky there were radiators), and your company was excellent.

Thank you to ALL my helpers (I will let the judges name you), who took on every job asked, and the majority being out in the rain for over 4 hours. THANK YOU ALL. Special thanks to David Waite, Gary Talbot, Tom and Jan Darby and Robert Martin, who came to peg out the fields and set up the jumps the day before the trial started.

Well done to the competitors who qualified; to those who didn’t - your time will come.

Congratulations to Jo Magness for winning the PD Ticket; good luck at the 2014 KCC’s.





Steward: Pat Herbert

 I would normally thank the Society for the invitation to judge but having thought I had given up judging quite some time ago, I think I was railroaded into this judging appointment by Andy when the committee found themselves at short notice without a CD judge! However I would like to thank Andy Magyar (Trials Manager) and the rest of the committee for organising the trial.

I would also like to thank my steward, Pat Herbert. It was a pleasure to have you, Pat, and you kept everyone’s spirits up in the atrocious weather we had! Pat even supplied me with a waterproof notebook that I could write the scores in, when it became impossible to write the scores down on soggy paper! You were brilliant, Pat, thank you very much for your help.

However, the pouring rain did not put the dogs off working and they coped very well with it. We were extremely lucky when it did finally stop raining, just as we needed to do the down stays.

The standard of work was very good, 11 dogs worked and 4 qualified.

 1st JUST ARRAN AT TRENTVALLEY, handled by Margaret Robinson, 99.5, Q. Outstanding team work by this very experienced handler, the marks say it all. A team that will go all the way, I’m sure.

2nd LYRICHALINE TIME TO SHINE handled by Barrie James, 93.5, Q. A nice tidy round worked by Barrie and Gus. We held our breath with the square, Barrie, but he did you proud and went back for the 3rd article.

3rd GANGLAND MOSSBOSS handled by Liz Warrior, 92.5, Q. Another tidy round performed by Liz and Moss, with Moss being a bit noisy on the heelwork, but a dog with attitude, which is nice to see.

4th DIANDIE SUMMER ROSE handled by Fiona Pinder, 91.5, Q. Fiona and Maggie’s round was worked very calmly. Fiona, handling those nerves in such a calm manner really paid off for you. I wish you well with your future trials.




Search Square: Robert Martin

Track Layers: Linda Newbold and Joan Snowden

C/A Steward: Linda Newbold

 I would like to thank the Society for inviting me to judge this stake and also to Andy Magyar and all his team for organising and running the trial. A big thank you to my stewards and tracklayers for doing a marvellous job in very difficult weather conditions.

11 dogs entered – 8 ran.

 1st Mr A Fox with STARDELL MUSCIDA, CDEx, BC, Dog, 189.5, Qual. Good solid nosework performance from this young dog – just bits and pieces in the C/A section that added up.

2nd Mr W Cadogan with CAESAROMAGO OBELIA, BSD Mali, Bitch, 183, Qual. Lovely track to watch, but only 3 articles out of square.

3rd Mrs J Paul with DIANDIE SUMMER STORM, GSD, Dog, 173.5, Qual. Good solid C/A section – lack of articles in nosework section proved costly.

4th Mr B James with LYRICHALINE TIME TO SHINE, BC, Dog, 177, NQ. Solid nosework section, but sendaway today proved costly.

 I would like to thank all the competitors for the way they presented themselves to work and the manner in which they handled their dogs. It was a pleasure and privilege to judge them. Good luck to all the teams in future competitions.




Steward: Sarah Burroughs

Tracklayers: Gary Talbot, Tom Darby

 I would like to thank Midland Counties for the invitation to judge the WD stake at their trial and to Andy Magyar for running the trial. As usual, it was really well run and nothing left to chance, with Jan in the base making sure everyone arrived at their tracks on time.

Thank you to my steward Sarah Burroughs; this was Sarah’s first time stewarding and I hope you enjoyed it even though you got soaked both days. Many thanks to Gary and Tom for laying the tracks in such horrible conditions - without people like you there would be no trials.

What can I say? I have never judged in such terrible weather; it was raining and windy on both days but the handlers and their dogs all gave the test a good try, but due to the conditions most of them were unsuccessful. Thank you all for entering and accepting my decisions

 1st Mrs J Snowdon, GLENALPINE JESS, BC, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, 181, Q. The first dog to complete the track in such difficult conditions, and then went on to do a lovely control round. You both have worked so hard for this qualification. Good luck in Ticket, Jess is a credit to you.

2nd T Collier, CHARLOATES AVIN FUN AT GLENTRADA, GSD, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, 153.5, NQ. Looked like you were going to complete the track, but then went wrong near the end - such a shame. Good luck in the future.

3rd Mrs L Price, LIZLINE OLIVER CROMWELL, GSD, 148, NQ. A nice track but only recovered 1 article out of the square. Good luck, Liz, he’s a lovely boy.

4th Dave Self, LAURINCO RED KITE, Lab, CDEx, UDEx, WDEX, NQ. Well done, Dave, the conditions were just too much for him.


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