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Thank you to the judges Ron Jacques, PD, Jill Carruthers, WD, Eric Carpenter, UD, Yvonne Carpenter, CD, and their tracklayers and stewards. 

PD Tracklayers - Malc Snowden, Pat Herbert and Nigel Hines; PD Steward - Paula Jacques, PD Scribe - Gary Martin

The usual team of criminals attended on Sunday - thank you once again, Tom Davies, Steve Lancashire, Vic Snook and Jordan Bamber.

WD Tracklayers - Dave Marchant, Tom Darby, Linda Newbold, Pat Herbert, Malc Snowden, Andrea Lynd, Garry Talbot;  WD Steward - Joan Snowden

UD Tracklayers - Garry Talbot, Barrie James; UD Squares - Robert Martin; UD Control Steward - Barrie James

CD Steward - Wendy Magyar 

Jan Darby ran the base very efficiently and I was assisted by Janette Sayer, who did whatever job was required.  Thank you to everyone, all great company and without your help the trial would not run - your help is much appreciated. 

At Midland Counties most of our helpers have at least 30 minutes to travel to get to the trial to help.  Not one of our helpers claimed expenses and some people attended for the whole of the trial (4 days) - thank you very much for your generosity, this helps the Society’s funds when expenses are not claimed and in this day with rising costs of living, it is much appreciated.

The base was "The Fox" again this year, which seems to work very well as it was nearer to the tracking and control fields.  The staff at The Fox were very good and kept us all fed and watered very well. 

The day before the trial was due to start, one of my farmers informed me that 2 of the control fields wouldn’t be available; however, we have some excellent farmers and gained a new C/A field, which we used for UD and WD.  Tracking was on stubble for PD and WD, and rape for UD with lots of grass growth within it.  Very well done to those who did qualify, and congratulations to Margo Brothwell for winning the ticket.

A big thank you to Wendy for keeping me organised and spending another birthday at the trial!






Tracklayers: Tom Darby, 4 days; Dave Marchant, 2 days; Gary Talbot, 2 days; Linda Newbold, Andrea Lynd, Pat Herbert and Malc Snowden, 1 day

Search and C/A steward: Joan Snowden, 4 days

Base: Jan Darby

I would like to thank Midland Counties for the opportunity to judge the WD stake, also Andy Magyar for being such a fantastic trials manager - he has the perfect personality for the job, especially so with Wendy as back up!  The Fox is a fantastic base with wonderful food and staff.

You have a terrific team of helpers; to Jan as base/score steward extraordinaire, and to Janette for the very welcome lunches, thank you.  Out in the field, to everyone working to give the competitors the best chance to qualify - all credit to the tracklayers; Tom, Dave, Gary, Linda, Andrea, Pat and Malc, thank you all for your help and super company.  The dogs had some very testing weather to contend with.  Joan is a very efficient C/A steward, and obviously a wonderful search steward, because all dogs were successful, with the majority of dogs recovering all four articles - a big thank you, Joan, for all your help over the four days; I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.

The weather was wild on Thursday; you could hardly stand at times for the wind, and just 1 dog qualified.  Friday was windy and dry, and 2 dogs qualified; Saturday was wet and 3 dogs qualified, and Sunday was the best day, with 6 dogs qualifying.

1st Anne Thorpe with GLENALPINE MISS MOLL AT DALMAIN, BC, 190.5, Q WDEx. Molly worked on Sunday; she didn’t find the tracking easy but stuck at it.  Track 84.5 + 2 and 4 articles for 35, 34.5 control and 16.5 agility.  She is well on her way to the top, Anne.  Congratulations to you both on this win and another WDEx.

2nd Ruth Cahill with VOMKYNA DEIKA, GSD, B, 189, Q WDEx.  Minky worked on Saturday; lovely tracking, made it look so easy.  Ruth was ecstatic when Minky found the first track article.  Track 85.5 +2, 35 search, another 34.5 control, 14 agility - oh, for the long jump.  Congratulations on another WDEx.

3rd Jan Sewell with BRYN OF HARWOOD DALE, WSD, D, 188, Q WDEx. Bryn worked on Sunday; another lovely track, 86 +2 and 33 search, 31 control - just couldn’t manage to keep with Jan on heelwork - 18 agility.  A very comfortable qualification, congratulations on another WDEx.

4th Emma Baker with JESSZACKS RICOCHET RIK, BC, D, 180.25, Q WDEx.  Rik worked on Friday; the tracking was quite a struggle but this lovely partnership worked through to complete the track on 80 +2 and 29 search, 31.5 control, 19 3/4 agility.  Congratulations on another WDEx

Also qualified WDEx:

5th Bill Richardson with KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT, Mali, D, 179.5, worked Friday

6th Paul Bryan with KIPCROFT ETERNAL FLAME AT BRYNBOURNE, BC, B, 178.5, worked Sunday

7th  Dianne Ellis with KENMILLIX SKY’S THE LIMIT, GSD, B, 176, worked Sunday

8th  Julie Paul with KENMILLIX I’M YOUR MAN, GSD, D, 171, worked Saturday

9th Sharon Brown with TARNEDGE DAPHNE, Lab, B, 167.5, the only dog to qualify on Thursday

10th Jim Sewell with STARDELL TYL, BC, D, 167.5, worked Sunday

11th Lisa Coull with CALLISAE SCARCITY, Weim, B, 167.5, worked Saturday

12th David Warrick with SPACE COMMANDER, X-Breed, D, 164.5, worked Sunday

Thank you once again to Midland Counties for a very enjoyable trail and the lovely gift of a beautiful lead.





Steward, Nosework, Control and Patrol:  Paula Jaques

Tracklayers: Malc Snowdon, Nigel Hines and Pat Herbert

Patrol Helpers: Tom Davis, Steve Lancashire Vic Snook and Jordan Bamber

Scribe: Gary Martin

Thanks to Midland Counties for asking me to judge again.  Thanks to Andy and Wendy Magyar and all their helpers for a superbly run trial.  Thanks to the farmers and to ‘The Fox’ for the super base and food.  Thanks to my tracklayers for a superb job.  Thank you to the PD helpers who were great company and efficient as always.  Thanks to Gary for helping set up the round and a brill job of scribing for me.  Thank you, Paula, for doing all the stewarding - excellent as always.

There were 12 entered and 11 ran.  Tracking was on stubble and only 4 dogs qualified the nosework; 3 went on to qualify for the PD round.

1st Margot Brothwell  with TANGHAM LITTLE RYAN,  Qual and CC, 273.5.  This dog worked his socks off, best track, best control and best patrol round.  A very worthy winner and well deserved ticket. Very good luck for the future.

2nd  Graham Reaney with TARNEDGE ROUGH DIAMOND, Qual and Reserve CC, 269.5.  A very close second, worked hard to sort the track and brill quarter.  Well done.

3rd Linda Newbold with COLLIEWOOD DANCING BRAVE, 212, NQ.  Well done.

4th   Paul Morling with VONGRAF KAGUL, 185, NQ.  Well done.

A special thank you to Andy for organising the vet for Paula’s little dog, and to everyone for their kind concern.

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