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Steward: Jackie Hope

Thank you to MCGSDA for the invitation to judge the Introductory and CD stakes.  As always, thanks to the farmers - we had super land which presented a few challenges for some dogs as it was rather ‘gamey’!  Thanks to Andy at The Fox, he kept us well fed with a super pack up and splendid bacon butties!  Jan did a great job at the base and thanks also to Janette Sayer, Trials Manager.  Jackie Hope was my steward for the day, doing a fabulous job, putting competitors at their ease and doing everything just as I planned – huge thanks, Jackie.

The competitors were a lovely bunch of really friendly people, some very new to trials with obvious nerves.  I can remember starting out and it can be very daunting; the best advice people will give you is to listen very carefully to instructions, take time to set your dogs up for each exercise and be aware of the rules!  I hope you enjoyed your day and will continue to compete – trials needs new people coming up through the stakes and I think lower stakes should be encouraging to newcomers.

I set the same control round for each stake, with a change of sendaway marker for CD.  The round was planned to flow easily from one exercise to the next.  Large articles in Intro were aimed to encourage fresh, young dogs.  There was nothing quirky, as I wanted to see dogs succeed and show off their strengths – dogs will either do it or they won’t!  We saw some super work, with excellent sendaways and heelwork.  Unfortunately stays and jumps took their toll, particularly the long jump.

We’d had a very wet week leading up to the trial and I thought we might need flippers on the day; fortunately the weather was reasonably kind.


4 entries, 3 worked.

1st Mrs D Assheton-Bowtle with HAUS BAILEY LOKI, GSD, 82.5, Q.  Finn is a lovely young GSD, and he worked really well – 3 articles in 55 seconds!  Good luck at your next trials.

2nd Mr M Gardner with SCHAISLA MIDNIGHT CHARM, GSD, 80, Q.  Vayda did some lovely work; just the down stay to sort out and he’ll do well.

3rd Mrs C Cottrell with FINAL EDITION AT HELIDALE, Beagle, NQ.  Eddie was a really happy little dog; the gamey conditions challenged him but when focused he did some super work.


10 entries, 8 worked.

1st R and F Lucas with POLLGINA MILLBURN MAX, Lab, 92, Q.  Super lab, he worked really well.  Good luck with Max at your next trial.

2nd Mrs E P Boyd with TUMBLE TRAIL, Lab, NQ.  Another lovely lab, the long jump beat Diesel today.

3rd Mr N Starbuck with SAINT MATHEWS SPIRIT DANCER, Lab, NQ.  Roxy wasn’t up for the jumps today but the rest of her work was super.

4th Mrs V Gurnhill with ALBESA STAR QUALITY, GSD, NQ.  Timber was very steady, lovely control round but wasn’t up for the jumps.




Tracklayers: Tom Darby and Andy Magyar

Steward: Diane Yeatman

I would like to thank the Society for inviting me to judge this stake and also to Janette Sayer and all her team for organising and running the trial.  A big thank you to Diane for doing a marvellous job stewarding over 3 days in difficult weather conditions – especially on the Sunday (never been so wet and cold).  Thanks to Andy and Tom for being out in all weathers, getting wet and cold laying the tracks.

25 dogs entered – 20 ran over three days.

1st Mrs S Burroughs with TARNEDGE VELVET, Lab, Bitch, 191, Qual.  Good solid performance from this young bitch – just bits and pieces throughout the round that added up. 

2nd Mr L Theobald with TYTRI ROMAN JACK, BC, Dog, 190.5, Qual.  Brilliant nosework section, but unfortunately on the day the heelwork wasn’t of the same class (bit more work needed, Les).

3rd C Royle’s STAR AT CONCENN, X-Breed, Bitch, handled by Mr J Fitzpatrick, 190, Qual.  Another dog with a good nosework section – but the retrieve proved costly.

4th Mr J Simpson with FAR CANAL FOSTER, CDEx, X-Breed, Dog, 187, Qual.  This team worked on the last day in the worst conditions – but what a brilliant track.  Unfortunately missed an article in the square, but came good with a full point C/A section, which was a joy to watch.

Other teams also qualifying:

J Snowden with GLENALPINE JES, CDEx, UDEx, BC, Bitch, 181

S A Toynbee with HUNDWITH DUTIFUL, Weim, Dog, 174.5

B James with CORRIEDHU CESAN, CDEx, UDEx, BC, Dog, 173

T Davis with JOTUNHEIM ALMA, BSD Mali, Bitch, 171

J Sutherland with CANDLEWIND LA VENEZIANA, BC, Bitch, 167.5

A Peart with JET BRAMBLES, Lab, Dog, 166

I would like to thank all the competitors for the way they presented themselves to work and the manner in which they handled their dogs.  It was a pleasure and privilege to judge them.  Good Luck to all the teams in future competitions.

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