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Thank you to the judges (TD) Lol Campbell, (WD) Julia Findeisen, (UD) Doug Shearer, (CD and C+A) Sheila Shearer, and their tracklayers and stewards - TD Tracklayers, Garry Talbot and Tom Darby, TD Squares, David Waite: WD Tracklayers, Dave Marchant, Joan Snowden and Malc Snowden, WD Squares, Linda Newbold: UD Tracklayers, Jim Sewell, Barrie James and Wendy Magyar: UD Squares, Jan Sewell: CD and C/A Steward, Andrea Lynd

Jan Darby and Diane Yeatman ran base and I was assisted by Janette Sayer, who did whatever job was required.  Thank you to everyone, without your help the trial would not run; your help is much appreciated. 

We had a new base this year, which seemed to work very well as it was nearer to the tracking and control fields.  The staff at The Fox were very good and kept us all fed and watered very well.

Tracking was on winter wheat with good growth, but the high temperatures it made conditions difficult for some and we didn’t seem to have as many qualifiers as we usually do.  Though we were ready for some sunshine after the bitter cold winter we have had, it was not easy for the dogs, so very well done to those who did qualify.

Once again my thanks must go to the farmers who allow us the use of their land.





Stewards: Andrea Lynd and Doug Shearer

I would like to apologise for the lateness of this report, which I put in "a safe place" and have just found it now.

I would like to thank Andy Magyar (Trials Manager) and his great team of helpers for an amazingly run trial, and warm welcoming manner to all.  The trials base, "The Fox", was a great success and more than helpful.

To my stewards, Andrea Lynd and Doug Shearer, you were both great, putting everyone at their ease, and to Andrea, above and beyond the call of duty on a boiling Saturday.  To the competitors, I hope you enjoyed your day.


Three very new and nervous handlers all worked their dogs understandingly, and praised.  Just bits and pieces – your qualification will come.

1st Mrs S Burroughes, TARNEDGE VELVET, Lab, 89, NQ.  Lovely bitch, great attitude.

2nd Mrs J Kevis, BUMBLE RIDGES NIGHTSTAR, Beardie, 72.5, NQ.  What a character!  Bundles of energy, his time will come.

3rd Miss C Middleton, SKATER SHADOW, Dobe, 55.75, NQ.  You should be so pleased with your bitch and yourself, coming so far in such a short time.  Go for it!


The heat played a great part with these young dogs.

1st Mr P Thornton, LIMASMYTHE BROWNS BUSTER, GSD, D, 190, Q.  Well done!  A dog with a bouncy attitude.

2nd Mrs H Brown, MANPOL SAPPHIRE, GSD, B, 177.5, Q.  Nice bitch.  I’m glad your journey was worthwhile.

3rd Mr G Martin, MAGIC DARK SHADOW, Lab, D, NQ.  Your time will come, Gary

4th Mr D Craven, LITTLETHORN MAESTRO, BC, D, NQ.  Super dog, not much wrong. 


1st Mr A Heatley, JOTUNHEIM TRACKER, BSD Mali, 194.5, Q.  A very worthy winner.  Beautifully handled, with a great understanding of the breed.

2nd Mrs W Magyar, GLENALPINE TED, BC, 187.5, Q.  A wonderful working attitude, well controlled by Wendy.

3rd Mr P Bryan, KIPCROFT ETERNAL FLAME, BC, 184, Q.  Nice to see you back with a cracking little bitch.

4th L Johnston, RAVEN HILL RORY, X-Breed, 179.5, Q.  Well done

Also qualified:

Mr B Richardson, KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT, Mali, 179.  Well controlled, Bill.


1st Mrs M Weselby, STYPERSON GILLIE, Lab, 212.75, Q.  Lovely C/A, as I would expect - well done.  What a big lad.

2nd Mrs F Atkin, BLEDRI OF STEPASIDE, WSD, 193.75, Q.  Great!  You deserve this, Fran.

3rd Mr P Adams, SHERINGEM GLYNN, BC, 192.75, Q.  The dog I’d take home, cracking round, Paul.

4th Mr J Philips, WESTMIDS WANDERER, GSD, 190.75, Q.  Well done.

Also qualified:

Mr M Williams, MARINA BENS PAL, X-Breed, 184, Q.  Nice to see you working a dog again, Mike.

Thank you all for a super few days.




Tracklayers: Jim Sewell, Wendy Magyar and Barrie James

Steward: Jan Sewell

Many thanks to the Association for the invitation to judge, to the excellent tracklayers and steward, and to the Trials Manager, Andy Magyar, who ran a very tight ship.

The weather was unseasonably hot and still.  14 teams ran, and most dogs tracked, and tracked well, in the blistering dry conditions, but few were able to search afterwards.

1st Paul Thornton with LIMASMYTHE BROWNS BUSTER, GSD, D, 190, Q.  Dropped only 2 on the track, and the only dog to take 4 from the search.  A wonderful exhibit of the breed.

2nd Helen Brown with MANPOL SAPPHIRE, GSD, B, 177.5, Q.  Only dropped a half on the track, but two out of the search had to suffice today.

3rd Gary Martin with MAGIC DARK SHADOW, Lab, D, NQ.  Lost 2.5 on the track and recovered 3 from the square.  Beautiful, sympathetic handling.

4th Dave Craven with LITTLETHORN MAESTRO, BC, D, NQ.  Lost only 1.5 on the track, but nil from the search.  Only the conditions, I’m sure.




Tracklayers: Dave Marchant, Malcolm Snowdon, Joan Snowdon

Steward: Linda Newbold

Thank you to Midland Counties GSD Association for the invitation to judge at this friendly well run trial.  The weather was amazing, glorious sunshine every day, 24 degrees one afternoon!  Andy Magyar does a great job running this trial, complete with Janette Sayer (chief score collector) and his great bunch of helpers.  Marion’s B&B was the best place to stay and can be highly recommended.  Jan Darby and Diane Yeatman did a great job in the base, managing all the scores and getting everyone to their tracks on time.  Thanks also to the Fox at Kirton for the supply of food during the day and brilliant evening meals.  Linda did a brilliant job of laying the squares and my tracklayers for the three days also did a fantastic job.  Thank you to you all.

There were 28 entries and 23 dogs worked.  Tracking was on lush winter wheat. Track pattern below. Track articles: 4" Green hose pipe and 3" x 2" green underlay. Square articles were; green plastic milk top, 2" diameter wooden ring, 3" x 1/2" black rubber & 4" x 1" green scourer.

1st Alan Heatley, JOTUNHEIM TRUCKER, Malinois, dog, 141.5 (194.5), Q.  Alan and Driver worked on the 3rd day and did a lovely track.  Retrieved all articles.  Well deserved win, good luck for the future.

2nd Wendy Magyar, GLENALPINE TED, BC, dog, 141 (187.5), Q.  Wendy and Ted worked on the first day and again a lovely nosework round with all the articles.  This young dog has a bright future, well done.

3rd Paul Bryan, KIPCROFT ETERNAL FLAME AT BRYNBOURNE, BC, bitch, 134 (184), Q.  Wispa worked well and did a lovely track.  Lovely to watch.  Missed an article from the square.  Good luck for the future.

4th Lynne Johnston, RAVEN HILL RORY, X-Breed, dog, 128 (179.5), Q.  A few scary moments on the track but Rory worked it out for his mam and recovered.  He did you proud.  Ran out of steam in the square.  Good luck for the future.

Also Qualifying WD COM:

Bill Richardson, KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT, Mali, dog, 130.5 (179)

Dianne Ellis, KENMILLIX SKY’S THE LIMIT, GSD, bitch, 143, NQ - best nosework with a GSD.  Annie tracked on the hottest day and made it look so easy, what a superstar she is!




Tracklayers: Gary Talbot, Tom Darby

Steward: David Waite

Thanks to MCGSDA for the invitation to judge the TD nosework – I had a brill time, with great company.  Thanks to Andy Magyar and his team for a job well done.

Thanks to my tracklayers – you did a brill job – and also to David, my steward for four days in very hot conditions.  And it was HOT, too hot for some dogs.  To watch dogs track in the conditions was amazing – they all worked so well.

1st Maeve Weselby, STYPERSON GILLIE, Lab, 212.5, Q.  What a super dog, he never lifted his nose; brill to watch, the marks say it all.

2nd Fran Atkin, BLEDRI OF STEPASIDE, WSD, 193.5, Q.  Just never gave up – what a dog!  Well done.

3rd Paul Adams, SHERINGEM GLYNN, BC, 192.5, Q.  Did a brill track, just missed the second article.  Another dog who wouldn’t give up.  Well done.

4th John Philips, WESTMIDS WANDERER, GSD, 190.5, Q.  Worked really hard, although he struggled in the heat.  Well done.

Also qualified:

Mike Williams, MARINA BEN’S PAL, X-Breed, 184.  Well done.

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