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Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd, Joan Snowden

Steward Jackie Lloyd

Many thanks to MCGSDA for inviting me to judge the UD nosework, my first judging appointment.  I hope it was enjoyed bt all who took part. 

The tracklayers and steward were very efficient and helpful – many thanks to you all.  The weather was very kind to us both days, raining at night only.  Tracking was on lush corn.  We had six entries on the first day, but only two completed the track.  Second day we only had four dogs, with experienced handlers; all four qualified the tracks with good scores, but unfortunately most went out on the jumps, as had happened the day before.  Fortunately, we did get a clear winner.

I would like to thank everyone who worked at base, and kept things running smoothly; also the farmers without whose generosity we could not run trials.

1st Sue Hough, STARDELL ALYA (Hattie), BC, B, 194, Q.  A very worthy winner.  87/2 on the track, 4 from the square for 32, then went on to do a full mark Control and Agility round.  Well done, and good luck in the future.

2nd T Collier, CHARLCOATS AVIN FUN AT GLENTRADA, GSD, D, 183, NQ.  Czech really pulled this handler round the track, with 87/2.  Then came the square, and we thought "Oh dear…", but Czech ambled round the square, dipped his head, picked up the articles and ambled back to the handler, leaving us thinking "You just never know…";  4/35, and we really thought he wouldn’t do it.  Well done; I’m sure you will sort the control out.

3rd Gary Martin, CARISHILL ATLAS, Golden Retriever, D, 181, NQ.  Dylan is a super dog, and did a near perfect track, with 89/2.  Some sympathetic handling from Gary, plus a bit of trickery, got the last article out, giving 4/34.  Well done.  The jumps were Dylan’s downfall, but I’m sure it will sonn be sorted.

4th Andrea Clark, ORLISCWT BOBBIN ALONG, SCWT, D, 168.5, NQ.  Once again, a super track from Yogi – nice to see a terrier tracking with such enthusiasm, gaining 88/2, and 3/27 for the square.  Jumps again caught Yogi out.

Good luck to all competitors in the future.  Keep training and it will come right in the end.  I hope you enjoyed your day.



Stewards: Friday and Saturday, Diane Yeatman;        Sunday, Joan Snowden

Many thanks to the Society for inviting me to judge, and to Andy Magyar and all his team for organising and running the trial.  Thanks to The Snooty Fox public house for the marvellous food throughout the day and in the evening.

Thanks to Diane for doing a splendid job stewarding on Friday and Saturday and to Joan Snowden for stepping in at short notice to do an equally splendid job stewarding on Sunday, when Diane was taken poorly.


5 Entries – 2 Ran

1st Angela Moslin with GREAT ARAMIS OF BRIGHTNESS OVER WILDFIRE, BSD (Groen), 95, Q.  Lovely round to watch and judge, with only minor faults.

2nd Vic Snook with XANOVA ENORE NUIT, BSD (Groen), 77, NQ.  This was also a good round to watch but the failure on the clear jump and down stay cost this team a qualification today.


1st Margaret Robinson with JUST FRANKIE AT TRENTVALLEY, WSD, 198, Q.  A very impressive near faultless C/A round from this young dog.  Good luck for future.

2nd Betty Orrin with TOLBERG MAN OF MYSTERY WITH MERLOCK, GSD, 184.5, Q.  Another young dog with an impressive C/A round.  Well done

3rd Zoe Finlay with TRIJEM OCEANS BLURAIN WITH OVERDRIVE, ASD, 181.5, Q.  A good solid control section, but second attempts on clear and scale proved costly.  Well Done

4th Dave Bell with DREAGANTA FINN, BC, 167.5, Q.  Another dog with a near faultless, impressive C/A round.  Well done


1st Sue Hough with STARDELL ALYA, BC, 194, Q.  A faultless and impressive C/A round, which was a pleasure to watch and judge.  Well done and good luck for future.

2nd Tracy Collier with CHARLOATS AVIN FUN AT GLENTRADA, GSD, 183, NQ.  A very good control section, but agility section proved very costly.  Good luck in the future

3rd Gary Martin with CARISHILL ATLAS, G. Ret, 181, NQ.  Another young dog who struggled with the agility section today.  Good luck in the future.

4th Andrea Clarke handling ORLISCWT BOBBIN ALONG, SCWT, 168.5, NQ.  Good luck for the future




Tracklayers: Gary Talbot, Tom Darby and Linda Newbold

Steward: Cath Woolley

Firstly I would like to thank the society for the opportunity to judge the WD nosework at this lovely friendly trial.  I would also like to say a big thank you to Andy Magyar for the running the perfect trial, keeping me well informed before the trial about land and entries, all really helpful when trying to choose articles etc, and then carried on with his help throughout the trial.  A big thank you to Wendy Magyar for all her work at the base, and I am sure she also did a lot of work in run up to the trial; thank you to Jan Darby for all her help at the base, always a smiling face to welcome all as they arrive.  I would like thank the great tracklayers I had, Gary Talbot, Tom Darby and Linda Newbold; all did a fantastic job, giving the competitors the best possible chance.  A huge thank you must go to my friend Cath Woolley who was my steward and who did a first class job and was great company, as always.  Finally I would like to thank the competitors, who were also good fun and a pleasure to watch.  Only four qualified this time but I am sure the rest will soon follow.

1st Margaret Robinson with JUST FRANKIE AT TRENTVALLEY.  What a great young dog, very nearly perfect.  I’m sure he is going far, well done.

2nd Betty Orrin with TOLBERG MAN OF MYSTERY WITH MERLOCK.  How super is he?  What a great team, such a lovely dog and an equally lovely owner.

3rd Zoe Finlay with TRIJEM OCEANS BLURAIN WITH OVERDRIVE.  Beautiful track and, once again, lovely dog to watch.

4th Dave Bell with DREAGANTA FINN.  Lovely track to watch, but with a few hair raising moments when Dave tried to take over the tracking.  But this little dog proved he did know better.  Great job both of you, just proves this is a team effort.

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