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Steward: Lisa Fox

A big thank you to Midland Counties for the invitation to judge the CD Stake.  A million thanks to Andy and Wendy for running a super trial yet again, and thanks to both Jans at the base for sorting out my scores, and to the ladies for all the catering.  Last, but not least, thanks to Lisa for stewarding for the two days.

1st Laura Bardwell and TED, 92, CDEx.  Congratulations on a well deserved win.  Well done.

2nd Mr Green-Morris and AXEL, 91, CDEx.  The only dog over two days to get full marks for the sendaway.  Good luck for the future.

3rd David Waite and RULA, 90, CDEx.  Just need to sort out your sendaway.  Well done.

4th Andrea Clark and COPPA, 85.5, CDEx.  Another good all round performance.  Good luck for the future.

Also qualifying CDEx:

S Longbottom and WILLOW, 81.5

Mrs McGuckin and CHARLIE, 81

Mrs Paul and SID, 80.5

To all the competitors, thank you for your company and good luck for the future.




Steward: Dave Bell

Tracklayers: Friday/Saturday – Margaret Robinson, Barrie James; Sunday – Julia Findeisen, Lol Campbell

My thanks to Midland Counties for the invitation to judge. Thanks also to my tracklayers, who were brilliant company throughout, and to Dave, my steward, who gave clear commands and tried to put everyone at their ease. Special thanks to Andy and Wendy for our accommodation over the 3 days, and to Midland Counties for keeping us very well fed and watered during the trial; I have never had pieces of cake so big.

Tracking was on grass.  Friday brought strong winds but bright weather, Saturday was bright also but the wind had eased off, and Sunday was very hot and sunny.  No matter what the weather it didn’t seem to affect the tracking.  I set a straightforward test, with generous articles.  To those that qualified, well done, but overall the stays and jumps were quite poor.  To those who did not make it, better luck next time.  I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and good luck for the future.

1st Hayley Philipson and POPLARTIME MYSTICAL MUSIC, Great Dane, 193.5.  Boris had a very good control round, excellent track and I believe the first time he got 4 out of the square.  Well handled; it was a pleasure to watch this big boy.  Worked well as a team.

2nd Stephanie McBride and SMALE CALYPSO, Lab, 192. Brilliant track, shame about the long jump. I’m sure you will sort it soon.  Very well handled.

3rd Rachel Young’s SELDOMSEEN JUST MAYBE AT JARYSMYSTIC, WSD, handled by C Dent, 186.  Tracked on Friday in high winds on a field with a very  steep hill, stuggled on one corner but worked it out nicely; nice control round too.

4th Barry Gilbert and IATKA FOLLOW THAT STAR, Standard Poodle, 180.  A steady round from this experienced handler.  Congratulations.

Also qualified UDEx:

J Breighton and MADDIE, WSD, 179.5




Tracklayers: Maeve and John Weselby, Sheila Tannert, Nigel Hines, Jim Sewell, Joan Snowden and Gary Talbert

Stewards: David Waite, Robert Martin         

Thanks to MCGSDA committee for the invitation to judge. Trials Manager Andy Magyar, ably assisted by Wendy and their team of helpers, ran an excellent trial.  With a good B&B, excellent food, great company, fine weather and fantastic views from the tracking land, indeed all the ingredients needed for a few days holiday, I thoroughly enjoyed my judging of the WD stake for you.

The ground for the nosework was lifted stubble, under-sowed with rape seed, very dry with deep ruts running through it.  Many thanks to Maeve, John, Sheila, Nigel, Jim, Joan and Gary for their sterling work avoiding the holes to lay the tracks, and you all got to tone up your leg muscles for free.  The dogs who applied themselves, despite their handlers’ stumbles and loose line handling, got round.  Others found it too hard and gave up – also there were a couple of dogs that couldn’t work because of distant gunshots.  The search squares went well, with most dogs finding four articles; thanks David for laying the square three days and Robert for the one day.

Control and agility followed in the afternoon.  It began with group down stay, the round then started with heelwork, normal and slow pace.  Sendaway was eighty yards diagonal to the corner of the field, with a green pole seven yards from the corner helping the dogs that went in the right direction. Fast heelwork followed back to the start of the round, then the retrieve, and we finished off with the agility.  Thank you David for stewarding, explaining the round and putting each competitor at their ease.   Control rounds on the whole were well done, with handlers getting good attention from their dogs; only the sendaway caused a problem, with most dogs going off to the hedge on the right of the field.

Congratulations to the qualifiers, to those who did not qualify, better luck next time.

1st Mr G Brumpton and TAFFY GO LUCKY, XBreed, 188, Q.  Teamwork at its very best, only losing 2pts on the track.  Good control, and just enough marks on the agility to qualify.  Well done and lots of luck in TD stake. 

2nd Ms D Walker and FFIGLINA OBERON, Dalmatian, 187.5, Q.  Logan went into my bag and ate half my sandwich when he arrived, then flew around the track losing 1 pt.  A good control and agility made sure he qualified well, what a character.  I was so pleased to award him his qualification, well done, Donna.

3rd Mr L Newman and SALLY BELL, WSD, 186.5, Q.  Teamwork helped Sally around the track that was on steep dry ground; well done, Len, you read her well.  Calm handling got an excellent control and agility round from this very quick little dog.

4th Mr A T Baker and SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER, BC, 182, Q.  Sid nearly pulled you off the track, Andy, but you stood your ground and he found his way back again to finish the track well.  A good control and agility round, with the best sendaway mark, qualified this lovely big collie.

Also qualifying WDEx:

A and J Orchard, handler Tony Orchard, and GOODREST SKYE AT TADMARTON, Lab, 176.5

Mr B Norman and ADAIRWAY BRIGAND, GSD, 172

Ms June Raymond and CANDLEWIND ROMULUS, BC, 163

Mrs Stevie Braithwaite and NORSHEP BRECK, GSD

Qualifying WD:

Mr Lol Campbell and SELDOMSEEN SHEP, WSD, 149




Tracklayers: Gary Talbot (5 days), Tom Darby (5 days and run off tracks), Andrea Lynd (4 days), Graham Reaney (1 day)

Search and C/A Steward: Wendy Magyar (never had a moments rest)

Many thanks to MCGSDA for the invitation to judge at this trial - what a great week I had, practically a holiday. As well as the weather being mostly dry, often sunny and warm, the area the trial is set in is surrounded by wonderful walks through the Forest which added to the enjoyment of the week.

To Andy and Wendy Magyar, a huge thank you for all your hard work and great company; nothing was too much trouble for you and I really appreciated it.  Thanks also to the hard working tracklayers - your assistance was gratefully received by us all -  and to those at the Base, especially Jan Darby, Jan Sewell and Robert Martin.

Nosework was on stubble and the fields looked fairly clean without too much wildlife on it; in fact we only saw one hare all week which laid low in the middle of the track until Heather Patrick’s Ziggy had finished it.

Throughout the week it was generally a case of the dog either sailed round or struggled from the start.  Searches were generally well done, though only two dogs got 35. 

For those who like stats; 60 entered, 51 worked.

Tues: 3 out of 11 got round with the best nosework for the week Margaret Robinson and Lacey.

Wed: 3 out of 9, Thurs 3 out of 8, Fri  5 out of 11 with the best track (with 3 articles) overall, Rosie Jones and Piper and just when we thought that it was going to be short C/A day, on Saturday 10 out of 12 qualified the nosework.

21 teams returned to work the C/A and we soon lost three out of the top ten nosework marks on the scale; some of the smaller collies seemed to slip off when attempting it.  Three dogs got 5 for the speak (six didn’t open their gobs!).  There was one full mark sendaway, Debbie Meade and Flick; I hope that made up for the search- for 2.5 minutes, Flick couldn’t quite be persuaded to bring out the fourth article (cable tie), nice retrieve of stubble though! 

Congratulations to the 13 teams that subsequently achieved a TDEx, all very much deserved. Thank you to all for entering and giving me the chance to see your dogs work.

1st Jean Howells and GLENALPINE JED, BC, D.   A very confident nosework round by this strong positive dog, he really applied himself to all the nosework to lie second before the C/A.  There they held their nerve and again produced the goods to win a well deserved first ticket.  What a great way to celebrate Jed’s 21st TDEx, a lovely partnership.  Best of luck at the KCC’s.  (Track 93.5, Articles 30, Search 34.5, Control 30.5, Agility 20) 208.5

2nd Celia Bourne and FLAME OF THE FOREST, WSD, D.  Worked their way steadily round the track and a very good square; excellent heelwork and speak in the C/A. Lost a few marks in the sendaway for continual commands but otherwise a lovely enthusiastic round by Indi.  Well done on the reserve ticket. (87, 30, 33, 30.5, 19.5) 200

3rd June Reed and LITTLE JODE, GSD, B.  June worked both her dogs in the middle of a shoot, with the noise echoing from the surrounding woods putting the gun test to shame.  Neither dog lifted its head from the track; such was the concentration during the nosework.  Full credit to their temperaments.  Jode’s track was one of the best at the trial and she managed to keep her enthusiasm going just long enough for the search.  Well done on qualifying both dogs. (97, 30, 25, 27.5, 20)   199.5

4th Terry  Austin and  GHYLLBECK NIMBOSTRATUS, Lge Munsterlander, D.   First time I have seen this team work and they didn’t disappoint. Storm was committed to the track and worked hard in the search, though just missed the cable tie. First to work in the C/A with no run through to watch and they kept the nerves at bay, completing a good round.  Won the run off with Rosie and Piper, Storm finding all four articles to Piper’s three.  A very good all round performance. (92.5, 30, 27, 29.5, 19) 198

Also qualifying TDEx:


Julie Atkins and WTCh OUR DUG, BC, D, 196.5

Stevi Boyall and STYPERSON LOMOND, Lab, D, 195

Stevi Boyall and WTCh STYPERSON BRIAR, Lab, B,  195 (very diplomatic of Stevi to finish on the same marks with both dogs….)

Debbie Meade and HEATHERMARK VIXEN, GSP, B, 191.5

Dave Marchant and WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, WSD, D, 185

Gary Atkins and WTCh CAFCOLL RON, BC, D, 184

June Reed and ESSEX GIRL, GSD, B, 182.5

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