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Trials Manager’s Report

Thank you to all the farmers - without your land we wouldn’t have trials.  All the tracking land was on lush corn this trial, and for the first time while I have been trials manager there was enough land to run another 3 stakes.

To my helpers, MANY THANKS, nothing was too much trouble for any of you, regardless of how big or small the jobs were.  To Keith the new caterer, thank you for keeping us all well fed and watered.  To the judges, excellent company and excellent tests (thanks Vana for the cost saving exercise and the morning hugs).  THANK YOU to you all, I couldn’t do it without you, you all made my job easy (made me feel redundant again!!).

We ALL did a brilliant job, making it another successful trial - WELL DONE!

Andy Magyar  



Stake: UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Barrie James, Joan Snowdon, Malcolm Snowdon

Search Stewards: Dave Waite, Margaret Robinson

The base was run very efficiently by Jan Darby and Wendy Magyar.

Many thanks to MCGSDA for the invitation to judge the UD nosework, at their popular spring open trial.  We had an entry of 28.  The standard varied, as you would expect in this stake.  We had some teams who had not competed before, and were perhaps not fully aware of the standard required.  We also had some very experienced handlers with new dogs who made the test look very easy.  Tracking was on well grown winter wheat which made article recovery quite difficult.  Thanks to all the people mentioned above especially “Team Snowdon” who made the three days out in the fields so enjoyable for myself and the competitors.  Andy Magyar was excellent as Trials Manager and ensured that everything ran to time.

1st     Hilary Morris  with  CARISHILL PARSLEY, G Ret. C of M, 183

2nd   John Turtill with BISQUET TORRA, CDEx, WSD, C of M, 177.5

3rd   Donna Walker with FFIGLINA OBERON, CDEx, Dalmatian, C of M, 172.5

4th    Jane Douglas with ROTHIEVALE CIARA, Lab, C of M, 166.5

Congratulations to the four qualifiers.


STAKE: WD Nosework


Steward: Rob Martin

Tracklayers: Nigel Hines, Dave Marchant, Sheila Tannert, Andy Fox

I would like to thank the society for asking me to judge, Andy and Wendy for running another great trial and for looking after us all so well, and to all the behind the scenes helpers who make our hobby possible.  To Jan for getting everyone to their tracks on time, to Keith for the lovely food and to the farmers for the use of their land.  Thank you to my tracklayers for doing a superb job, especially Nigel for the laying all the early tracks and then rushing off to work every day.  Special thanks to Rob for putting down all the squares and doing an excellent job.

Tracking was on very well grown corn, which quite a few dogs found hard going on the tracking, but it didn’t seem to cause to much trouble on the squares.  The weather was good to us and stayed dry but cold.  All the handlers and dogs worked really well and if you did not qualify this time I’m sure you will soon, so keep up the training.

1st           Q, 192.5 Jim Szmidt and SIMBA.  Super track, only lost 0.5 point on the track, and all 4 articles from the square. Congratulations.  Good luck in TD.

2nd         Q, 189, Ann Bedford and ABBEY.  Another super track and full point square.  Well done. 

3rd         Q, 188, Wendy Donaldson and HEBE.  A bit of a struggle at the end of the first leg, but once Hebe settled down worked really well, and another full point square.  Good luck in the future. 

4th          Q, 184.5, June Brine and PADDY.  Nice positive tracking.  Missed a square article which cost a higher placing but very well done.

Also qualifying:

Roger Shrimpton and TAFF on 183.5.  Nice work. Well done.

Bob Shropshire and OLIVER on 172.  Nice track but only one article.  Well done.


Stake: CD and UD, WD and TD Control and Agility

Judge: Vana Moody

Stewards:   Thurs/Fri, Margaret Robinson; Sat/Sun, Jean Morley

Thank you to the committee for asking me to judge at such a friendly, happy, companionable trial, well run by Wendy and Andy Magyar, who also looked after me so well.  Thanks to Jan Darby for keeping the competitors flowing and writing the certificates with Wendy, to Tom Darby, my chauffeur, the ‘chuck waggon’ for great salad rolls, and to Gary Talbot for his ‘Pink Ball supply’!!   Thank you to Margaret Robinson and Jean Morley, who did a brilliant job trying to keep competitors on as reasonable a surface as possible, as the grass was long and tufty, although by the fourth day, we had flat channels, which a few competitors walked along, putting their dogs on the rough ground, not helping the heelwork.

UD WD TD: Retrieves, speaks, and sendaway were either done well or showed where a little more work was needed.  Sendaways for all stakes went into the field toward crossed poles, as the boundaries were either along the road, or along the tracking fields, which limited my options.  Second attempts at the jumps were allowed in UD, one of choice in WD, none in TD.  The long jump had most failures, return over the scale next, and some dogs went through the hurdle.  Most errors were caused by handlers rushing, or setting the dogs too close or too far away from the jumps.  Setting up is important; some, after going through their ‘ritual’, on second attempt, just pushed the dog over.  If you have a set-up procedure, always be consistent by using it every time you jump your dog.

Good luck in the future to those not quite making it, it should not be long.  Well done to all who qualified.  Thanks to all of you for entering and giving me the pleasure of judging a great group of dogs and handlers.



You all did most of the test well, but not quite ready for parts of it, just keep at your training and it won’t be long before you will gain your certificates.

1st   John Davidson and DENNIS, BSD, 74.5 NQ.   Shame about the square, otherwise happy, good attitude in all the round.

2nd  Kenneth Davidson and MICKEY, BSD, 72, NQ.  Another happy round, but unfortunately the sendaway let you down.

3rd   Norma Ansell and SPUD, GSD, 68.5, NQ.  The square and sendaway need a little more work, Otherwise a nice round.

4th   Angie Walden and JED, GSD, 62, NQ.  More attention to the jumps and you’ll be there.  Another nice control round.

 Sadly no qualifiers, but well done to you all.



 1st   Hilary Morris and PEPI, Goldie, 183, Q.  Good round from this very strong dog, well handled by Hilary.  Well done.

2nd  John Turtill and TORRA, WSD, 177.5, Q.  Good control; sendaway was costly today.  Well done

3rd   Donna Walker and LOGAN, Dalmatian, 172.5, Q.   It was nice to watch another breed other than the most popular work.  An excellent sendaway; the jumps had us holding our breath but you did it.  Well done.

4th   Jane Douglas and CIARA, Lab, 166.5, Q.  A nice round, just needs a little tidying up.  Well done.



1st   Jim Szmidt and SIMBA, GSD, 192.5, Q.  A lovely control round to watch, full marks.  Clear jump was the weakness today.  Well done.

2nd  Ann Bedford and ABBI, sp x collie, 189, Q.  Another good bitch, with it all there, just a bit more tidying on some of the exercises.  Well done.

3rd   Wendy Donaldson and HEBE, ASD, 188, Q.  Little bits here and there need attention, otherwise nicely done.  Well done.

4th   June Brine and PADDY, BC, 184.5, Q.  Good jumps, a little blip with the sendaway, but very nicely handled.  Well done.

 Also qualifying

Roger Shrimpton with TAFF, BC, 183.5 .  Well done

Bob Shropshire with  OLIVER, Lab, 172.  Well done



1st   Sue Redshaw with TRAVIS, Lab, 210.5, Q.  Speak a little weak, and maybe you should ‘feed him grass’ as he grazed in the heelwork, but other than that a pleasure to watch. Well done.

2nd  Fran Mitchell and HARVEY, Lab, 206, Q.  Long jump was costly today, otherwise a lovely round.  Well done.

3rd   June Reed and JODIE, GSD, 201, Q.  The speak and re-direct were costly, but otherwise a good round.  Well done.

4th   Sue Jones and MEG, WSD, 197.5, Q.  Re-direct needs working on, but generally good work, a little restless in the stays but she managed to remain.  Well done.

Also qualifying:

Pat Werner with DINGO, Kelpie, 191, Q.  Well done , nice to see another breed working.

Fran Atkin with BRECON, WSD, 183.5, Q. Well done.

Just a note!  PLEASE do not let us go down the obedience road!  There were a few handlers practicing dumb bell, heelwork and speaks while waiting to work.  This was unfair to the dogs being judged at the time, so please be more thoughtful in future and think if you would like it if you were working, bearing in mind you were allowed to park in the control field so were close to the working area.


Stake: TD Nosework


Tracklayers: Gary Talbot, Tom Darby, Lol Campbell and Malcolm Snowden

Stewards: Jeanette Sayer, Pete Morley 

Many thanks to Midland Counties for the invitation to judge at their trial.  They managed to provide just about everything; good tracking land, lovely weather (although a bit cold some mornings), amusing company and good food (including chocolate - thank you Wendy).  Andy and Wendy Magyar ran an excellent trial, but a big thank you must go to the Farmer whose land TD was using, for not spraying our field!  Tracking was on well grown corn and this caused a problem with articles, as a lot of dogs were tracking with their heads above the corn, but I was able to judge some lovely tracking.  Thank you to my tracklayers who all did a sterling job.  Also thanks to my search stewards, Jeanette for one day and Pete for three.


1st   Sue Redshaw and MEADOWMILL TRAVIS, CDEx – WDEx, Lab, 210.5, Q.  Well done, Travis only lost 5 on the nosework.

2nd  Fran Mitchell and KEENSHAW BUTCH, Lab, 206, Q.  Another nice Lab.

3rd   Jenny Reed and LITTLE JODE, GSD, 201, Q.  This dog did the best track, lovely to watch.

4th   Sue Jones and DURSTONE MELODY, CDEx – WDEx, WSD, 197.5, Q.  Lovely nosework, unfortunately missed a bit out.

 Also Qualified

Pat Werner and CROCODILE DUNDINGO, Kelpie, 191

Fran Atkins and BRONFYNNON BRECON, WSD, 183.5

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