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Trial's Manager's Report

A big thank you to the farmers as the land was a task on its own this year, as all the farmers were between 2 and 4 weeks behind schedule, making it very difficult to be allocated land for the duration of a TD championship. 

I would like to thank the committee, Wendy Magyar, Gary Talbot, Bob Martin, Sheila Tannert, Mave Weselby and Margaret Robinson for the help they gave me (pre and post trial) and for understanding my decisions as and when I had to make them.

Thank you to all my helpers, you know who you are, the trial wouldn't have run without you.

I would like to thank the judges for setting tests which gave every competitor a chance to qualify and for being good company.

In the end a great trial with only a few hiccups but nothing that couldn't be sorted out with a good committee behind you.  Thank you to everyone.



CD Stake

Judge: B, BELL

Steward:- D. Bell

I would like to thank Midland Counties for their invitation to judge the C.D. stake. Special thanks to my steward Dave who put everyone at their ease and special thanks to Andrew and Wendy for their hospitality and looking after us both extremely well. Thanks also for the lovely evening meals and great company.

There were some good rounds with a couple of hard luck stories with the jumps, stays and sendaway taking their usual toll.

1st           Mr D. Shearer - DREAGANTA DORM. Q. Ex - 92 A worthy winner, excellent round from an experienced handler. Well done.

2nd         Mia James - TYTRIKAY.Q.Ex-90'/2 Another good round, just got on with the job in hand.

3rd          Mrs J. Atkinson - STILIMOOR QUAY to My Success at Denlea NQ. - 86 -Not long before you qualify, shame about the sit stay, otherwise a very-good round. Good Luck in the future.

4th          Mr D. Olley - SMILEY BOY NQ - 72 Shame about the jumps, I'm sure you will qualify this "big boy" very soon. Handled well and Best of Luck in the future.

Lastly, thank you to the competitors, you were a pleasure to judge and I'm sure that you will all qualify soon. 


UD Stake


Tracklayers : Joan Snowden, Margaret Robinson.

Search and C&A Steward : Maeve Weselby

I would like to thank Midland Counties for the invitation to judge the UD stake at their championship trial.  Most of the dogs found the tracking too hard; teams ere tracking on plough in very dry, windy conditions.  One competitor, Jill Carruthers, qualified the nosework section, but sadly we lost them in the stays.  Everyone  accepted their bad luck with good grace and they were a pleasure to judge.

1st           J. Carruthers with JASUETER RED GARNET (B) GSD. 156.5 NQ.

2nd         J. Hall with MERCURY SKYLARK (B) GOLDIE 115 NQ.

3rd          P. Harding with AUDLYNTON GILBERT (D) GSD 100 NQ.

4th          J. Atkinson with STILLMOOR QUAY TO MY SUCCESS AT DENLEA (D) BC 89.5 NQ.

Many thanks to my two tracklayers, Joan and Margaret, and my search and C&A steward Maeve - you all worked hard and were great company throughout the day.  Thanks also to Andy and Wendy Magyar  for running a super trial and thanks to Midland Counties for the present of an engraved glass coaster.  I enjoyed the appointment and the friendly atmosphere.




Search & Control Steward: Pete Jones

Tracklayers: Dave Marchant, Sheila Tannert, Andrea Lynd, Linda Newbold, Tom Derby & Garry Talbot.

Thanks to the Association for the invite to judge the WD Stake at this Championship Trial and a special thanks to Andy Magyar for all his hard work in making this a successful trial.

Due to the wet summer, farmers were weeks behind in preparing the land for the next season crops and had to call in contractors to catch up, and this meant that they could not guarantee which land would be available from one day to another. I was fortunate with the land allotted for my stake and did manage to keep the same fields for the four days. This was set-aside with a little growth of old wheat growing through. The first two tracks of the day was on a patch of land with lots of rough bare patches, but the first & second places and best track came from this field, you just can never tell, if I had had a choice I would not have used this field.

Weather for the four days was mixed cloudy, sunny and dry.

Thanks to all my tracklayers who did a great job and were great company and also to Pete who stewarded for me, I don't think we had a domestic the whole four days. Also thanks to all those who worked back at base which helped make this another great trial.

I had 33 who worked, 14 completed the nosework and 8 qualified WDx.

1st           Tracey Collier SORUMOUR JUST FOR A LAUGH GSD (D) 192.5 Lost only 1.5 on nosework and very nice control round.

2nd         Margaret Robinson TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY BC (B) 190.5 Best Track award, missed article in square but only lost half a mark in C&A.

3rd          Joan Snowden TYTRI TRIPLE TEE BC (D) 189 A very good all round performance.

4th          Joan Miller TRIKINDALE ACE WSD (D) 188 Nice C&A losing 1 mark only.

Malcom Snowden FLYNTASTIC JUST JAY BC (D) 182



John Currie DREAGANTA SAMH BC (D) 168

I would wish to say thanks to all who took part and hope you enjoyed my test and that you accepted my decisions.


TD Stake


Tracklayers:  Tom Darby, Gary Talbot, Malcolm Snowden, Andy Magyar.

Steward:  June Hines.  

Many thanks to the Committee for the invitation to judge at this popular trial and to Andy and Wendy Magyar for their organisation, with help from Jan and Jean at the base. 

I met up with Andy and the tracklayers on the Sunday before the trial to check the land and decide on articles.  I gave the tracklayers a choice on 2 of the articles - I thought that, as they might have to recover the unreturned ones, they could decide.   The tracking land was mainly dragged stubble with a showing of rape growing through and it looked better than I at first thought.  However, as the week went on there were many failed tracks with some dogs struggling at the pole, others making a good attempt but getting lost along the way and some making it to the finish but short on articles.  The successful few generally made it look easy.

Search squares were worked well on the whole and after the nosework we had 9 qualifiers, although two didn't return to do the control round. 

The first exercise was the stay, followed by the speak.  The handler was asked to leave their dog in a horse trailer out of sight of the handler, which was not popular with some dogs, who consequently lost marks on this exercise.  Heelwork was quite straightforward.  The sendaway point was out at a slight angle to a hedge with a redirect to the left in line with the handler, which most of the dogs coped with.  By the end of the control round, we had lost one qualifier in the stays, three on the jumps and one with not enough control marks, leaving the two eventual qualifiers.

My thanks to tracklayers Gary Talbot, Tom Darby, Malc Snowden and Andy Magyar who all did a great job as always, and to June for stewarding.

1st           Jolly Jill (WSD) handled by Pat Herbert.  205.5 marks Q Ex  Certainly the team on top form.  Pat and Jill made the whole test look easy on ground that was not the best.  Pat's quiet handling got the best out of Jill.  Congratulations, it's a pleasure to judge you both.

2nd         Little Bradley (XB) handled by Linda Newbold.  181.5 marks Q Ex  It proves that it's still worth coming back for the control round even if you haven't got the best nosework marks!  Well done.

3rd          Glenalpine Izzie at Dalemain (BC) handled by Anne Thorpe. 196 marks NQ  Izzie won the Best Track trophy.  It was a shame about the sendaway.

4th          Merry Steps Skip (BC) handled by Margaret Jones.  180.5 marks NQ  Skip worked well but unfortunately missed out on the jumps.  

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