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Stake: C.D.


Steward: Jan Darby

Thanks to MCGSDA for their invitation to judge and to Andy Magyar and his team of helpers for a well organised trial.

6 dogs entered - 5 ran

The control field was very, very lush grass (thanks to Tom for flattening the grass for the long jump). I put together a very straightforward CD round. Nice large well scented articles for the square, and an enormous cone set at forty yards for the sendaway. Even so all but one dog struggled with the test and conditions, with stays, square and agility claiming most dogs. The only qualifier and winner however really got it together on the day and did a superb round, and was a delight to judge and watch.

Special thanks to Jan for doing a super job stewarding.

1st           R. Enright with SIDESHOW BOB – Xbreed dog. Qualified 90.5 An excellent performance by this young dog. Well done.

2nd         C. Johnson with JAGER’S LEO – GSD dog. NQ. 62.5 good control round and stays, but square and agility being the downfall.

3rd          A. Lynd with ACREOAK APHRODITES LOVE – boxer bitch. NQ. 45 I find it strange for a handler to change the dog’s name during a round, but even that didn’t seem to work on the day.

4th          J. Walker with Ch SUPETA’S LYING EYES FOR SIZLIN JW – Dobe bitch. NQ 32.5 this team displayed faultless heelwork and recall, but the rest of the round proved too much on the day.


UD,WD,TD Control & Agility


Stewards: Sheila Tannert (Friday - TD only), Barbara Bell (Saturday & Sunday)

Many thanks to the committee of the Midland Counties GSD Association for the invitation to judge the C & A at their Open Trial which was extremely well organised by Andy Magyar and his other half, Wendy. From my point of view everything ran like clockwork with very little waiting around for competitors. You and your band of helpers did a brilliant job -thank you.

Sheila and Barbara were excellent stewards, giving the competitors clear and concise explanations for each exercise and neither complained (at least to me) about the amount of walking involved! Thank you both very much for your hard work and your company.

The field I was allocated was extremely rough and bumpy with lots of big clumps of nettles, thistle patches and cow pats but we did our best to avoid all of these. After the jumps were put up, on the best and flattest pieces of field I could find, Andy went round with his mallet to further flatten any lumps which I thought could be dangerous. I avoided sending any dogs towards the left hand hedge as I was told there was a possibility that cows might be put in the adjoining field over the weekend. The heelwork in all stakes was intended to be a practical exercise as it was used to get handlers and dogs across a large area of field from one exercise to another. All I was looking for was that the dog walked reasonably close to its handler without extra signals or commands - and I must say that, on the whole, I was very disappointed in the standard of heelwork with a quarter of the dogs in TD, a third of WD and half of UD, getting half marks or less. Sendaways and agility varied from pretty good to non-existent in all stakes and the stays, speaks and retrieves were generally well done.

I ended up with the feeling that a fair percentage of competitors just weren't quite ready for the stake in which they were entered. Having said that, I did see some lovely rounds and meet some very nice competitors!


1st           Susan Hughes' Old English Sheepdog DALEWOOD URSA MAJOR

Very nice, happy C & A round, with the only problem being no return on the scale. It's really great to have such an unusual breed doing so well. Well done and good luck! 190/200 C of M

2nd         M & S Lewindon's GSD SORIMOUR LETS BOOGIE AT BRACOKELI handled by Mark Lewindon

Kazak seemed a bit flat today but put in a superb sendaway and nice retrieve. Good luck in the higher stakes.  189/200 C of M

3rd          after run off: Jane Hedges' Flat Coated Retriever TREVORSILK INDIAN QUEEN

Very nice control round from this lovely little bitch, just lacks confidence in the stay and on the scale and long jumps. Given time, I'm certain she will qualify in the future.

172/200 NQ

4th          after run off with previous dog. Alice Witty's GSD ANPO GABY

Gaby still needs a bit more work on control, but she's lovely and giving an elderly handler a reason for carrying on. Good luck to you, Alice! 172/200 NQ.


1st           June Reed's GSD LITTLE JODE

A near faultless control and agility round from what I understand to be a rescue shepherd. Great to watch. She certainly fell on her feet with you, June. Very well done.

197/200 C of M

2nd         Suzanne Plumb's WSD COLLIEWOOD CAVALERRO A super keen little dog in very experienced hands - faultless control, good agility so I'm sure he will whiz up through the stakes. Another pleasure to watch. 192/200 C of M

3rd          Kevin Johnson's WSD DUNNSLAYNE BLUE SKIES Sky did his very nervous handler proud! Well done.

4th          John Watts' GSD JAYESS ROUGH N TUMBLE Another very experience handler bringing out the best in this young dog. What a cracker Timba is! Good to see.  182.5/200 C of M

Also gaining C of M

Kate Peyton's BC GLENALPINE SOLOMON Lucky to qualify with no sendaway - but shows the value of nice heelwork and tidy retrieve. Good luck! 179.5/200


1st           Christine Stewart's Standard Poodle BELDORM DUNCAN Christine brings out the best in her poodles and I'm sure he will be one to watch out for. A very nice round from this young dog - great to see another unusual breed doing so well. 200.5/220 C of M

2nd         Ray Lea's WSD TONAYIA RUNNING WILD A really nice, competent and confident round from this quietly handled collie - I know you were thrilled with her sendaway, Ray. Well done. 196/5/220 C of M

3rd          Jeff Poole's GSD LATCHETS BOSS A very keen shepherd, not an easy dog to control, but put in a tidy round. Just lacking a redirect today. Left me exhausted just watching him! 190/220 C of M

4th          Dave Marchant's WSD WAGGERLAND MURPHY Great C & A from this young collie - again a case of experience bringing out the best! Well done.

Thanks again to Midland Counties for their hospitality and to the competitors for their sportsmanship - I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend.


WD Nosework


Square Steward: Carole Hall

Tracklayers:: Dave Bell and Linda Newbold


Thank you to Midland Counties for the invitation to judge WD at this friendly well run trial. Andy and Wendy do a great job and leave nothing to chance. Along with Bob and Sue Carter providing the fabulous food over the weekend Carole and I were well catered for. My Tracklayers Dave and Linda were brilliant and great company - along with Carole laying the squares - I had an excellent team of helpers. Thanks to you all. The tracking land was 9" high winter wheat. It did rain heavily during the night which helped the dogs as the weather on both days was hot and sunny.

1st           J Reed. LITTLE JODE. GSD. I have judged this dog before and she impressed me then. Today was no exception; Jode worked a lovely track and square. Good luck in WD Championship. WD Com.

2nd         Suzanne Plumb. COLLIEWOOD CAVALLERO. WSD. Watch out for this lovely young dog. Bandit and Suzanne make an excellent team. Sympathetically handled. Good luck for the future. WD Com.

3rd          K Johnson. DUNNSLAYNE BLUE SKIES. WSD. This handler was so negative and nervous when he came to track. But today they both came up trumps and did a great track and square. Well done. I hope you now believe your dog can do it! WD Com.

4th          John Watts. JAYESS ROUGH N'TUMBLE. GSD. This young dog did a lovely track and square. Nice to see you with a 'proper dog' again John! Well done and good luck. WD Com.

Also qualifying WD Com.



STAKE: TD Nosework


Tracklayers: Gary Talbot, Tom Darby

Stewards: Maeve Weselby

My thanks to the committee of Midland Counties GSD Association for the invitation to judge at their trials. Thank you to Andy and Wendy for all their hard work before and during the trial, which they ran with perfection. All the TD competitors came to me on time. My two tracklayers, Gary (earlies) and Tom gave 100% and all the tracks were laid as I asked. - thank you. My steward, Maeve, also kept Walesby neat and tidy, placing the stakes upright and right in the corners, then placing the articles nicely in the square - thank you too! Also my thanks to Bob and Sue in 'The Cabin' for all the great food. Don't tell Frances about the chips! And what thong?!

Knowing that the tracking would be on well-grown corn, I designed a track pattern for the dogs to work - not the handlers. I also gave good sized articles ie shotgun cartridge, 6" piece of green cane and 2" square of 'hedge to hedge' carpet, but alas, still some dogs went over them. Unfortunately the contractors decided during the first day that the weather was just right for spraying so Andy had to set about locating more similar land - which he did.

1st           Christine Stewart's Standard Poodle BELDORM DUNCAN

When Duncan approached the start my hopes fell, but Duncan does it his way and in his own time, and when he located the articles his tail just wagged with excitement!! It was a pleasure to watch this Standard Poodle work. Well done. 99+20+33.5 Cert of Merit

2nd         Ray Lea's WSD TONAYIA RUNNING WILD. Another good track which Leah enjoyed working and sorting out. Well done. 98+20+26 Cert of Merit.

3rd          Jeff Poole's GSD LATCHETS BOSS. Boss decided that this was the track for him but Jeff had trouble seeing the articles even though Boss showed him where they were! 94+30+23.5 Cert of Merit.

4th          Dave Marchant's WSD WAGGERLAND MURPHY. Murphy found the conditions difficult but persevered to get round the track, eventually convincing Dave to follow him to the end  even though Dave thought he was on the walk out. 86+20+23.5 Cert of Merit

My thanks to all the competitors. I hope that you enjoyed the trial as much as I did. Well done Midland Counties - another well-organised trial, run by a good crowd.

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