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Stake: CD


Many thanks to the Society for their invitation to judge the CD stake. Thanks toTrials manager Robert Martin and his right hand man Gary for organizing everything and for providing Maeve Weselby as my Steward for the two days. Maeve doing a sterling job as expected, many thanks. Also thanks to the ladies of the base for trying to keep me organized - sorry about the slight hiccup at the end! Bob and Sue on the catering van kept us all well fed, managing to provide hot fish and chips in the barn on Friday night was very impressive.

22 dogs entered, 18 worked with 3 qualifying. The weather was dull and overcast both days with a slight breeze. The square contained a plastic milk bottle top, a thick piece of rubber covered wire and a knotted piece of plastic ribbon. We lost 8 in the nosework/retrieve section, jumps claiming a further 4, C/A taking the final 3. The sendaway was 65 paces to a black and white pole centered along the side of a barn wall - one dog managed a ten!

1st           J Hedges with TREVORSILK INDIAN QUEEN. Flatcoat Ret. B. 94.5.Q. Nicely handled and consistent throughout the test, a deserved winner.

2nd         J Sayer with VILLAGE KING. GSP. D. 82.5.Q. Big striking GSP who gave the impression that he chose to grace us with his presence on the day - very superior! Did everything on the day, just general tidying required (plus deep breathing for mum to calm her nerves).

3rd          R Enright with SIDESHOW BOB. Xbreed. D. 82.Q. A 'character' who thankfully managed to keep his sense of humour under control for the day and gain this qualification. Again, just general tidying required.

4th          G Edmunds with GRACORN HIGH AND MIGHTY. GSD. D. owned by K Ness. 85.NQ. A showy dog with attitude. Let himself down in the square, otherwise worked well. Nice to see a handler not scared to stride out during heelwork. 


Stake: UD


Steward Glenys Page

Tracklayers John Weselby & A M Warrior

Thanks to Midland Counties for the invitation to judge this stake, thanks also to Robert Martin and all his team for ensuring we had no problems, in fact everything went like clockwork.

Special thanks go to my tracklayers and steward who where first class, Glenys putting the competitors at ease, and the tracklayers laying tracks that I would love to get as a competitor.

Thanks also to the competitors who where good humoured and sporting throughout, accepting my decisions in the manner that has become the norm in our sport, the only disappointment there being so few of them. (7 entered 5 worked ).

1st           Susan Hughes with URSA. O.E.S. A good track followed by a mediocre square. Nosework 128. Control good, does however need some work on the sendaway. Control 30 Jumps good. Jumps 19 Total 177 Q, UDEx

2nd         Caroline Dewsnip with HOLLY. B/C. Lovely track followed by a full mark square. Nosework 143. The control round had some problems, however this team did have the highest sendaway mark with 7. Control 27 Jumps 0. Total 170 N.Q. This competitor had a brilliant attitude even when things went wrong, good luck in the future.

3rd          Stan Taylor with ODIN. GSD. Another good track again followed by a mediocre square Nosework 126. The control round was tight. Control 26. This team also failing on the jumps. Jumps 10. Total 162 N.Q.

4th          Angela Gourde with TARN B,S,D, (terv). A lovely track followed by a poor square. Nosework 122. Some problems with attention in this section. Control 20 Doing just enough in this section. Jumps 14. Total 156

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