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Trial Manager's Report

The April trial was small, only 54 competitors.  The base was set up and the fields marked out on the Friday.  Bob and Sue Carter arrived and saw to our catering needs in style over the next days.  The base was well run by Wendy Magyar and Jan Darby.

PD judge Mick Tustain and steward Lauren did the nosework and C & A on the Saturday, and the Patrol on Sunday.  Steve Lancashire and Tom Davies ran criminal with Garry Talbot and Nigel Hines, who tracklaid the previous day.

WD nosework was judged by Liz dc Unger, her steward was Margaret Robinson.  Stevi Boyall judged UD nosework, with Robert Currie stewarding.  David Waite and Andy Fox tracklaid for UD, Tom Darby and Dave Marchant for WD.  CD judge was Maeve Weselby, and she also judged C & A for UD and WD, and her steward was John Weselby.

All stakes went well, due to the high standard of the judges and helpers.  Andy Magyar and Linda Newbold helped keep things running smoothly at all times.

Many thanks to the competitors, also to the farmers, the Fishers, the Cloughs, Mr Banks and Mr Price.  My thanks also to the judges, and all who helped in any way.





Steward: John Weselby

I wish to thank the Association for inviting me to judge CD Open at Walesby.  I would also like to thank Robert Martin, Trials Manager, and his team at base for a well organised trial.  Sue and Bob's catering was excellent and kept everybody well fed and watered.

The weather was kind to us, a little cold in the mornings, but we even saw the sun in the afternoons.

Thanks to all the competitors for entering under me.  Unfortunately the jumps took their toll, especially with the young dogs.  Heelwork was not brilliant, but I think some of this was down to the long grass.

1st           S Shearsmith with MINTERBURN HOBBY HAWK, Lab, 85.5, NQ.

2nd           A Hurst with TOUCH WOODY, WSD, 85, NQ.

3rd            D Cutler with CALLISAE MYTEE MAJESTIC, Weim, 65, NQ.

4th            D Boland with CONCENN XCALIBUR, GSD, 57.5, NQ.

Unfortunately there were no qualifiers.  Keep trying, you will get there.




Steward: John Weselby

UD Control & Agility

1st  S Redshaw with MEADOWMILL TRAVIS, Lab, 184, Q.

2nd  K Peyton with JHAVA RUFINA, Rott, 183, Q.

3rd  G Harding with THERE'S A KINDA HUSH, Rott, 182, Q.

4th  R Shropshire with STYPERSON OLIVER, Lab, 172.5, Q.

Also qualifying:


J Miller with FOXFODL CO-ALITION, GSD/WS, 167, Q.

The sendaway was to a pole with an orange flag on top, 100 yards away.  All I wanted to see was the dogs running out confidently in a straight line.  Nearly all the dogs achieved half marks and the more experienced, the maximum.

WD Control and Agility

1st  P Parkinson with CARISHILL HYACINTH, G/R, 184.5, Q.

2nd  I Seymour with OAKENHEART DARK AFFAIR, GSD, 182, Q.

3rd  N Rees with TRIJEM ICENI WREAK HAVOC, ASD, 178.5, Q.

4th  M Cammidge with WAGGERLAND SAM, WSD, 176, Q.

Also qualifying:

K Peyton with GLENALPINE SOLOMAN, BC, 175.5, Q.

S Hughes with DALEWOOD URSA MAJOR, OES, 173, Q.

S Scott with TELL TALE TACO, BSD, 171.5, Q.

S Liney with GEMSTONE EASTER WISH, X-breed, 171, Q.

I Nicholl with GAMEPOINT GO AND GO, Weim, 165, Q.

In my opinion, the overall standard of control and agility in both UD and WD Stakes was disappointing.  This particularly applied to the heelwork and jumps, but was probably due to the length of the grass.


Stake: UD nosework


Steward: Lee Fox

Tracklayers: Sheila Tannert and Stevie Boyall

Firstly I must apologise for this report being so late. The first copy was sent at the end of May 05 and never arrived.

A big thank you to M.C.G.S.D.A. for the invitation to judge the U.D. nosework. Thanks also to Andy and Wendy for all their help before and during the trial. Thanks also to Sheila and Stevie for their excellent tracklaying. A big thank you to Lee for laying all the squares.

1st           Susan Hughes’ OES DALEWOOD URSA MAJOR. Nice to see an unusual breed making the track look so easy. Track 88 + 2 articles, search sq. 35. Good luck for the future.


3rd          Jane Hedges Flat Coated Retriever TREVORSILK INDIAN QUEEN. Well done Jane a super track and square. All the best for the future. Track 89 + 2 articles, search sq. 35.

4th          Alice Witty’s GSD ANPO GABY. A pleasure to judge this team, a near perfect track and full mark square. Track 89.5 + 2 articles, search square 35.


STAKE: WD Nosework


Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Dave Marchant

Steward: Margaret Robinson

Thank you to Midland Counties for inviting me to judge the WD nosework, to Robert Martin and his team at base, Bob and Susan Carter for the catering, and my excellent steward and tracklayers.

We saw some good tracks on well grown corn, but most of the dogs found the square difficult.  Track articles were a 3" x 1.25" piece of rubber and a 3" x .75" piece of leather.  Square articles were a 3.75" piece of hose, a metal lead clip, a 4.5 " piece of rope and a lolly stick.

22 entered, 20 ran, 9 qualified.

1st            P Parkinson with CARISHILL HYACINTH, GR, (B), Q, 184.5, 87/20/20.  An excellent track from a lovely young dog with a great attitude.  Well done.

2nd           I Seymour with OAKENHEART DARK AFFAIR, GSD, (B), Q, 182, 87/20/36. A steady, accurate track.  Well done.

3rd           N Rees with TRIJEM ICENI WREAK HAVOC, ASD, (D), Q, 178 .5 , 82/20/31.  One of the few dogs to find 4 square articles.  Well done.

4th           M Cammidge with WAGGERLAND SAM, Q, 176, 88/20/18. Another excellent track from a keen dog.  Well done.

Also qualifying:

K Peyton with GLENALPINE SOLOMAN, BC, (D), 175.5, Q.

S Hughes with DALEWOOD URSA MAJOR, OES, (D), 173, Q.

S Scott with TELL TALE TACO, BSD, (D), 171.5, Q.

S Liney with GEMSTONE EASTER WISH, X-breed, (B), 171, Q.

I Nicholl with GAMEPOINT GO AND GO, Weim, (D), 165, Q.


Stake: PD


My thanks to Midland Counties for the PD judging appointment, to trials manager Robert Martin, assistant trial manager Tony Magyar, my steward Lauren Marlow who as always did all that I wanted (if only it was the same at home).  Many thanks to tracklayers Nigel Hines and Gary Talbot, and the guys who put on the sleeves, and again did all that I wanted (Nigel Hines, Gary Talbot, Tom Davies, and Steve Lancashire).

7 dogs entered, 5 ran.

Tracking was on lush crop, all dogs tracked well. No dog got all 4 articles from the square, but all qualified on nosework.  In the C&A four out of five dogs qualified, one dog going out on the agility.

The patrol round was straightforward, just one exercise then another. The test started with the long chase, leading to the search & escort and defence of handler. All dogs & handlers did this exercise well, with good bites & good control. This was followed by a recall from a running man. Sorry to say no dogs recalled.

Then the ToC: about 150 ft from dog & handler two helpers came out from behind a van shouting menacingly, brandishing a bunch of milk cartons threaded on a rope, & running towards the dog & handler. After about 10 paces the dog was sent. This test was not a problem for any of the dogs, they all did well.

The last exercise was the quarter. This was set up along two hedgerows at right angles. The dogs were required to work the hedgerow from left to right, the handler staying about 80 feet away & allowed to move along as the dog worked, but not in front of the dog. The dogs were expected to work into the corner and right about 150 yards to the hide. This caused problems for most teams, leaving only 1 qualifier.

1st           Mr Paul Beasley with GRELGANNA LEO OF STARDELL, Q 260 .5.  Well done, Paul

2nd         J. Miller with TRKINDALE ACE NQ 237

3rd          B. Richardson with CAPER KALI NQ 234

4th          M. Snowden with FLYNTASTIC JUST JAY NQ 204

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