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Open Trial
Trial Held: 26 April 1992


Judge: P. N. HINES

Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd, John Grantham and Allan.

Steward: Mrs J Hines.

Please accept my apologies for the lateness of this report.

Many thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge this stake and the hospitality shown to my wife and myself over the trial. Having tracklayed at the trial before I bad an idea of the tracking ground so• I set the test to suit. The tracking was on lush grass which made tracking easy but the squares seemed to be a little hard for some dogs. Thanks to my tracklayers Andrea, John and Allan for good track laying and for being good company. Thanks to my wife June for laying squares. To those competitors who qualified , well 25 done, to those who failed keep trying, it will come, and thanks for accepting my judging.

1st. VONDEROAK EROS (GSD) handled by Mr R Bunn. I gather this was their first Trial, a little nervous at first but worked and looked as though they'd got their training right. Nosework total 139, well done.

2nd. MIDNIGHT RANGER (GP) handled by Miss J Auld. Another good round to the delight of the handler. Nosework totall41 , well done.

3rd. ROMMEL OF WESTMIDS (GSD) handled by Mr Duckett. A very good track but managed to leave one article in the square. Well done. Nosework total 133.

4th. DONNERSMARK. JORG (GSD) handled by Mrs ME Watts. Another good track but only two out of the square. Well done. Nosework total 126.

Also gaining Certificates of Merit:

SADGHYL PIP ME TO COMEBYE (BC) handled by Miss J Goulder. N/w total 125.

DOREENS LUCKY CHARM handled by Mrs P Jefferey. N/w total 120.

JAGEN BLUE JAEGA (Rott) handled by Mr P Doming. N/w total 129. 

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