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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 12 October 2003



I would like to thank everyone who helped at the trial. Everyone put in a lot of work to make the trial run smoothly. I will leave it to the judges to name their individual helpers.

Special thanks to our farmer, for without their help there would be no trial; also to Tom Darby for organising the jumps for me again.

We started on Wednesday, having a high entry in WD and with all work in one day. Unfortunately having had no rain for weeks prior to the trial the land was very sparse. Even though there was plenty of land to choose from, it was all the same.

Thank you competitors for entering our trial and thanks to all the judges, you were great company.





Tracklayers: Maeve Weselby, Linda Newbold & Julia Findeisen

Steward: David Waite

I would like to thank Midland Counties for the invitation to judge UD at this excellent trial. Thanks also to Wendy a nd Andy Mag­ ya r for a ll their hard work before and during the trial.    My tracklayers Maeve Weselby Linda Newbold  and Julia  Findiesen did a super job; David  Waite laid all the squares and stewarded the control round, what a great team I had.

The tracking was on very sparse drilled rape and the ground very dry but this didn't affect the dogs tracking. The tracking and searches were of a very high standard but control could have been a bit tidier, but those who qualified really deserved your certificate.

Thank you to all the competitors who entered you were a smashing bunch and 1 really had a  great  ti me watching  you an d your dogs work.

1st         F.  Ball   ALICE ON SPRINGS,   Lab 188.5. Al ice did a lovely track making it all look very simple and a nice control round. A well deserved win good luck for the future.

2nd        C  Harrison   SHINEHILL NINA   BC 185.5. Another lovely track and very well handled by Colin, you were unlucky on the retrieve with were your dumbell landed, but well deserved your qualification.

3rd         A Buchanan GLENALPINE  SOCKS BC 180. Socks went round the track like she was on rails it was such a pleasure to watch, control  needs  tidying up a  little bit. Well done Also Best Track trophy.

4th         Lesley Neville CHOXSTART DREAM ANGUS  Working  Beardie   179.5.  Another Super track but  you  really should believe your dog Lesley he was on is belly trying to take you round the comers. Hard luck on the return over the scale We know he can do it.





Tracklayers:  Tom   Darby, Gary Talbot, Joan  Snowden,  Carole   Hall  &  Malcolm Snowden

Steward: Jan Darby

Thanks to Midland Counties for asking me to judge. Wendy and Andy Magyar did a superb job of organising everything like clockwork. Every track was laid as I asked and there was a competitor ready for each one. All credit to the team of helpers. Jan was great company and obviously very smelly as most dogs found all four articles.

The weather was warm for October, but very windy especially on the first two days. The land was very sparse rape, but mainly dry stony earth. Only seven dogs completed the track and they all went on to qualify.

1st          Stevie Boyall, STYPERSON  LOMOND. D (Lab) D. 192.5. I've watched this team working through the stakes; Stevie knows how to get the best out of Harley. Losing only 2 on the track  and a very accurate control round they really deserved this win. I 'm sure we'll see lots more of this very young team. Well done and good luck.

2nd         Pat Herbert, JOLLY  JILL (WSD) B. Jill  made easy  work of  the  track and  as always  from Pat a very good control round with one of the best sendaways or the trial.

3rd         Julia   Findeisen,   GEFNI   YELLOW MELLOW    FOR   GRACORN      (GSD)  B.   182.5. Zanya worked very hard on the track concentrating very well and working it out. You can be proud of her Julia, her first WD entry.

4th         CC     Nottinghamshire,    NOTSPOL KANE  (GSD)  D. 180. The first dog to get round the track on day 3 of the tracking, a very welcome qualifier to all the team. Tidy handling in the C. & A. Well done. Qualifying WDex:


Polly   Thomas    STANLEY  OF ANNESLEY SPRINGS,  173.5.

Margaret Jones, MERRY STEPS SKIP,  171 .

Qualifying WD only:

Joan  Watkins, KINGSLODGE   INDIANA.   The only dog to get beyond the first 2 legs on the second day when the wind was at its worst. Well done Joan. lndi really did you proud .

Thank you to all the competitors for accepting my decisions and making the five days so enjoyable.




Tracklayers: Gary Talbot  and Nigel Hines Steward : Peter  Morley (Search,  C & A, Patrol)

Criminals:   Bert Cooper,  Nigel Hines, Steve Lancashire, Malcolm Snowden  & Gary Talbot.

It is always a honour to be asked to judge, especially at this level, and I  thank the Association for the invitation to judge at this trial, I  enjoyed it very much. Thanks to Andrew and Wendy Magyar for all their hard work before, during and after the trial, also to their team of helpers who made the trial a very friendly and successful experience for all concerned.  Wendy and Jean Morley did a great job at the base getting everybody to where they should be on time. My special thanks for getting the results and certificates done so quickly. (I did make the ferry). The P.D. stake helpers were a very experienced team and gave all competitors of their best in whatever capacity they were involved.

Tracking was on stubble, the  ground  was very dry and dusty, however, all dogs gave a good account of themselves. we were unfortunate to lose one team in the nosework section. It was interesting to hear one comment from one of the competitors, that "it was a pleasure to have a proper track for a change". My view is that this is a complete stake and ALL sections have to be part of the test and marked accordingly. The Control and Agility sections were undertaken on the same day as tracking. We lost another two teams at this stage, fitness appearing to take its toll on the jumps.

We went into the patrol round with eight teams in a position to not only qualify, but indeed  with a serious chance of winning the stake. My thanks to Linda Newbold for doing the 'run through' with her dog. Bradley. lt is always useful to see the patrol test before you work your dog and I  am sure all the competitors are grateful  to Linda for being 'volunteered'.

The standard of work throughout all sections of the stake was very good. It is good to see the  level of control  that is demonstrated by those currently competing in this stake. l was particularly  pleased to see the 'professional' way in which the handlers dealt with those acting as the 'criminals'.

As will be seen by the marks, there was not a lot to separate the teams on this occasion, just odd marks being lost along the way. No particular exercise caused a problem.

1st        and winner of the Challenge Certificate. 283/320. P.D.ex. Tracey Park and TOP OF THE  LEAGUE.  W.S.D.  I   always hope that  the test will  result  in  the best patrol round team  winning the  'ticket'. and I was pleased that it did work out this way at  this triaI. A first class performance by this team. Not bad for a dog that has not been at all well lately. Well done Tracey and I wish you the best of luck at next year's K.C.C.'s.

2nd        and  winner of  the  Reserve C.C. 276.5/320 P.D.ex. Celia  Bourne and KAI’S KINDRED SPIRIT. W.S.D.  Another first class performance. The Control and Agility sections were particularly impressive.

3rd         275/320 P.D.ex. John Wans and W.T..CH. STARLIGHT BLUE.  W.S.D. Blue had to work very hard on the track. John was justifiably pleased with his performance.

4th         264.5/320. P.D.ex. Manda McLellan and JETFIRE JET  AT ASHLINDT. W.S.D.  A steady all round performance from the oldest dog in the stake.

Qualifying P.D.

Dave Marchant and MISTER  JAKE.  W.S.D. 251.

Stan Banks and TAG VENTURE. B.C. 249.

Well done to all of you. l hope you enjoyed the test as much as I enjoyed watching and judging you and your dogs. Best of luck to all of you for the future.


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