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Trials Manager’s report

I would like to thank the team that helped to run this trial:

CD – Sarah Burroughs; UD – Dave Olley, Barrie James and Andrea Lynd; WD – Malc Snowden, Nigel Hines, Andy Fox and Garry Talbot; PD – Joan Snowden, David Waite, Garry Talbot, Robert Martin, Dave Olley, Dave Raybould and Erin Bootland; Base – Wendy Magyar.

Thank you to you all and thank you, Wendy, for keeping me organised and the competitors flowing.

Josie Waite ran the kitchen again and kept us all well fed and watered, with help from Diane Yeatman on Friday and Josie’s sister, Jackie, on the Saturday.  On Saturday evening they even catered for 14 and did an excellent job - thank you, ladies.

To the Judges: CD - Pat Parkinson; UD – Jenny Olley; WD – Joan Snowden; PD – Graham Reaney, thank you all for judging and your company.

Again, thanks to our farmers for the use of the land - I am very lucky with the farmers at Midland Counties, they can’t seem to do enough for us, so a big thanks to R and J Clough, and R and G Fisher.  All stakes tracked on rape with approx 3.5 inch growth, which some dogs found testing.

To the competitors, thank you for entering our trial, and for those that qualified, well done and congratulations.


Andy Magyar


Stake: CD


Steward: Sara Burroughes

Thanks to Midland Counties for the invitation to judge at this lovely trial.  Nothing is too much trouble for Andy and Wendy - a big thank you to you both for your work before and during the trial, which ran like clockwork.  What an amazing base you have at Perlethorpe, including a community bar!  Thanks to Josie, Jackie and Diane for all the great food and for the delicious meal on Saturday night. 

Sara did a great job as steward, putting competitors at ease so that even the newcomers appeared relaxed.  Thanks for your company, Sara.  Finally, thanks to all the competitors for accepting my decisions without complaint - to me, anyhow!

It was great to see so many happy and motivated dogs, all capable of qualifying with a bit more work.  As always in CD, the jumps and stays took their toll.

1st           Rod Boyd and BLONDE FROM THE MIST, X-Breed, B, 94, Q CDEx.  A handler returning to trials after a break of 25 years!  Flick is a stylish little bitch, obviously devoted to her Dad.  Losing just the odd mark here and there.  I will watch her progress with interest and welcome back.

2nd         John Currie and DREAGANTA BIG MAC, BC, D, 91, Q CDEx.  Most marks lost on the jumps, but I’m sure you’ll sort it, John.  He’s a lovely little dog, good luck with him.

3rd          Angela Porter, CHOCOLATE GLADIATOR, X-Breed, D, 78, Q CD.  Harley would have qualified if he hadn’t moved in his down stay.  However, Angela was very pleased with him as this was his first time out.  Well done, Angela.

4th          John Turtill, DREAGANTA MYCORRAN GEALA, BC, B, 81, NQ.  Oh, John!  Just the scale spoiling an otherwise very good round.  It seems to be a timing and handling problem, rather than Teela’s ability.  Keep at it and I’m sure you’ll soon get there.

Good luck to you all.  It was great to see so many new faces.  I’m sure you’ll all be qualifying before long.  See you around.  


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd and Barrie James.

Steward: Dave Olley

Thanks to MCGSDA for inviting me to judge the stake, and thanks to Wendy and Andy Magyar for all the hard work they put into this trial.  I had a great team out with me in the field, Dave stewarding, Andrea and Barrie tracklaying, very professional and good fun too.  Thanks to Josie Waite and Dianne Yeatman in the kitchen, lovely food.

Seven dogs were entered, with 6 running.  We started with C/A, which was performed to a very good standard, but unfortunately we lost a couple due to blips.

Midland counties UDEx track pattern

We followed straight on to the nosework.  Tracking was on 3 inch rape, it was warm and sunny, but there was still moisture in the ground.  All teams reported to track, with 2 teams gaining qualifying marks.  Many of the dogs hadn’t tracked on rape before and they tried really hard.  We had 2 qualifiers at the end of the day.

Thank you all for entering under me, I really enjoyed watching the dogs work.

1st           Steph Cooper, RYANSTOCK LIBERTY, Weim, 187, Q.  An excellent all round performance from this team.   Just lost one mark on the C/A, followed up with a very committed track and full point square.  Congratulations, Steph and Sasha, on your win.

2nd         John Currie, DREAGANTA BIG MAC, BC, 185.5, Q.  Super work, just half a mark lost from the track, made it look easy.  Well done on your qualification.  

3rd          Jayne Lewis, RHYNSTON RHYS, WSD, 156, NQ.  Great C/A, tried so hard on the track.

4th          Bob Shropshire, TADMARTON EARL, Lab, 116, NQ.  Nice control, a very keen dog.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Andy Fox, Nigel Hines and Gary Talbot

Steward: Malc Snowden

Many thanks to Midland Counties for the invitation to judge the WD stake.  Thank you, Andy and Wendy, the committee and all the helpers for running such a well-run friendly trial.  A special thank you to Josie and Jackie for keeping us well fed and watered and also the lovely meal on Saturday night - a great job with nothing too much trouble.  Thank you, Andy, Nigel and Gary for laying the tracks and Malc for stewarding.

The control field was ideal, we saw some lovely control and jumping - well done, guys.  The tracking was on rape, which proved to be challenging for a lot of the young dogs.  We finished up with 3 qualifiers - well done to you all.

1st           Anne Clarke with TADMARTON EVITA, Lab, 185, Q.  This little dog was determined on the track.  Well done

2nd         Diane Ellis with DIANDIE SUMMER MAGIC, GSD, 179.5, Q.  Nice round, Diane - well done.

3rd          Barbara Bell with DREAGANTA MILO, BC, 169, Q.  Nice control round, a few hairy moments on the track but well done, Barbara - you made it.

4th          Jackie Lloyd with LITTLETHORN COOPER AT BROOKSBID, BC, NQ.

Thank you all for all for entering and good luck for future trials. 

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