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Stakes: UD and CD


Tracklayers: Gary Talbot and David Waite

Steward: Lisa Fox

A really big thank you to MCGSDA for the invitation to judge both UD and CD at their Open trial at Perlethorpe.  A special thanks to Andy and Wendy for running another great trial.  Thanks to Lisa for being my steward for both stakes, doing an excellent job.  My tracklayers, Gary and David, laid all tracks to perfection – thanks, lads.  To David’s wife, Josie, for all the lovely food and the gorgeous meal on Saturday night, thank you.  Thanks also to Linda Newbold for helping sort the jumps out for CD on Sunday.

UD Stake:

1st           Mark Craven with CODIE CANNY JACK, 190, Q.  Sticky moment on the first leg of the track, but after that a near faultless performance.  Congratulations on a well-deserved win.

2nd         Dave Stewart with BANDAITCH STAR EDITION, 182.5, Q.  A really good, positive track and square, followed by excellent control.  Well done, Dave.

3rd          John Turtill with DREAGANTA MYCORRAN GEALA, 177.5, Q.  A really good track to watch; only 2 out of the square, but otherwise only bits and pieces to work on.  Well done.

4th          Kate Wykes with DREAGANTA XARY’S STAR OF TARNFORCE, 173.5, Q.  Excellent track and full mark agility, leading to a well-deserved qualification.

CD Stake:

1st           Kev Bryan with SUGARSMACK JOY, CDEx, 77, NQ.  Kev’s dog was not 100% today, but still only just failed to qualify.  Well done, Kev, on first place.

2nd         Ms J Hursthouse with LYNABBIANS SPECIAL DREAM AT JAYNTE, 76, NQ.  Excellent nosework and control; a real shame about the stays.  Well done.

3rd          Pat Quinn with SOMANTIC HERE WE GO AGAIN, 74, NQ.  Lovely control and nosework; only the jumps let you down.  Better luck next time.

To all the competitors, thanks for entering.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  Good luck to you all for the future.


Stake: PD

Tracklayer: Gary Talbot
Search and Control Steward and Patrol Scribe: Jenny Olley
Patrol Steward: Erin Bootland.
Protected Stewards: Dave Raybould, Andy Laws and Mick Fryatt.

Thanks to Andy and Wendy Magyar for running such a super trial, and to all the above helpers for their hard work, skill and good company.  Thank you to MCGSDA for the invitation to judge the PD open stake, and to the competitors - it was a pleasure to judge 3 PD teams, who produced such a high standard.  
Tracking was on lush crop; all 3 teams gave solid nosework performances.  The control round followed, with the speak being the first exercise; the handler left the dog tethered to a pole, and sat in a chair 15 paces away, facing the dog, and asked for 10 speaks.    A straight forward heelwork round followed, then the sendaway and redirect, prior to the jumps.  The last exercise of the control round was the down stay; all dogs completed it successfully, so that all 3 dogs were qualifying going into the control round.
The patrol round commenced with the handler being asked to send the dog 60 paces across the field, where an innocent man was to be found and escorted back to the middle of the field.  As this man was innocent the handlers were told he would walk at the side of them, not in front, and they had to hold a conversation with him on the way back, whilst controlling their dog.
The chase with escort and attack on handler followed.  Then the second part of the quartering, which was a large open quarter, round the field and back to the original spot.  There was to be a search of the steward and the location, and a short escort, back to where the test of courage was to take place.  This consisted of 2 guys moving forward, making a lot of noise and threats; all dogs dealt with this well.
The last exercise was the recall and at the end of the day we had 3 worthy qualifiers.

1st    Ruth Cahill and RAVEN LERA OF VOMKYNA, GSD, B, 307, Q.   Very good performance, one to look out for in PD ticket.
2nd    Chris Trevor and RODWELL BLACK PRINCE, Lab, D, 293, Q.   Solid work through all the stages.
3rd    Kevin Hill and JOYFUL JENSON, GSD, D, 279, Q.   Another good performance from handler and young dog.
All 3 teams will be an asset to the patrol dog stake.

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