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Trials Manager’s Report

I would like to thank the team that helped to run this trial, with whatever task they undertook; without a great team of helpers the trial would not run.

Thank you, Wendy, for keeping me organised, the competitors flowing, running the kitchen during the week and running the base at the weekend. Josie Waite ran the kitchen again at the weekend and kept us all well fed and watered in her usual efficient manner. David ran the base during the week and did what was required on Saturday and Sunday. Gary and Robert was busy during the trial, with whatever was asked of them. So a big thank you to the small committee that we have here at MCGSDA.

Thank you also goes to all the other helpers, who gave up their time and holidays to help us:- Pat Herbert, Gary Atkins, Andy Fox, Lisa Fox, Joan Snowden, Lesley Turtill, June Hines and Caroline Martin; you were all great company and your help was appreciated.

To the judges:- CD, John Turtill; UD, Nigel Hines; WD, Gary Martin; TD, Julie Atkins; thank you for judging, your company and setting great tests. Sorry that the weather was not kind to some of you.

Again, thanks to our farmers for the use of the land; tracking stakes tracked on rape.

I would also like to thank the village community of Perlethorpe for the use of their Village Hall; we feel lucky to have this excellent venue as a base.

To the competitors, thank you for entering our trial, and for those that qualified well done and congratulations.

Thank you all

Andy Magyar


Stake: CD


Steward: Lesley Turtill

Many thanks to Andy Magyar and the committee of MCGSDA for the invitation to judge at their well organised and smoothly run Championship Working Trial.  Mention must also be made of the following VIPs:- Wendy Magyar, who ran the base, David Waite, escort and gate steward, Josie for the kitchen and all-important ‘food bag’, and not forgetting the farmers for the use of their land.   Thank you all for your help before, during, and after the Trial.

Lesley was a first class, first time steward - thank you.  Did you realise that it is a lifetime job?

There were 10 entries, with 8 working.

The squares were first, on grazed grass, but only 3 dogs recovered all the articles, which were a green milk bottle top, 1 x 4” red lino-type flooring, and a three-inch wood dowel.  During the afternoon’s C/A, shooting was taking place in the woods about 350 yards away but it did not disturb or upset dogs working.  It was therefore unfortunate that part way through the down stay someone emerging from the woods fired a shotgun, and this louder than expected noise caused 3 dogs to break.  Hopefully this will not affect them in future stay situations.

1st           Mrs I Seymour with IT’S AN ILLUSION, WSD, B, 84.5, Q CDEx (28.5; 38; 18).  A fast (66 secs) square, an arrow straight sendaway, and blink and you missed Mollie going over the scale.  A very busy, keen little dog. Congratulations, and well done on this win and qualification.

Won run off from-

2nd         Miss T Berry with BENTEGRUFF ETHEL, Lab, B, 84.5, Q CDEx, (22; 43.5; 19).  Darcy worked the square well.  This and careful, calm handling in the other exercises, with full point stays, brought its reward.  Congratulations and well done on this qualification.

3rd          Mr J Missin with BEESTING SAMBA, BC, B, 78, Q CD (23.5; 36.5; 18).  Another keen collie.  Occasionally a bit too eager to get on with things, but you should be pleased with Spirit’s work today.  Well done on this place.
4th          Mrs P Quinn with SOMANIC HERE WE COME, Std Poodle, D, 77.5, Q CD (21.5; 36.5; 19.5).  The only rain shower we had came when Pierre was doing his control round, and I don’t think he was impressed!  But well done.

Also qualifying CD:

Mrs J Lawrence with DEJAGA CAMARO, GSD, D, 77.

Competitors, thank you for letting me judge you and for accepting my decisions.  Good luck at your next trial.


UD  Stake

Judge: Nigel Hines
Tracklayers: Gary Taylor, Robert Martin
Steward: June Hines

Many thanks to Midland Counties GSDA for the invitation to judge the UD stake at their Championship Trial and to Andy and Wendy Magyar for running such a well organised trial. Thanks also to Josie who was in the kitchen at the base.
Gary and Robert laid the tracks – thanks for your help and company. June laid the search squares and stewarded the control.
We only had 5 entries in the Stake – I hope it wasn’t me that put people off entering! On the day, only two competitors worked, the others having scratched, which was quite disappointing.
Tracking was on rape and while both competitors worked it was raining heavily, making conditions very difficult for the young dogs. Unfortunately, Shirley Simpson with Clover found it just too much of a challenge on this occasion but Kate Wykes and Star worked their way valiantly round the track. Both teams worked well on the control and we did, therefore, end the day with a qualifier!
1st Kate Wykes with Dreaganta Xary’s Star of Tarnforce CDEx – UDEx BC B 179 marks Q Ex
Well done, Kate, achieving 85 for the track in very difficult conditions, with one article each for you and Star. I know you were so pleased when she completed the jumps to gain her qualification.

2nd Shirley Simpson with Ferrous A Touch of Beauty BC B 113 marks NQ


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Andy Fox and Joan Snowdon

Steward: Caroline Martin

 Many thanks to Midland Counties GSDA for the invitation to judge the WD stake at this popular and well attended trial, superbly organised and managed by Andy Magyar; we had a fantastic three days.  Nothing was ever too much trouble for Andy and his team, and we were looked after so well.  Andy, as any trials manager, does so much graft before and during the trial.  I was kept up to date with entries, ground conditions and even the range of cake on offer - the latter being the far most important part of my appointment!!!  Every time we came back to the base a steaming hot cup of tea was awaiting us as we walked through the door.  Thanks for all your help, advice and hard work, Andy, you really are a top bloke.

Wendy was in charge of the base and did an extended stint in the kitchen, where everything was run like clockwork.  Thanks for all your help, Wendy, and super company.

Josie took over the kitchen duties later in the week and did a sterling job as always.  Lovely refreshments served, with Josie taking the Micky out of me!!!  Thanks, Josie, it’s always lovely to catch up again.

My team in the field were Andy and Joan tracklaying and Caroline laying the squares and C/A stewarding.  They were great company and gave all competitors the very best chance of getting round.  Thank you all, I really enjoyed our time and the opportunity to work together.

Tracking was on dragged stubble with rape coming through.  The cover was sporadic in places but, as we saw, some found it very easy.  My track was fourteen legs and totalled 912m.  Articles were (i) 3” x 2” piece of rubber mesh, (2) 4” x 1” piece of carpet.  Square articles were (i) 4” x 1/2” piece cushion-floor (ii) 4” long heavy string (iii) 2” long green garden hose halved lengthways (iv) 3” x 1/4” piece of solid green rubber.

C/A started with retrieve and then into normal paced heelwork out to the sendaway, which was 160 paces out to a hedge.  I stipulated that I wanted the dogs anywhere on the hedge for their marks, which seemed to throw some of the handlers - but not the dogs!!  All I wanted to see was dogs running out strongly to the hedge, which they all did.  There were a couple of jaws dropping when I explained the round - have faith in your training!  The remainder of heelwork took us back to the jumps, which were undertaken clear, long and then scale.  There was a mixed bag of performances on the nosework field, with some making it look easy and others having a real struggle.  The square was generally very well done, with the majority getting all four out.  The C/A rounds was for the most part nicely undertaken, with one or two exceptional rounds.

1st           John Wykes with DREAGANTA RED RORY OF TARNFORCE, 191.5, Q WDEx.  Super track from Rory, who towed John around, with just a slight glitch two legs from home.  He really made it look very easy indeed.  Very nice square with just a slight bit of a chomp on the first article out.  Rory really enjoyed the C/A!  He did the heelwork with his tail held high and a happy swagger, although perhaps not with heelwork uppermost on his mind.  However full mark sendaway, really nice jumps and sendaway gave John a well-deserved win and qualification.  Lovely to watch this happy dog.  Well done and good luck in the future with him, John.

2nd         Liz Price with LIZLINE OLIVER CROMWELL, 188 Q WDEx.  What a super tracking dog Oliver is, dropping just a single mark.  This team just eased around and were a pleasure to watch.  Couple lost in the square for chomping, but overall a cracking nosework round.  Control round was nice with just bits and bobs costing a few marks.  After the long jump Liz used Oliver’s Kennel Club name ‘OOOOULITTLESOD’!  A term of endearment I have no doubt!  What a super lad he is, with great attitude, giving them a well-deserved qualification that I know Liz was thrilled with.  Good luck in the future and well done.

3rd          Rita Kitson with TREGADA TYE, 181.5 Q WDEx.  Tye and Rita had to draw on all their experience to get around the track.  He grafted away but missed the last article.  Until the last leg he had sailed around showing he can cope easily with difficult conditions.  Full mark square was followed by a full mark control round.  Really nice to watch and a demonstration on how to approach a control section with a completely focused dog.  Second attempt on long jump was the only blip on what was a very impressive round.  Well done, Rita, it was a pleasure to watch you both, good luck in the future with him.

4th          Bill Richardson with XANDOAS ISA, 176.5, Q WDEx.  Super track from Bill and Isa, who had a field that for some reason had attracted all the pheasants in the county!  However, Isa just got on with the job in hand.  The only small issue they had was when the crop petered out into rolled plough, but Isa just regathered her thoughts and off she went.  Missed the first article, unfortunately, but with three out of the square ensured a solid nosework round.  Only two marks dropped throughout all C/A gave Bill and Isa a well-deserved qualification.  Really happy dog with superb heelwork.  Well done, Bill, and good luck in the future.

Qualified WD: 

Bob Shropshire with TADMARTON EARL, 156.5.  Harvey made Bob work hard on the track, as Bob found both articles.  A couple of errors on one of the cutbacks, but nevertheless they got round.  Only two out of the square really put them on the back foot.  It was always going to be a tall order to qualify Excellent, but with nice control, and only the jumps remaining, a small blip on the return on the scale meant WD at the end of the day.  Plenty of positives though for Harvey, and whilst they were unlucky this day that qualification is around the corner.  Well done, Bob, and good luck in the future.

Thank you to all the competitors for entering; I hope you enjoyed the test.  It was a pleasure to judge your dogs and watch you tackle the round.  Good luck in the future.

Stake: TD 


Tracklayers: Pat Herbert and Gary Talbot

Square steward: Gary Atkins

Thanks to Midland Counties for the invitation and to Andy Magyar and all his helpers who run a fantastic trial.  The base at Perlethorpe is super and the farmers who let us use their fields just wonderful.  Wendy Magyar and David Waite ran the base so efficiently all week and Wendy also ran the kitchen until Josie took over at the weekend; David also laid run off tracks on Sunday, that we fortunately didn’t need - thanks to you all.  Robert ensured competitors got to their tracks, thanks for that.  Andy is a fabulous Trials Manager and we are very grateful for everything he did to make the trial run so smoothly.

Gary and Pat laid all of the tracks and ensured every competitor had the same chance.  My Gary laid squares and stewarded the control in his usual impeccable way.  Huge thanks to all 3 for being great company and for their efficient and hard work.

The track was very straight forward and the articles generous but we had the usual variance in marks and, as I expected, the weather conditions in October played a big part in this - we had a lot of rain!  We ended up with 17 nosework qualifiers, 2 didn’t work the C/A and we ended up with 7 TDEx’s and 1 TD.  I was very pleased with my test and saw some super work.  The winner was outstanding and he tracked on Thursday afternoon as if the track had just been laid, super!

I thoroughly enjoyed the week.

1stWT Ch Glenalpine Cosworth BC DBarry Gilbert213.5TDex
 Great work from Cossie, fabulous to watch.
2ndFar Canal Foster   Crossbreed DJohn Simpson208TDex
 Really good work from Foster, well deserved reserve CC.
3rdWT Ch Just Arran at Trentvally BC DMargaret Robinson203.5TDex
 Well done on qualifying and your 3rd place.
4thStardell Pisces BC DDave Marchant201TDex
 Congrats Dave and Caffrey.
Also qualifying:   
 Thriftwood AllegraChris Gregory197TDex
 Stardell Muscida –first Tdex, well done!Andy Fox195.5TDex
 Glenalpine NikkiCharlie Taylor190.5TDex
 Stardell SiriusMalcolm Snowden168.5TD only
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