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Open Trial
Venue: Ashington
Trial Held: 15 February 2009

TM, UD, WD, TD Stakes


Many thanks to the Judges, helpers, NECWTS Committee, Potland Equestrian Centre and, of course, all the competitors, for supporting Ashington Trial. Friday the 13th was right!!! Thursday we were snowed in - as fast as Pat Nelson and I put the signs out, the snow plough dug them up, or piled snow on top of them!!! This was one of those trials, as we lost our old base due to a now sacked member of staff double booking us! Luckily, the Equestrian Centre were fantastic, and even let us use the field allocated as an exercise field to do Control and Agility in, as the usual field was a snow filled bog!! They also provided us all with hot food - and never were a trial’s helpers more in need of hot food and drink! Many thanks to John Watts, who always sorts out the land, and gives advice and support whenever it is needed. So glad that you are out and about again and looking so well. It was also great to see Lol Campbell helping at the trial following his surgery.

There were “challenges” throughout the planning and during the trial and even after, but they got sorted, mainly due to some fantastic people. Jim who manages the Alcan farms provided us with plenty of land, even with our usual huge UD field ploughed up!! The judges, Nigel Hines, Laura Bardwell, Sheila Margreaves and Glenys Page, did an amazing job, not complaining, working hard; and the tracklayers, Julz Findeisen, Jeff Margreaves, Penny Pritchard, Andrea Lynd, Dennis Nelson, Lorraine Wilson and Brian Page; runners Lol, Tracie Park and John; base stewards Ann Bedford with Tracie and Lol helping; square stewards Pat Nelson, Carole Hall, Karon Tiffany; June Hines the C/A steward, and trophy steward Carl Dent, all just put their shoulders to the wheel (literally sometimes when cars got stuck in the snow!!). Kevin, who helps our farmer Jim, willingly pulled cars out with the tractor!! I can never thank you all enough, as what could have been a nightmare just wasn’t. THANK YOU.





Tracklayers: Dennis Nelson and Lorraine Wilson

Steward: Karen Tiffany

Firstly I would like to thank the society for inviting me to judge UD nosework. I would also like to thank the ladies in the kitchen for the great food, my tracklayers, Dennis Nelson and Lorraine Wilson, for the grand job they did, and my steward, Karen Tiffany, who laid the squares just as I asked; they were all good company for the whole weekend. I would also like to thank Pat and Dennis Nelson for letting Karen and me stay in their lovely home and making us very welcome. Thanks also to Betty Orrin for making the trial a great success despite the dreadful weather. Mostly I would like to thank the competitors for making it such a good weekend.

1st Dave Olley with LITTLE RAYMOND, Cross, 199.5, Q. Raymond tracked when the snow had gone leaving lakes and sludge everywhere - lovely track followed by a nice square. Good all round nosework from this lovely young dog, who is litter brother to Jezabel who came second.

2nd Tracey-Lee Sinfield with TRACYS LITTLE JEZABEL, Cross, Q. Nice track, just needs a little work on the square, but another lovely young dog.

3rd Fran Atkin with BLEDRI OF STEPASIDE, WSD, 168.5, NQ. Merlyn did a beautiful track at 100mph but again needs a little work on the square.

4th Samantha Ashton and DOTTY DOTTY, WSD, 145.5, NQ. Another impressive track from Dot, but unfortunately went the wrong way on the last leg, but super square.




Track layers Julia Findeisen and Brian Page

Square steward Carole Hall

I would like to thank NECWTS for asking me to judge, but what a few days we had. The weather came as no surprise, from rain through sleet, to snow and blizzards - parking the caravan was an expedition in itself.

The first day was very snowy conditions, the second day a completely different trial with no snow but extremely wet.

Big thanks go to Betty Orrin for running the trial and finding a new base.

Thanks also go to my track layers Julia Findeisen and Brian Page - we had 80% of the dogs complete the tracks. Thanks also to Carole Hall for doing a brilliant job as the square steward.

13 Entered - 8 run

1st Ruth Bryant with MEISTERWERK BRUISER, 187, Q. Worked on the worse day, did a very good track and square - made it look easy. Congrats.

2nd Carl Dent with JARYSMYSTIC EZ SPELL, 164, NQ. Qualified on the nosework but sadly the conditions took its toll.

3rd June McPhillips with CRICHTON CEILEIDH, 159.5, NQ. Qualified on the nosework and awarded the trophy for the best track.

4th Mick Fryatt with DAGWOOD DAX

Most of all thanks go to all the competitors who entered under me, good luck next time.




Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd, Penny Pritchard, Jeff Margreaves

Steward: Pat Nelson

Thank you to NECWTS for the invitation to judge at this trial. Thanks to Betty Orrin and her team of helpers, who ran a very friendly and efficient trial. My tracklayers for the three days were Andrea Lynd, Penny Pritchard and Jeff Margreaves. Last but not least, many thanks to Pat Nelson, my steward for three days, great company.

The weather started out cold with snow covering all the fields, making the tracking quite easy for Friday and Saturday, but things changed considerably on the last day. The snow melted making the fields more like a lake , with the result only one team got round the track. Well done Cath!

25 Dogs entered, 17 worked, 11 qualified nosework, 7 overall

1st Brian Ogle, EYLAUERHOFS ROMMEL, Rott, D, Q, 207. Worked on the second day, nice steady track, very precise dog didn’t put a foot wrong. Three out of square. Well done.

2nd Lorraine Wilson, ALFIE PEPPERPOT, X, D, Q, 205.5. Worked on the first day, four out of the square. Best nosework trophy. Well done.

3rd Yvonne Carpenter, HEX AT CARFELD, BC, B, Q, 204.5. Worked on the second day, fast and furious, unfortunately missing the first track article. What a difference the result would have been!

4th Julia Findeisen, TOLBERG JUMPING JACK, GSD, D, Q, 203.5. Worked on the first day, with three out of square. Well done.

Also qualifying:

Alison Pollard, PRIDE OF THE GLEN, GR, 203

Carol Hall, PENRITH NELL, Lab, 201.5


Winning Junior Handling Trophy, Katy Whittmore, MONTY, GR. Well done.




Steward: June Hines

Firstly, I must apologise for the lateness of this report, which is due to having lost track of the paperwork when we moved house. A big thank you to the society for the invitation to judge, and to Betty Orrin for being such a good and friendly trials manager.

On arrival, we looked at the usual control field and decided that it would be far too heavy going for the dogs – deep snow covering some seriously deep holes left by the cows’ hooves in the mud. A field next to the base seemed ideal having, on the first day, an even covering of snow but progressing as the snow melted over the next two days into a mud bath. However, the competitors took it all in their stride but some of the dogs understandably didn’t want to sit in the mud during their exercises!

The new base at the riding school proved to be a good move, with all facilities at hand. Thanks to Betty for the Saturday evening meal at her house where about 25 of us tucked in to the best fish and chips I’ve had for years. It was also good to see John Watts out and about at the trial and looking well on the road to recovery.

Obviously, by now the nosework judges have reported on the other stakes so I will cover the CD. Sadly, no qualifiers in CD, with jumps and the stays proving the major challenges. Four teams worked but two teams scratched after the sit stay. All the dogs made good attempts at the sendaway, two of them achieving full marks.


Aramis was the only dog who managed both the stays. He also had a full mark sendaway but sadly it was the jumps that prevented a qualification.

2nd DURABLE OF DIRRINGTON, ASD, D, handled by Jo Moullin, 61, NQ. Jura did a lovely sendaway but again it was the jumps that were the main issue.

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