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Open Trial
Venue: Morpeth
Trial Held: 14 February 2010

TM, WD, TD Stake


 I would like to thank all the helpers, competitors and judges for their forbearance, coping with the less than ideal conditions that building work at the base inflicted on us!! Also, as usual, the weather brought its own problems in the form of rain!! Well, at least the snow ploughs weren’t out and covered up the signs as they did last year!

Despite the conditions, all the helpers were brilliant, including Ann at the base - cuddled up to the gas fire, suffering from the end of a “bug” - who worked her usual magic getting people sorted; Pat trying to organise the food and drink with its own problems, and who did really well; Lol, who had done things before I even asked, and gave me excellent support; the track layers, Dennis and Carole in UD (the land was unfortunately changed at short notice due to a farm worker putting boulders in the way of the original fields, and he then disappeared!!), Julz and Andrea in WD, Lorraine and Penny in TD, who organised their little teams so well. And the judges, Jacquie Hall, C/A and CD, who tried to keep everything working in the wet field, and never moaned once, with her patient, cheerful steward, Sharon; Bill Richardson, UD nosework, with Moira stewarding, again just got on with the job and did it well; Heather Patrick, WD nosework, with steward Debbie, just the same, out in the fields they went (in fact are they still out there??!!!...); Tracey Park, TD judge, and steward Doreen, all working hard to help the competitors. I really thank you, and apologise to you for the conditions, but you all contributed so much to make the trial work.

The competitors were all cheerful, and seemed to enjoy themselves, whether they qualified or not, and again I apologise to them for the basic conditions at the base. Well done to all who qualified or even met their own achievements.





Tracklayers: Julia Findeisen, Andrea Lynd

Steward: Debbie Meade

I must thank NECWTS for the invitation to judge the WD tracking stake; I thoroughly enjoyed myself with the good company of Julia, Andrea and Debbie. Betty, as Trials Manager, did a good job in keeping us all in order with a smile on her face.

The weather was kind to us on both days of the tracking, but the ground was sparse winter wheat with plenty of mud and lying water; however the dogs did not find the tracking hard and most of the failures were down to the inexperience of the handlers. All the dogs did lovely squares.

1st Richard Musgrove with XANDOA SAM, CDEx, UDEx, Border Collie, Q, 191. Richard and Sam also won the best nosework trophy; they were the best team to watch on the tracking ground, only losing points by cutting off the last corner of the track, followed by a full mark search square. Well done, Richard.

2nd Mike Fryatt with DAGWOOD DAX, GSD, NQ, 153.5. Hard lines, Mike - Dax qualified in every section but not enough overall. Dax did a precise track but only at his pace - slow and stop; good on Mike for patiently waiting while Dax was very busy looking round to see what was going on around him. Unfortunately they went wrong at the very last corner, and so missed the important 10 marks for the article.

3rd Dave Stretch with KENMILLIX EBONY DESTINY, CDEx, UDEx, Lab, NQ, 159.5. Ebony is an accurate tracker but very fast, not bothering to stop on articles - Dave found the last one; also because of her speed it wasn’t until she was a few yards round the corner of a cutback when she realised the scent was no longer there! But she quickly found it half way down the leg. Unfortunately failed in the control round.

4th John Tait with PINFOLD FLY, WSD, NQ, 159.5. Fly was a lovely steady tracker, nose down and steadily got on with the job in hand, unfortunately John thought he knew better than Fly at the last corner and encouraged him to come back towards the pole instead of where Fly was trying to take him. Unfortunately failed in the control section.




Tracklayers: Lorraine Wilson and Penny Pritchard

Steward: Doreen Wait

First I would like to thank the society for the invitation to judge at one of my local trials. To Doreen, Lorraine, Penny and Betty Orrin (Trials Manager) - thank you to your time and effort over the three days.

The gun test was performed before the track. This seemed to unnerve a few people but as you step onto your field to work your dog you should be prepared for anything. If your dog isn’t prepared for it in training then don’t expect it to just do it in competition. They are only as good as the training they have been given and slack or lazy training will always be discovered once you reach the top stakes! Tracking was, as is normal for the TD stake at Ashington, on very short pasture, and looked very nice albeit very, very wet! The track pattern consisted of 15 legs and was set as a proper TD open test which would enable me to watch dogs and handler working together as a team. All of our qualifiers were dogs which worked in the morning.

1st Mr Nelson Smith and LITTLE CROW, BSD, B, 212.5, Q. Executed a very good example, in both the track and square, of how a dog and hander can work together as a team. Well done Nelson and Mali.

2nd Mrs Julia Findeisen and TOLBERG JUMPING JACK, GSD, D, 209.5, Q. Although Julia and Ziko didn’t storm round their track their work ethic was second to none and a fine display of teamwork. Well done.

3rd Miss Pat Herbert and GLENALPINE MOO, BC, B, 208.5, Q. Pat, I think Moo had her roller skates on today – never seen anything track so fast in my life, ha ha. Very good track and square, well done.

4th Mrs Sue Ashby and THE TITAN, WSD, D. Good track, just missed the first article but Titan never found the track hard at all. Well done on your qualification.

Also qualifying:

Ms Ruth Bryant and MEISTERWERK BRUISER (Tyg)

Miss Andrea Lynd and REBARK BUBBLY PEG (Peg), 177.5

Many thanks to all who entered for giving me the opportunity of judging your dogs. It is something I love doing.


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