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Championship Trial
Venue: Satley
Trial Held: 25 October 2009

CD, Vet, UD, WD, TD Stakes



Tracklayers: Lol Campbell and Bill Norman

Steward: David McPhillips

Thank you to the committee of North East Counties Working Trials Society for the invitation to judge. Julz Findeisen and her team run a fantastic trial and the B&B was second to none. Thanks to the ladies in the base and also in the kitchen who kept us well fed and watered.

CD Stake:

Thanks to David for stewarding and keeping me in check and to Pat for being on the gate (not much fun in the pouring rain!!!). Also, thanks to the competitors, it was a pleasure to watch your dogs. Congratulations to those who qualified and to those who didn’t, it will come in time.

1st Rosemary Smyth and KEZ, BC, Q, 94.5. A cracking team and one to watch. Also won the best nosework trophy.

2nd Jayne Lewis and PI, Estrella, Q, 93. It’s always nice to see a different breed and Pi certainly didn’t disappoint.

3rd Lindsay Wightman and JURA, Vizsla, Q, 85.5. Another team who put in a good performance.

4th Rachel Young and ADDI, WSD, Q, 83.5. A good performance with just one or two things to tidy up

Also qualified:

Pam Wadsworth and JIC, Bouvier, 80


Veteran Stake:

Thanks to David for stewarding and making sure I was in the right field at the right time and to Lol and Bill for laying the tracks just the way you would want them laid. Lastly thanks to the competitors, it’s always a pleasure to judge the oldies (dogs, not handlers!!!!) as they all thoroughly enjoy themselves.

1st Pat Williams and JED (age 10), Lab, 199.5. The oldest competitor but Jed went round the track on rails and was delighted with the squeaky toys.

2nd Gail Gwesyn-Pryce and WANDA (age 9), GSD, 195. Another lovely track by a dog who obviously didn’t realise she had retired!!!

3rd Fran Atkin and BRECON (age 7), WSD, 194. Brecon was first on and certainly didn’t disappoint

4th Ann Bedford and RONA (age 7), GSD, 186. Rona did a lovely track but wasn’t too impressed by the articles!!!




Track Layers: Lol Campbell and Penny Pritchard

Stewards: Fran Atkin (Friday), Heather Patrick (Saturday)

Thanks to NECWTS for the invitation to judge; the farmers for the loan of their land; to Julz for being such a great, hardworking Trials Manager; to Carole for stuffing me full of delicious food - ably abetted by Teresa, Betty and Linda; to the base staff (Sheila, Betty and Fran) and the escorts - all of whom contributed to running yet another successful trial for the North East.

Thanks to Lol and Penny for tracklaying and making sure that each competitor was given every opportunity to get round the tracks and to Fran and Heather for giving up their time to lay nice, smelly squares for the competitors. All four were really good, easy company to be with.

Finally, thanks to the competitors and their dogs. The overall standard was unbelievably high - sendaways were outstanding for the most part, retrieves and agility were good, and the nosework excellent. Most of the dogs that didn’t qualify were unlucky on the jumps in the poor weather - good luck next time, all the dogs were easily of the standard needed to get UDEx.

Tracking was on shortish grass, Friday cold but mostly dry, Saturday cold, wet, foggy. Twelve teams competed - 9 successfully completed the track, with a further two missing only the last leg, all 12 qualified on the squares.


Worthy of a mention - Denise Curren and ANSONA BRIGADIER - this team did a lovely track in really foul weather; fog and heavy rain meant we had to follow close to even see them on the track, they did an excellent square and then a bad judgement call on the sendaway cost them the UDEx. Better luck next time.

1st KALIYON CAOIBHE, BC and Miriam Lyons, 195, Q UDEx. This team barely put a paw wrong throughout the whole test. NW 143, C/A 32 + 20. Well done.

2nd STYPERSON CLEO, Lab, and Sheila Tannert, 191, Q UDEx. Another team with near perfect nosework. Sheila and Teal deservedly got the Best Nosework Trophy. Sheila’s handling was superb and a real pleasure to watch. NW 143.5, C/A 28 + 19.5. Well done.

3rd THE TITAN, CDEx, WSD, and Sue Ashby, 187.5, Q UDEx. Titan and Sue went round the track on rails - very impressive, only an article left in the square being very expensive, but Titan more than made up for it with an excellent control round. NW 134, C/A 33.5 + 20. Well done.

4th TOLBERG MAN OF MYSTER WITH MERLOCK, GSD, and Betty Orrin, 186, Q UDEx. Josh and Betty were the first team on the first day and set a high standard with 2+4 articles. They also got the prizes for the dog the judge would most like to take home and the handler who got the most excited by their qualification! NW 138.5, C/A 29 + 18.5. Well done.

Also qualifying:

UDEx - KENMILLIX EBONY DESTINY, Lab and Dave Strech, 175 + Novice Handler Trophy.

UD - DIEGO’S CAUGHT ‘N’ THE ACT, Dobe, and Yvonne Walker, 152.




Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd, Colin Wilson, Sue Ashby, Anne Bedford.

Control and Search Stewards: Yvonne Carpenter, Tracey Park.

My thanks to NECWTS for the invitation to judge at this excellent, happy trial and to the local landowners for their generosity in providing so much land. Julia and Carole front a lovely team and between them put on a trial I can recommend to anyone, be they competitor, judge or helper. It must be ‘hard’ for Julie and Carol to leave a cosy home life to B and B in a pub for a few days to run the trial but they do and they do it superbly. The meals and entertainment at night are second to none.

Sheila Margreaves and Betty Orrin did an excellent job at the base - thank you for all your help. I am not going to name names for the kitchen because there seemed to be so many helping out that I am bound to offend by missing someone out. So, just a big thank you for looking after me so well and, yes, the diet is beginning to work!

I had a terrific team of helpers out in the fields, who were all excellent company and helped to make the week very enjoyable. Thank you Andrea, Colin, Sue, Ann, Yvonne and Tracey for that and for doing everything spot on. Colin got the long service medal by managing to stay in my company for three days.


29 entered, 26 ran. The stake ran over four days on grass. In the pub on Wednesday night Carole and Julia insisted (yes, you did!) that the conditions would defeat many. As I have visited this trial many times I had no difficulty agreeing with them (first time ever, not drink - I was driving). However, either global warming intervened and the conditions were benign by Tow Law standards, or the competitors were an awkward bunch, because of the 26 who ran 22 easily completed the track with at least one article and 18 were still within qualifying marks after nosework. After control and agility there were 8 teams in qualifying marks, with the stay being a big problem, followed by the sendaway and jumps. I think a lot of those who went out showed that on another day they will be successful. Congratulations to those who succeeded – you deserved to. To all the teams who ran, thank you for accepting my decisions and best wishes to all of at your future trials.

1st Tom Mills and MADAM MEG, CDEx UDEx, BC, B, 188.5, WDEx. I was delighted to hand over the red one and WDEx to Tom. It was thoroughly deserved. An excellent track with 2 and 4 followed by an equally excellent control and agility round. A very polished overall performance.

2nd Pat Herbert and GLENALPINE MOO, BC, B, 187, WDEx. Another polished overall performance with 2 and 3, with the fourth search article proving very costly in the end.

3rd Denis Nelson and SELDOMSEEN HOBBSONS CHOICE, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, WSD, D, 179.5, WDEx. A good steady track with only minor casting and 1 and 4.

4th Moira Rogerson and XANDOAS CHANCE, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BC, D, 179.5, WDEx. A good track with 1 and 3, just losing out on 3rd.

3rd place was decided on overall nosework mark.

Also Qualifying WDEx:

Ruth Bryant and MEISTERWERK BRUISER, CDEx, BC, D, 176

Judith Stamp and SPROLLIE DOLLIE, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, XB, B, 175

Chris Trevor and DESMOND DINGO, CDEx, UDEx, XB, D, 172

Paul Morling and VONGRAK KAGUL, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, D, 167.5




Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd, Geoff Margreaves and Richard Musgrave

Steward: Lorraine Wilson

Thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge, Julz for all her organisation before the trial and during the week, Andrea Lynd, Geoff Margreaves and Richard Musgrave for tracklaying and Lorraine Wilson for stewarding.

Thursday and Friday were reasonable days for the weather, with about half of the dogs qualifying on the nosework. Saturday started cold, misty and miserable and got worse and worse; only one dog managed to cope - Diana Collie’s - as the rain and wind increased throughout the day.

The test started with the gun; a few handlers lost marks for talking to their dogs before the “exercise finished” command was given. The track followed. I aimed to set a pattern which was capable of being done by most dogs even in poor conditions. I also chose articles which would be natural and therefore blend in, but not so much that they were difficult for tracklayers to find ones that dogs had missed. 1, Oak bark; 2, bicycle tyre; 3, cane. The piece of bark was 2½” x 1½” x ¾” but really blended in with the sheep muck - my apologies to the tracklayers who had to find them again.


In the search I wanted a range of articles which would test not only the dog’s ability to search for them but also to retrieve correctly without chewing or dropping. The articles were: 9”x ½” diameter stem; Yale key; hessian; plastic sheathing. The stem was so big that it was easily located and retrieved by all the dogs, except that one or two mouthed so much that it was completely destroyed.

By the end of the nosework we had 12 qualifiers. The tracking wasn’t easy for any of the dogs. All the fields provided very similar conditions and all the handlers should be proud of how hard their dogs tried for them on the nosework

Control and Agility day, Sunday, was a better day for weather, dry and bright. In Championship TD I like to set a round that flows, not just a separate series of exercises with breaks between. I also like to see style and accuracy. The teams which demonstrated control throughout got the best marks.

We started with the stays which were well done. The round began with normal pace heelwork in a small wood and this brought the handlers back out into the grass field to the clear jump, followed by slow pace to the long jump and then the speak. This was carried out at heel with two sections of speaking with a quiet in-between. Fast pace heelwork then took us to the sendaway. This was 100 yards diagonally to a log in the middle of the field, with a longer redirect to a tree in the wall at the end of the field. I was looking for a dog which could be manoeuvred to the two points with a minimum of fuss. This proved too much for a number of dogs and in fact only a couple got within 25 yards of the redirect point. The scale completed the round.

By the end of the morning we had six qualifiers:

1st Mrs Suzanne Plumb, WTCh COLLIEWOOD CAVALLERO, WSD, 204, a very clear winner. Well in front on the nosework, Suzanne just got on with the job of winning the ticket with the best control round as well.

2nd Mrs Deborah Mead, HEATHERMARK VIXEN, GSP, 190. Flick worked hard on the track, just missing an article and then got all 4 articles out of the square. The speak didn’t suit her but a good sendaway made all the difference to gain them the reserve CC.

3rd Mrs Pat Parkinson, CARISHILL HYACINTH, G/R, 189. Poppy can take over sometimes and after a nice track with all 3 articles she was a bit naughty in the search, with all the articles dropped and chewed.

4th Mr John Currie, DREAGANTA SAMH, BC, 186.5. One of the best nosework rounds on the first day; just scraped through on the jumps.

Also Qualified TDEx:

Mrs Kathy Ingham, ObCh RUSKATH OTHENTIC IMAGE, WSD, 185.5


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