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Championship Trial
Venue: Sedgefield
Trial Held: 06 September 2009

 WD, PD Stakes

 Stake: WD


Square Stewards: Fri, Kathleen McGucken; Sat, Avril (sorry Avril, I didn’t get your surname); Sun, Carl Dent.

C/A Stewards: Fri, Julia Findeisen; Sat and Sun, Tracey Park

Tracklayers: Fri, Colin Wilson, Bill Richardson and Julia Findeisen; Sat, Tracey Park and Jeff Margreaves; Sun, Tracey Park and Jill Carruthers.

Many thanks to North East Counties Working Trials Society for the invitation to judge. Well done to Moira Rogerson for all the hard work put into organising the trial and to you and Bill for your hospitality and looking after me during my stay. As you can see from the list of helpers, everyone mucked in at the trial. Although the weather was not very kind to us at times, I thoroughly enjoyed my three days judging and the great company of everyone involved. From a judging point of view everything ran very smoothly, however there were a few headaches for Moira over the land, so a special thank you to Carole Hall, who I think spent each day driving around finding more land for us to use. Thank you also to those who took turns looking after the base and keeping us well fed and watered each day. Lastly a really big thank you to all the farmers for the use of their land.

We started each day with the tracks followed in the afternoon with C/A. The weather on Friday morning was awful, heavy rain, windy and cold and the dogs had to work hard. Saturday and Sunday were drier, although we still had a cold wind, not the weather you’d expect this time of year. However, the dogs worked really well despite this and I enjoyed judging the rounds. Thank you to all the competitors, and best of luck to you all at future trials.

1st Doug Shearer and DREAGANTA ALPHA CENTUARA, CDEx, UDEx, BC, 186, Q WDEx. Alfie worked a beautiful round, a real pleasure to judge. A missed square article cost a few marks. Well done and good luck for the future.

2nd Chris

Trevor and DESMOND DINGO, CDEx, UDEx, X Breed, 183.5, Q WDEx. A full mark track, brilliant to watch. Switched off a bit in the square but otherwise another very nice round. Very well done.

3rd Andrea Lynd and REBARK BUBBLY PEG Lab, 180.5, Q WDEx. Well done on keeping up on the track, Andrea! Peg worked really well, one of only a few to get all four out of the square, nice control and full marks on the jumps. Well done.

4th Bill Norman and ADAIRWAY BRIGAND, CDEx, GSD, 171.5, Q WDEx. Well done Bill and Brig, worked on Friday when the weather was bad and was one of the few over the weekend to get both track articles. Well done to you too.

Also Qualifying WDEx:

Rosie Jones and DREAGANTA GALLADUBH, CDEx, UDEx, BC, 169.5

Nelson Smith and LITTLE CROW, CDEx, UDEx, 168

Brian Glasgow and NORSHEP ROCCO, GSD, 161.5

Qualifying WD:

Jenny Holt and BEELAHOLT ZIGGY ZAG, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BC, 159.5




Working Trial Manager: Moira Rogerson

Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd and Jill Carruthers

Search, C/A, Patrol Steward: Julia Findeisen

Criminals: Steve Lancashire, Tom Davis, Vic and Anthony Snook and Nelson Smith

Seven entries, all 7 ran.

Due to recent rain in the north during the late summer months it has been extremely difficult for the farmers to clear their harvest. Therefore we were indeed fortunate that Carole Hall was able to obtain sufficient tracking land for the stake from her farming friends. I was aware in advance that the tracking at Sedgefield on the stubble is often difficult and this year was no exception. The stubble was clean with little or no undergrowth, but was made even more demanding by the fact that the straw had not been cleared as it had only just been combined, and the combine harvester was still present in the field.

Rosie Jones completed best nosework. Four of the seven entries successfully completed the track and search, Gary Martin eventually believing his dog and agreeing to follow it. However Wendy Beasley, Malcolm Snowden and Lynne Davies all found the going too difficult late in the morning. Obviously the early morning moisture assisted the earlier tracks.

In the afternoon Rosie Jones also completed the best control and agility round but we lost John Wykes on the agility section.

On Sunday morning just four teams attempted the criminal work exercises. The round commenced with a quarter – three hides and a combine to check out. Many dogs and handlers appeared confused by a hide positioned in the centre of the field. This was part of the chase later in the round but personally if my dog had gone to it in the quarter I would just have let him and praised him – perhaps it was also confusing as the handler could see that the hide was empty.

Following the quarter was the chase. After the challenge the first criminal ran off but went into the hide, and then the second criminal ran off, passing the hide, and was apprehended by the dog chasing and detaining him. The handler on joining his dog then had to escort the first chase criminal before releasing his dog from the second. Whilst searching the hide one of the criminals attacked the handler whilst the other decamped. This was followed by the recall, which was successful for all four teams.

The test of courage consisted of one criminal coming out of an area surrounded by motorway plastic security fencing. When the criminal returned the dog was sent, only to discover two additional hidden criminals just as he was about to enter the narrow entrance.

All four teams successfully qualified in this section. Best quarter was by Rosie Jones but best manwork round overall was by the eventual winner Gary Martin. He remained in control of both his dog and the criminals throughout and his handling was most competent.

Finally, my thanks to all my team and their leader Moira Rogerson (she even had time to celebrate a birthday during the trial – lots of chocolate!) The members can be justly proud of this society; they are welcoming, friendly and attempt to make everything achievable to all. How many clubs return to the same pub year after year in working trials? Well done.

1st Gary Martin, TYTRI ROY, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, TDEx, PDEx, Border Collie, qualified PDEx 270.5. This win will make this dog a Working Trials Champion following his victory at Surrey in July (subject to Kennel Club confirmation). Apart from the handler thinking he was a better tracker than the dog, an excellent performance and fully deserving of the victory.

2nd Rosie Jones, DREAGANTA DOUBLE DISTINCTION, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, TDEx, Border Collie, qualified PDEx, 270. A clear leader after the nosework and C/A, but was eventually just short of victory. However, a good first PDEx qualification. Completed a quarter that many of us would only dream of!

3rd Bill Richardson, CAPER KALI, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BSD, qualified PD, 251. This is not an easy bitch to handle but she has improved greatly since I saw her work last summer. Had just performed a good quarter and location and just as Bill searched the hide, she took her chance to see if Nelson was a member of the local Masonic lodge – rather expensive that and cost her the first PDEx qualification that otherwise she would have deserved.

4th Lynne Davies, MISTER MISFIT MONGREL, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, D, NQ, 197. So it’s back to Dog Borstal for them both, but the nosework failure cost them dearly.

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