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Tracklayers: Anne and Lorraine (Fri), Lol and Tracey (Sat)

Square and Control Steward: Tracy-Lee Sinfield


Thanks to NECWTS for the invitation to judge WD at this super summer trial; it’s always a privilege to be asked to judge.

Thanks also to Margaret at The Blink Bonny Inn for the base food and drink, Roy and Leslie Drummer for looking after the scores and organising the base. Ta also to my tracklayers (see above) - super job - and excellent Tracy- Lee for laying all the squares and stewarding the C/A perfectly.

Thanks to the competing teams for having a go at my test. The tracking fields looked good, cut grass with some regrowth, but unusually, only the first team on each day got the track. The two teams who got the track unfortunately didn’t qualify overall.

1st THE QUARRIEMAN AT DENLEA handled by Janine Atkinson

2nd COOL HAND FLUKE handled by Sue Zackheim

3rd NORTH PRINCE NIGHT handled by Sharon Dunn

4th GOOSECREEK CHINOOK handled by Jackie Hilton

 Well done; keep on keeping on!


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