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Championship Trial
Venue: Alnwick
Trial Held: 07 September 2014



Steward: Lesley Drummer

 I thank NECWTS for their invitation to judge this stake. I thank also the Trials Manager, Jacquie Hall, and all her team over the weekend for making this, as ever, a most enjoyable and problem free trial. The running of the Alnwick trial is second to none, and with the new base, this was no exception.

18 dogs were entered in the CD stake and 16 of them ran over two days. For me, it was a MOST enjoyable stake to judge. All handlers were positive and well prepared and not one dog failed to demonstrate that it was more than ready in most aspects of the test. I watched some first class work, with great pleasure.

As ever, jumps, sit and down stays were the cause of failure to qualify, but handlers took away so very much positive from the performances of their dogs, namely that working on the areas which led to failure to qualify will not be so difficult.

Thank you to all the handlers and very good luck in forthcoming trials

 1st Fran Atkin with WAGGERLAND CAPPUCINO, 99, Q

2nd Elaine Barr with FREDDIE’S JUST DYNAMITE, 95, Q

3rd Pat Sunderland with GLENALPINE MILLY, 92.5, Q

4th Lol Campbell with CONISTAN DANNY BOY, 91, Q




Tracklayers: Ann Bedford and Lol Campbell

Steward: Jen Cartmel

 Thank you to NECWTS for the invitation to judge UD at this super new venue. Jacquie Hall and her amazing team ran this trial to perfection at North Northumberland Dog Training Club’s newly built premises near Felton. Jacquie manages a great trial, making sure everything is catered for, including putting up many of the judges and helpers at her lovely home. Thank you to John (Jacquie’s other half) for cooking each evening and setting up the kitchen at the base each morning. Vicki did a great job escorting, making sure the competitors got to the correct place at the right time and Adel did a super job adding up the scores at the end of the day. Members of the club worked hard in the kitchen and made sure that my helpers and I were well fed and watered throughout the day.

Both my tracklayers laid the tracks exactly as I asked, thank you. Jen came up for the weekend to see what working trials was all about and also did a great job stewarding the competitors and kept them at ease - thank you, Jen, looking forward to seeing you competing in the future. The weather stayed warm and dry all weekend. Tracking was on old pasture grass fields and the control was held back at the centre.

8 Entries, 7 dogs ran

 1st Elaine Barr, WINDLEGREY PHANTOM, Weimeraner, 12/02/09, 185.5, Q UDEx. Milo had a couple of sticky moments on the track but never gave up and recovered well. Four out of the square, and finished off with a very nice control round. Also qualified CDEx the same day! Well done, Elaine, and good luck for the future. N/w 132.5, control 33, agility 20.

2nd Fiona Pinder, DIANDIE SUMMER ROSE, GSD, 06/03/11, 183.5, Q UDEx. Fiona was rightly thrilled with Maggie after her nosework! Went on to do a lovely control round. A few scary moments on the agility, but Fiona managed to hold it together. Keep making it fun for her, she is lovely. Good luck for the future. 136.5, 31.5, 15.5

3rd Sharon Dunn, NORTH PRINCE NIGHT, GSD, 20/08/11, 177.5, Q UDEx. Milo has a great attitude to his work, and was well handled by Sharon. Super full point control round; shame he left two articles in the square. Good luck with him, he is lovely. 125, 35, 17.5

4th Ray Lea, GOOD GOLLIE MISS MOLLIE, X-Breed, 176, NQ. Mollie did a very enthusiastic track and finished with a lovely square. Sadly the stay didn’t happen today. Good luck for the future. 138, 21.5, 16.5


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