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Open Trial
Venue: Ashington
Trial Held: 16 February 2014



Having run Ashington trial for a few year now I have just about seen every kind of weather there is for this time of year - this year saw one day of rain then glorious sunshine the next, although both were cold, but I guess being on the coast we can’t expect the tropics!

NECWTS open trial has been at Ashington (brought here from Ugthorpe by John Watts, who then worked at Alcan) we reckon for possibly just over 20 years, using Alcan farm estates land all this time. Well, with the demise of the Alcan smelter 18 month ago it was inevitable that the farming section would soon follow, leaving this as our last year on this land. Luckily the assistant farm manager at Alcan, Kevin, has been kind enough to give me the number of a nice farmer not far away who I will hopefully approach and blackmail into allowing us some fields in order to keep this wonderful trial going – mind, that’s not what I call it when the trial is fast approaching!!! Thanks to Kevin for all the work he puts in helping me in the run up to the trial - I will miss him dearly.

This year saw some changing of fields at the last minute, coz bloody swans nicked our TD fields, forcing TD from rape onto wheat (nice lush, wet wheat), and we also had some scary moments; with less than 24 hrs to go the sheep were still in our control field (didn’t have one spare, either) and I lost the key to get in it!! Farmers came up trumps at last 30 mins (phew). Thanks to the Premier Inn and restaurant for the use of their function room and for feeding us, much appreciated.

I will leave the judges to thank their helpers individually, but I will say a collective huge thanks to everyone who judged, helped, ran base, tracklaid, stewarded, got wet, cold and muddy - without you mad lot the trial just couldn’t have happened. What a fab bunch you are!

Lastly, thanks to the competitors for entering this year and look forward to seeing some of you back next year. Hope you all thanked your judges, tracklayers and stewards!





Steward: Jacquie Hall

 Many thanks to the society for inviting me to judge at the Ashington Trial. Thank you to Tracey, the Trials Manager, who did a sterling job in atrocious weather on Saturday and then basked in glorious sunshine on Sunday. Thank you to Anne and Doreen who kept everyone right at base.

A big thank you to Jacquie, my steward, who was great company and kept me right. Thank you to all of the competitors who worked so well in horrendous conditions on Saturday, and not one complained about the state of the control field which was under water in places and all accepted my decisions. Thank you all for making my weekend, memorable.

Some TD Competitors and all WD Competitors worked on Saturday, and the rest of the TD, and UD and CD worked on Sunday


 1st David Craven, QUIZ-IS SOMETHING SPECIAL, WSD, 214, Q. A lovely team who completed a lovely round and only dropped 2 marks. A dog who has lots of enthusiasm and wants to work. Well done, and no doubt we will see more of this team in the future. A well-deserved winner.

2nd Julia Findeisen, BANDAITCH DIRTY HARRY, X-Breed, 213, Q. Lovely teamwork. Harry’s run out to the sendaway marker was enthusiastic but he did not believe that he had to move anywhere else, and he just sat - entertaining but no doubt frustrating for his handler. A young dog who is enthusiastic and again we will see much more of him in the future. Won the Best Nosework Trophy. Well done.

3rd Carol Grant, DREAGANTA ROB ROY, BC, 213, Q. Great teamwork with another keen young dog who wanted to get on with the job in hand. A lovely C/A round, great to watch. Well done.

4th Moira Rogerson, THREENINES KATIE, BSD/Mali, 211, Q. Another team that is lovely to watch. A well-controlled C/A round. Such a shame about the redirect but no doubt that will be sorted. Well done.

 Also qualified:

Nelson Smith, THREENINES ALEX, BSD/Mali, 204.5




 1st Jackie Hilton, GOOSECREEK CHINOOK, ASD, NQ. A good C/A round with another dog who is very keen, but it was a great shame when he did not complete his jumps. Well-deserved and well done. Also won Best Nosework Trophy. Well done.

2nd John Lester, CLEO OF MEADOW BURN, GSD, NQ. A young dog who is keen to please and the C/A round was good to watch. Such a shame she did not get the jumps but it did not deter her enthusiasm. Well done.

3rd Joyce Watson, COLINTON CEIL, X-Breed, NQ. Another good C/A round. Well controlled, and lovely to watch. Well done.


 1st Joanne Ramsay, THREENINES ANNA, 187, Q. An excellent C/A round, just losing 1 mark overall. Lovely to watch and no doubt we will see more of this team in the future. Well done

2nd Sharon Dunn, NORTH PRINCE NIGHT, GSD, 185, Q. A great team to watch, well controlled C/A. A young dog who again we will see more of in the future. Well done

3rd Michelle Biddle, JACKANORY WHAT A STORY, Lab, 178, Q. Another young dog and both dog and handler are new to working trials. A great C/A round; it was a shame that he preferred the sheep poo to finishing his sendaway. Great team to watch, well done.

4th Fran Atkin, WAGGERLAND CAPPUCCINO, WSD, 179, NQ. Lovely team to watch. An enthusiastic young dog who did not want to jump - such a shame, but no doubt will be back even stronger. Well done, and also won Best Nosework Trophy.


 1st Hannah Butters, KITES FORTUNE TALLY, Lab, 71, NQ. This was Tally’s first trial and was brilliant to watch. Both dog and handler gave their all and the search square was brilliant. Only two articles were retrieved but the dog worked the square so well we were willing her to find the 3rd article. Control was lovely to watch. It was a pity that Tally did not complete the jumps, but she tried. Well done.




Tracklayers: Julz Findeisen, Andrea Lynd

Steward: Lol Campbell

 Thanks to NECWTS for inviting me to judge the UD Nosework at Ashington. Thanks also to trials manager, Tracey Park, Jules, Andrea and Lol for putting me at ease, and all of the helpers at the base for the unseen work which contributes to the smooth running of the trial. Special thanks to Tracey for arranging the UD to take place on the Sunday to take advantage of some pleasant weather conditions, compared to the previous day.

Tracking was on winter wheat which was well watered, so some small lakes had to be avoided by the tracklayers. Both Andrea and Julz did a great job and I was ably assisted and kept right by Lol, the whole team making it a pleasure to be there.

We had seven entries, and every team managed to get round the track, with most going on to get all four articles from the square.

My thanks go to all the competitors for accepting my decisions; well done to all of you, it was great to watch. Best nosework was awarded to Fran Atkin with Cap

 1st Joanne Ramsey with THREENINES ANNA, Gana, 187, Q. Almost perfect track in soggy conditions, just ran out of time for the last article in the square.

2nd Sharon Dunn with NORTH PRINCE NIGHT, Milo, 185, Q. Lovely track on some difficult ground, nice teamwork to get round.

3rd Michelle Biddle with JACKANORY WHAT A STORY, Aidie, 178, Q. Fastest track of the day for a first attempt on winter wheat. Well done

4th Fran Atkin with WAGGERLAND CAPPUCCINO, Cap, 179, NQ. Great track and all four articles from the square.




Track layers: Andrea Lynn and Lol Campbell

Search square steward: Pat Nelson

 Thank you to NECWTS for inviting me to judge this section of the WD stake. To say the weather was inclement would be an understatement, so a huge thank you to Andrea and Lol for laying the tracks and to Pat for the squares. Thank you also to the base staff, Doreen and Anne, who kept everything running smoothly..... and, of course, Tracey Park, who managed the trial with meticulous efficiency.

The tracks were laid on winter wheat which had good growth ...... and a lot of water. As it rained heavily, the fields became increasingly wet! All the dogs made a good attempt at the track with varying success.

The dogs completed the search squares efficiently with no mouthing. Ceilidh fetched all the articles out in the shortest time, Sonic worked the wind beautifully and Cleo revelled in working for her handler.

 1st GOOSECREEK CHINOOK (Sonic) handled by Jackie Hilton, NQ, winner of the Taramar Trophy and the Trampa’s Trophy for best Nosework. Sonic worked the ground and looked set to finish the track having collected the first article. I’m sure this pair will qualify shortly.

2nd CLEO OF MEADOWBURN (Cleo) handled by John Lester, NQ. Cleo was tracking in a quiet and considerate manner but seemed to run out of steam. With a bit more experience, this pair will do well.

3rd COLINGTON CEIL (Ceilidh) handled by Joyce Watson NQ. Inexperience showed but this dog has a fantastic nose and will qualify soon!


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