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Championship Trial
Venue: Satley
Trial Held: 27 October 2013



Steward: Jacquie Hall

Gate: Fran Atkin


Thanks to NECWTS for the invitation to judge, to the farmers for the land and to all the helpers. Big thanks to Fran and Jacquie for keeping the competitors (and me) in order.

It was lovely to watch the 15 teams having a go at my test - thank you. The jumps took a major toll of the points, and the stays a few more. The nosework was very good. Sendaway was a Northumbria Police traffic cone, with a Union flag on a pole, stability on arrival being another loss of points.

 1st Patricia Templeton with Frankie, FRANKIE THE FLYER, X-Breed, D, 85.5, Qual CDEx. Well done.

2nd Christine Chilton with Smartie, SMARTIE PRIDE OF ARRAN, Cocker Spaniel, B, 76.5, Qual CD. Well done.

3rd Cheryl Savage with Kyp, DREAGANTA KYP, BC, B, NQ. Well done.

4th Pat Nelson with Bella, YETA NUVVA AVAWAGA, ASD, B, NQ. Well done.




Track Layers: Margo Brothwell, Diane Ling, Dave Stewart, Linda Newbold.

Search and control steward: Andy Laws

 Thank you to NECWTS for inviting me to judge, and thanks to Julz Findeisen and her team of fantastic helpers.

Also thanks to my steward and tracklayers, they did a great job. Finally thank you to the competitors for entering and accepting my decisions.


1st Suzanne Plumb with DREAGANTA TRAFFID TANZI, BC, B, 198, Q. An excellent performance from this team, on a day with very challenging weather, producing a full point C/A. Well done, Suzanne, another champion in the making.

2nd Janet Freeman with ASHLINDT ARRAN, BC, D, 196, Q. Another great performance, with this team gaining the best nosework trophy, with a full point track and search. Well done Janet, nice to see you again.

3rd Lorraine Wilson’s LEEFSIDE WHIZZ KID, handled by Ann Bedford, WSD, 192.5, Q. What a smashing little dog, who together with Ann worked out the C/A commands. Well done, Ann, for working a mate’s dog.

4th Ann Bedford with VYTENSA BORDER REIVER, GSD, 189.5, Q. Producing a sound performance in Ann’s capable hands.

 Also qualified:

Joyce Watson with COLINTON CEIL, X-Breed, 184




Tracklayers: Sue Ashby, Richard Musgrave

Search and Control Steward: Tracey Park

 Thank you to NEWTS for the invitation to judge WDEx, also to Julz Findeisen and her team at the base for running an excellent trial. My thanks to the ladies who worked in the kitchen keeping us well fed throughout the trial. A big thank you to my tracklayers, Sue and Richard, also to my search and control steward, Tracey, who did an excellent job in such horrible conditions.

 1st Malcolm Snowden with STARDELL SIRUS, BC, 196, Q. Excellent track and search square. Congratulations on your win

2nd Pam Wadsworth with SNOOP DOG XIMENA V CAYA’S DOGANODOGS, CDEx – UDEx, Bouvier, 181, Q. Another excellent track from Snoop in such poor conditions. Well done.

3rd Fae Rae with SILVERSNIPE ONLY ONCE, Lab, 178, Q. Another brilliant track and well handled. Well done.

4th Brian Glasgow with RANOLFIELD NEILA, GSD, CDEx – UDEx, 164.5, Q. Recovered well to finish the track. Well done.




Search Steward: Lorraine Wilson, every day

C/A Steward: Lorraine Wilson

Track Layers: Lol Campbell, Jeff Margreaves and Dave Stewart, all laid every day and Jeff also laid 3 run off tracks on Sunday

 Tracking was on grass fields, all pretty level and virtually the same for everyone. The weather was a mixture of heavy rain, sunshine and strong winds; control day was heavy rain and very strong wind.

38 Entries, 30 ran, 13 failed the track before the 3rd leg; there were 13 nosework qualifiers and 8 qualified TDEx

I have a big list of thank you’s so here goes; to the farmers, without whom we have no trials, thank you; Lol Campbell and the committee of NECWTS for the invitation to judge the TD stake; the ladies on the desk booking in, scores, certificates etc - Betty Orrin, Sheila Margreaves and Fran Atkin; the ladies in the kitchen keeping us fed and watered - Linda Newbold, Theresa Musgrave, Liz Stewart and Annie Edwards; getting everyone to their track on time - Andrea Lynd.

A big thank you to my tracklayers Lol, Jeff and Dave for working in such horrible weather conditions, you were great. And a big thank you to the best sport of the week, Lorraine (old stinky woman) Wilson; she laid squares all week and then did C/A on Sunday – thanks, Lorraine.

Finally the biggest thank you of all goes to Julz Findeisen, who was Trials Manager and made everything happen as it should. She was great, nothing was too much trouble – thanks, Julz.

I set a nosework test in which I had in mind the changeable weather conditions at Tow Law and so used fairly generous articles; if the dog did the track it would have a decent chance of finding the articles. Search articles were: 1. Carpet, 2. String, 3. Cloth, 4. Mesh

 The C/A started with a speak, which was leave your dog at the start pole and join me standing by the long jump, and with your back to the dog get 10 barks, stop and then another 10 barks, stop. This was followed by the 3 paces of heelwork to near the sendaway point; the sendaway was diagonal 180 paces to the end of a brick wall, where there was also a feeding trough at the foot of the wall, and then 140 paces left redirect along the wall. Handlers were told that I wanted their dog to be near the 2 points but didn’t have to be sat on them; everyone did well at this exercise and I was very pleased. Then we had more heelwork up to each jump to finish the round.

 1st Barry Gilbert with GLENALPINE COSWORTH, CDEx – TDEx, BC, D, 214/220, winning the TD Ticket and Q TDEx. Losing 4.5 on the track but getting 3 and 4 with a full point square; his control was very good losing 1 mark on the speak for turning his head to give a command, losing half a mark on the sendaway, full marks for heelwork and full marks for the jumps. What a happy little dog that is well trained and certainly tuned into Barry. Well done and good luck at the 2014 KCC’s.

2nd Gavin Thomson handling Mrs V Thomson’s TRACELYN DANCING IN THE DARK, CDEx – WDEx, GSD, B, 205/220, winning the Reserve Ticket and getting their first TDEx. 92 for the track with 3 and 4 and a full point square, followed by a respectable control round and 19 for the jumps. This dog again seems very happy in her work and gives her all for Gavin - you must be really pleased with her Gavin, well done.

3rd Alan Bexon with FLY BY NIGHT LAD, CDEx – TDEx, WSD, D, 204.5/220 and Q TDEx. Fly worked hard on the track, got 3 articles but lost 9 marks off the track; he then got 4 from the square but lost a few marks for mouthing; a good steady control round and finished with full mark jumps. Alan and Diane Ling were on the same mark, but she had to travel home early because of the storms so could not take part in a run off; I therefore decided that third place should be given to Alan, who had a higher track mark. Well done, Alan.

4th Diane Ling with WTCh DEBEN LITTLE TOM, CDEx – TDEx, PDEx, Cross, D, 204.5/220, and Q TDEx. Tom worked his socks off in heavy rain and strong wind and got 3 and 4 - lost 11 on the track but was really impressive. However, when it came to the control round he got 5 for the speak, 8.5 for the send away and only 2 for his heelwork, with full mark jumps. Di, I couldn’t believe his heelwork, please work on it as it’s costing you places. Having said that, well done Di.

 Also qualifying TDEx:-



Glenys Page with WTCh BILKO’S GLORY, CDEx – TDEx, WSD, D, 199

Chris McRae with TRACELYN LADY IN BLACK BY ZOOX, CDEx – WDEx, GSD, B, 198. A very happy lady, well done.

 Tony Lockyer with WTCh TRIPLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, CDEx – WDEx, WSD, D, NQ, but won the Best Nosework award. Well done, Tony.

 I would like to say that the standard of Championship TD is getting better all the time, with handlers getting more from their dogs, but we still need to raise our game as handlers if we are to get to the top. If you get the chance watch some of the top handlers and their dogs - you will be amazed at just how good they are. The team who impressed me the most won the stake, a round that was hard to take marks from.

Finally, Elaine and I enjoyed our time at NECWTS Championship Trial; the people and the whole trial is spot on. Well done, Julz and your team.




Tracklayers: Lol Campbell and John Atkin

Square Steward: Penny Pritchard

Escort: Andrea Lynd

 All seven teams had a good shot at the 806 yard track which had 6 articles, and a cross track. The first article was a dried sausage; 10 points if eaten, only 5 if recovered. Penny laid the squares perfectly. Using the two track poles as the side of the square, there was no perimeter and no more poles. The one article (a Slazenger tennis ball) was placed diagonally out 27 paces, and the handler had to work the dog not knowing where the square was, in the allotted 6 minutes. Fastest time was 18 seconds (Pinfold Fly)

 1st PINFOLD FLY, handled by John Tait, 199.5

2nd CONCENN YWEN, handled by Gail Gwesyn-Price, 198.5

3rd BRONFYNNON BRECON, handled by Fran Atkin, 195

4th CONCENN XCEL, handled by Gail Gwesyn-Price, 168


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