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Tracklayers: Jimmy Scott and Lorraine Wilson

Search and C/A Scribe: Sharon Dunn

I would like to thank NECWTS for this judging appointment.  Thanks to Jacquie Hall, the trials manager, who had a nightmare with the WD tracking land at 11 o`clock on Friday night, being told that the lovely WD land was going to be ploughed the following day.  She managed to find enough land for us but it proved too difficult for the dogs; unfortunately we didn’t get a qualifier, which was such a shame for the tracklayers, Lorraine and Jimmy, who had to go off and recover the articles.  We were all willing the dogs to get round - a big thank you to you both.  Thanks must also go to Sharon, who had 100% success with laying the squares and also scribed the C/A round - a very efficient lady and super company.  Many thanks to the ladies in the kitchen (wonderful goodies), the escorts and helpers - you all helped make this a lovely, enjoyable trial

1st HEATHERMARK HAWK, GSP, with Debbie Meade, 163.  Harrison worked his socks off and managed to get round the track, with Debbie reading him very well on such hard ground; he produced the best search gaining full marks.  Fantastic agility and control, but he failed the down stay, which was tragic after all his effort.  Debbie, don’t give up with him, he is far too good and will win tickets once he has the down.

2nd BANDAITCH DIRTY HARRY, X-Breed, with Julia Findeisen.  Harry gave his all trying to find the track for Julz, who handled him brilliantly; knowing when to give up is a fine line but you made the right decision.  As ever, he produced a beautiful control and agility round - he is a star, Julz.

3rd COWPE CRUSADER, BC, with Emily Arch.  Jasper took straight off from the pole.  We were thrilled, and he found the next leg, but struggled on the second corner and just could not find the next leg.  He worked a very good control round, just had a hiccup on the agility.

4th MURPHY MAGNUS LUMMOX, BC, with Martyn Willcock.  Murphy is a very excitable boy; he enjoys the nosework but again it was just too hard.  His C/A was quite vocal, which is due to his over exuberance; hope he did well with his PD, which I know is his first love!

The competitors were very good sports accepting the conditions and result - have no fear, it was not due to your dog not being up to the test, it was just the ground conditions being so tough.

Good luck to you all at your future trials





Steward: Julz F and Alyssha

Tracklayers: Lol Campbell, Julz, and Penny Pritchard

Criminals: Chris Trevor, Michael Wilson, Steve Lancashire and Vic Snook

 Many thanks to everyone that assisted me throughout the three days and gave all the dogs a great chance. Thanks to Jacquie, our Trials Manager, for the great fields she provided us with and also to her gang in the kitchen for the wonderful grub.

 Many, many thanks to the 4 guys acting as ‘criminals’ who helped me set my test up and brought it to life and also put a great deal of effort into each and every dog - these chaps do this all for the pure enjoyment and ask for nothing in return. We simply couldn’t manage in PD without them, especially now since Tom Davis has swapped sides!!

Friday and Saturday was nosework first – square and track were laid in that order and ran in that order, meaning the square was also 2 hours old. That was all that was done down at the tracking field. Friday it rained all day, Saturday was bit breezy but fine. 13 ran, we lost 3 on the nosework.

 Afternoon started with the down stay, then control round - heelwork, then on the last halt they were asked if they were happy with position of dog for the speak. Speak was just with handler literally standing next to their dog and I wanted to see 12 speaks. Then onto the sendaway, which was a short run out to a blue pole, then a short right re-direction to the fence/tree line, then a long re-direction left back across the front of the outrun pole to a large brick building; points were allocated 2, 3 and 5 for this exercise. On to the agility - clear, long, scale, no second attempts. Finally, all dogs were lined up for the gun, whatever position the handler wanted, then they were to stand behind their dogs whilst I fired 2 shots; all dogs both days did this, no problem. At the end of everyone working we had lost another 2 dogs in the C/A.

Sunday morning began with a lockout. Competitors were told once they worked their dogs they were to go back to their vans and not allowed to speak to anyone until the lockout part of the test was over. Lockout was a simple straight out 35 - 40 yard location; criminal (Chris Trevor) was lying down, actually in a metal sheep feeder - it was almost made just for Chris’s size, perfect fit. Most handlers thought the sleeve they could see was just one we left there and not one that was on someone’s arm. One dog decided it was a good idea to jump into sheep feeder with the criminal. Once the dog had barked, the handler was to join the dog, and the exercise was complete once the dog was back at their side. Then about turn back to the start where it was a test of courage - a criminal (Steve Lancashire) was drawing the dog to him. Remember the good old days, Wendy, of Steve doing his little warrior dance?? Well that’s exactly what it was! And once sent, as the dog approached a certain point another two criminals (Vic Snook and Michael Wilson) jumped up from underneath a cargo/camouflage net (they had been lying on the bottom and the handler had no idea they were there) and ran at the dog. I wanted to see the dog react and detain them. Most did this but a few still carried on to the criminal that had drawn them in but had at that point become very passive; a few dogs did bite this one but weren’t afraid of the test.

With the lockout finished it was on to the rest of the test, watched by all. Started with a chase - the handler stood behind a windbreaker with the steward (Julz) and challenged a criminal a distance off who made his way (walking) out of sight. Once he had reached a white pole he started to run a little and at this point the handler could send their dog, but immediately was instructed to sit in a chair behind the windbreaker (view – zilch, ha ha). The criminal did speed up as the dog approached, approximately 15 feet away. Most dogs went on to chase but we lost a couple of dogs on this exercise. Once the bite had taken place, the handler had to join the dog, search the criminal (Michael Wilson), then a straight escort back down the field (just to get us from A to B, so to speak). Next it was the quarter - straight out to the brick building, left to a windbreaker, left still down the field to another windbreaker and then left up the side of the field to another windbreaker with 3 criminals sitting behind. The handler was instructed to search them and the hide and once we were satisfied we moved them onto the escort; once en-route the criminals were told to splay out (one going straight still, one veering off diagonally left and one veering diagonally right), at which point the handler would hopefully tell them to stay together. Whilst distracted by this, this would be the point the attack took place. On the whole it was performed really well by all teams, but a couple of teams were in my opinion slightly too far back and were docked accordingly. Once sorted, we carried on with the escort for another 20 yards or so. And finally it was back to the windbreaker for the recall (exactly as per the chase). I stood and raised my board for the point they could recall, at which point the steward very quickly tapped the handler so they could shout or whistle. I was raising my board approximately half way for every dog and not a certain point, because some dogs are faster/slower than others and I feel this is a fair way of doing it. The handlers were told on the chase and recall that once they were sitting they had to stay sitting until steward said join your dog (chase) or in the recall instance the dog was back at their side, otherwise if they stood up all points for that exercise were lost. We did have a few dogs that didn’t want to recall unfortunately! I had hidden 4 guns in total but these were for absolutely no points, I just wanted to see how good some were searching. End of Test

All teams throughout the 3 days were a pleasure to judge and seemed to enjoy the test, as did I. The four criminals/helpers were absolutely fantastic all day and gave everyone every chance; they were in my opinion on top form and working to a top class standard. Couldn’t thank them enough.

 1st Dave Olley and WTCh LITTLE RAYMOND (Ray), 300.75, Q PDEx, and winning the CC. Consistent throughout each section of the test, great team. Well done.

2nd Ruth Cahill and VOMKYNA DEIKA (Minky), 297.5, Q PDEx, and reserve CC. Another who worked brilliantly throughout all sections and weren’t far off that Ticket. Well done.

3rd Moira Rogerson and THREENINES KATIE (Vito), 263.5, Q PDEx. Glad to see you back in PD Ticket, Moi. Well done on this, Vito’s first PDEx.

4th Tom Davis and JOTUNHEIM ALMA (Ruby), 257.5, Q PDEx. I am so pleased to be able to give you something back after all the PD trials you acted criminal for my dogs. Well done on your PDEx, Tom.

5th Alan Bexon and FLY BY NIGHT LAD (Fly), Q PD. I can’t believe you haven’t got PDEx with this dog yet, Alan?? Less bite work and more recalls!! And you will have PDEx before you know it - and possibly a few tickets too!!


Thanks to everyone who entered under me and allowed me the privilege of judging their dogs - a great bunch you were. Unfortunately next year the standard of judge slips somewhat when that daft Man U fan Charlie Taylor judges the stake hahahaha!


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