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Open Trial
Venue: Ashington
Trial Held: 17 February 2013


I would like to start by thanking the following:-

TD Judge - Sheila Shearer,

WD Judge - Bill Richardson,

UD Judge - Lorna Cottier,

CD and C/A Judge - Linda Newbold - you all did a first class job.  The tracklayers, Penny Pritchard, Lorraine Wilson, Bill Richardson, Lol Campbell, Dennis Nelson, Moira Rogerson and Cheryl Savage; stewards, Doug Shearer, John Tait, Avril Bryson, Adele Whittemore, Pat Nelson and Sam Cottier -

Many thanks for your time, you were all fantastic.  Hope I didn’t miss anyone out.  Also Ann Bedford, who ran the base first class, she just knows what to do better than I do - many thanks, Ann.

Thanks also to everyone who accommodated judges etc; this saved in accommodation fees again this year and is a big help.  Thank you to everyone, you were all great company and without your help the trial would not run – your help is much appreciated.  Thanks to Alcan Farm Estates for the fields and to the Queen Elizabeth Country Park and Restaurant for all they did for us.  John Watts helped me out enormously before the trial, checking fields, putting signs out etc – thanks, John matey!

The weather over recent months hasn’t helped our sport and we were no different up this end of the country, so I decided to run the trial over three days and split the entries so not many were on each day; this enabled us to have all the tracking stakes on pasture.  The weather for the three days was just absolutely glorious and having the beach directly opposite the control field is a welcome bonus for some lovely clean walks!!

To all the competitors who attended - you were a fab bunch and are more than welcome back next year.  No-one complained so must have all enjoyed yourselves.  Now its time to work my own dogs and resume my role as my daughter’s glorified chauffeur!!




Judge: LORNA COTTIER               

Tracklayers: Lol Campbell and Cheryl Savage

Search Square Steward: Sam Cottier

Many thanks to NECWTS for the invitation to judge the UD nosework at Ashington.  The weather was dry and occasionally sunny.  The ground was grass which hadn’t been fouled by geese so made for good enough tracking.

Thanks to Tracey for all her hard work as trials manager, to my tracklayers Lol and Campbell for their company and assistance and to my 10 year old son Sam who was having his first stint and stewarding and was very pleased that the dogs found all his articles.  Persuading him not to play javelin with the poles was more difficult.

We had only 5 entries, 4 of which worked.  One tracked very well, another didn’t get the track, and both elected not to complete the control.  This left us with two dogs;

1st Maureen Keel and ANALEEB COURT JESTER, Std Schnautzer, 142.5, NQ.  Maureen is a stalwart of NEC and it was lovely to see her working Quink here.  He knew exactly what he was supposed to be doing and was sailing round the track when he saw the adjacent wind turbines and couldn’t stop himself admiring them; to the extent he preferred their direction rather than the track.  However he recommitted to the search square and thoroughly enjoyed himself. 

2nd Lorraine Wilson and LEETSIDE WHIZZ KID, WSD, 106.5, NQ.  Millie is like a coiled spring - I do love her character and attitude.  Today wasn’t her day with the track but it’s not normally an issue and she’ll no doubt bounce back at the next trial. 

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