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Championship Trial
Venue: Satley
Trial Held: 28 October 2012



Tracklayers: John Atkin and Kath Woolley

Steward: Sharron Dunn

A very big thank you to the society for asking me to judge CD and Veteran.   A very big thank you to Julz for running such a great trial and making sure everyone had a great time and was made to feel so welcome.  I would also like to thank Linda and Annie for keeping us all well fed and watered - they never stopped during the whole trial; thanks also to Sheila and all the ladies who helped at the desk, doing all the marks and making sure everybody got to the right places at the right time.  Thanks to my steward, Sharron Dunn, who drove all the way from Alnwick in snow to steward for me.  What would we do without such great people who are willing to help and are great company as well?  Thank you to the competitors who all had lovely dogs that were a pleasure to watch.  I was a little disappointed that only a few people remembered to thank the steward for her hard work laying their squares and standing in freezing weather all day for them - maybe it’s nerves but try to remember that a thank you goes a long way.


1st Tony Lockyer and TRIPLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, WSD, 95, Q CDEx.  A nice tidy round from this lovely young dog.

2nd Philip Talbot and TRACELYN NEIL DIAMOND, GSD, 93.5, Q CDEx.  Another nice round from Hugo, one of few dogs to do the down stay in the snow.

3rd Jessica Stam and RIGG THE PIG,  X-breed, 78.5, NQ.  What a shame; just missed out but what a lovely boy Rigg is.  At 10 years old he put in a great round but he wasn’t happy lying in all that snow - and who can blame him!

4th Andrew Rintoul and SILBERSTERN BLUE BLAZER, Wiem, 77.5, NQ.  Another lovely dog who did a lovely round but who wasn’t happy in the down stay.

Best nosework went to Joyce Watson and COLINTON CEIL after a run off with Judith Stamp and LITTLE MADAM MABELLINE; both dogs were great but Ceiliah just managed a better retrieve when it mattered.  Well done to all of you; they were all beautiful dogs to judge.


What a fantastic stake to judge; watching all the old dogs working was a real treat.  Thank you to all the people I thanked in CD but also a big thank you to John Atkin and Kath Woolley for laying my tracks and carrying round all the articles, which were a small bottle of water, a two pack of breakfast biscuits, a hard boiled egg, a tennis ball, a packet of Haribo, 1 Bonio, and, for 50 bonus if returned in one piece, a pork sausage.  I must also thank Kath for taking me Tow Law and driving me wherever I needed to be, and also thanks to her dog, Moss, for unpacking my suitcase for me!!

1st Gail Gwesyn-Pryce and CONCENN XCEL.  One of two dogs to get all articles back safe and sound - well done.

2nd Judith Stamp and SPROLLIE DOLLIE.  I think Judith was shocked that her little dog got round the track and with all articles - well done, Judith.

3rd Fran Atkin and BRONFYNNON BRECON.  What a beautiful track only losing one point; a real pleasure to watch.  Just a quick bite from the Bonio cost him first place, but I am with him and would take the biscuit any day!

4th Mary Hardacre and TARNDALE TAG, who had equal marks with Jackie Dykes and DAISY DOO, but who retrieved more articles.  What a pleasure to watch this beautiful 14 year old dog with its tail wagging all the way round the track - really having a great time.




Tracklayers: Bill Richardson and Richard Musgrave

Steward: Fran Atkin

Many thanks to North East WTS for asking me to judge.  Everyone is so friendly and helpful, right down to the staff and locals at the pub where everyone stays.  Thanks go to Julz, trials manager, who had been juggling land all week, and to Sheila Margreaves, base secretary.  Thank you to all those who help Julz and Sheila to make this trial so welcoming and running like clockwork.  Special thanks to the always efficient Fran for being such good company and assisting with my senior moments.  We were kept well fed (did the diet no good) by Linda and Annie - thank you.  Tracks were laid by two experienced tracklayers, Richard and Bill - many thanks for your tracks and company. 

Unfortunately UD Championship is a small stake at the moment and we only had five teams taking part - thank you all for braving the snow.  We started with control and agility; unfortunately three dogs failed the jumps, possibly distracted by the snow-covered ground.  Tracking was on melting snow-covered pasture and was eight legs; articles were pieces of carpet and wood.  Four dogs completed the track with both articles and the other only missed the last leg.  Squares were worked very well, only one article having to be recovered by Fran.

1st Barry Gilbert, GLENALPINE COSWORTH, 190, Q.  Apart from leaving one article in the square, Cossie hardly put a paw wrong; his tracking style is text book.

2nd Jacquie Hall, LITTLE ASHAN, CDEx – UDEx, 185, Q.  Lovely tracking dog, but didn’t like the look of the long jump. 

3rd Jain Douglas, TRACELYN ROXY, 172.5, NQ.  Best Nosework Trophy.  Jain had a steep hillside to track on but this was not a problem to Roxy.  Unfortunately, Roxy took exception to the jumps. 

4th Vicky Hunter, XANDOA SPOT, 168.5, NQ.  Good nosework round. 

Best Novice Handler was Hannah Butters with DAISYBOO OF BEADWELL.  Very sympathetically handled by Hannah.   Believe your dog, Hannah - she knew where that track went! 




Track Layers: Andrea Lynd and Sue Ashby, both days

Steward: Tracey Park, both days

I would like to thank the committee of NECWTS for the invitation to judge the WD stake at the Tow Law trial; I would also like to thank everyone for looking after Elaine and me for 4 days.  The food during the day was great - a big thank you to Linda Newbold and Annie in the kitchen, also thank you to Sheila Margreaves and Elaine Adams on the booking in, scores, certificates and a million and one other jobs.  We stayed at the Royal Oak, Cornsay, where the evening food and hospitality was outstanding - thank you, Sonia. 

Trials manager Julz Findeisen and general dogsbody, Lol Campbell, looked after my every need and nothing was too much trouble - thank you, both.

What a wealth of experience I had helping me in the fields; all three are ticket handlers who have laid tracks and squares for years and between them have more TDEx’s and WTCh’s than most of us have had hot dinners.  The tracklayers, Andrea and Sue, were great company and did everything as I had asked them to.  The fields were very wet and muddy; on Friday it was bitterly cold and on Saturday the fields were covered in snow and just as cold, but still tracks were laid with no problems. Tracey, my search steward and C/A steward, was very good and really smelly, as after putting down 48 search articles she only had to recover 2; in control she was very good, giving clear and concise instructions all the time.  She was good company and very professional.

Judging at working trials is the easy part - all the work on the fields, behind the scenes, back at base and then keeping us entertained in the evening is where the real work is done so, a very big thank you to Julz and her team.

15 Entries / 12 worked.  9 completed the track, 4 with both articles, 3 with 1 article and 2 with no articles.  3 failed the track before reaching the 1st article

Search squares were good, with Tracey only having to recover 2 articles.  Search Articles were a cable tie, black cable, carpet and a cartridge.

1st Mrs Heather Cook with LOOKYLOOKY LIFE N SOUL, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, WSD, D, 192/200, Q WDEx.  Full point track, good square and very good control - it was a pleasure to watch.  Well done, Heather.

2nd Fran Mitchell with LITTLE SMOKEY, GSD-X, D, 187.5/200, Q WDEx.  Very nice track, square and good control.  Also won the best nosework award.  Well done, Fran

3rd Martyn Willcock with LUCY THE LAWLESSOF LANCS,  CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, WSD, B, 164/200, NQ.  Very nice nosework, but with only 1 off the track.  When it came to the control round, Lucy did ok, but didn’t want to do the long or scale jumps today.

I would like to say I enjoyed my time at Tow Law and it was a privilege to judge the teams who entered under me.  If you failed I think it was the conditions that beat your dog and not that your dog didn’t try.  Thank you for accepting my decisions and good luck for the future.  Finally, I would say that in life there is always someone who will offer advice - sometimes it might pay to listen.




Tracklayers: Colin Wilson, Jeff Margreaves, Lol Campbell, Penny Pritchard

Steward: Lorraine Wilson

Thank you to the Society for asking me to judge my first TD ticket.  Trials manager Julz and her team ran a very friendly and well organised trial for six days. Thanks to Linda and Annie in the kitchen, Sheila and Elaine on the desk and John for escorting the competitors to their tracks.  The accommodation at the Royal Oak was brilliant - hot radiators in the rooms to warm us and dry our damp clothing, delicious evening meals and great company.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Tow Law, sat on the brow of the Wear Valley, is exposed and subject to all types of weather at this time of year.  With that in mind I decided to design a straightforward track and to use generous articles - my hunch paid off and sure enough the weather proved to be "changeable" to say the least.  Each day was different, with fog, heavy rain, cold winds, sunshine and snow on the Saturday morning.  Thankfully the farmer cleared the farm track of snow to allow us all to drive to the fields safely.

The tracking was on grass and I saw some very good nosework results throughout the week.  Many thanks to my excellent team of experienced tracklayers (it is not easy to lay tracks in fog before it gets light).  On Saturday it was particularly difficult for them as not only did they have to clear the snow and ice from their vehicles but they also had to battle the snow blizzard to lay the tracks.  Search squares were a pleasure to watch with the majority of dogs finding the four articles very quickly – however, there was a bit of mouthing and dropping of articles.

I had 45 entries and 44 worked their dogs - 25 qualified the nosework.

Sunday morning saw 23 qualifying teams return for the control and agility.  The round started with speak at heel with the handler walking towards me; I was looking for a dog that barked continually without extra command.  Heelwork was next to the sendaway point.  The outrun was a hundred and sixty paces at an angle towards a broken hedge, then a further hundred and sixty paces redirect left.  I placed a dark green pole on the outrun seven paces from the hedge so that I was able to judge where the dogs stopped and to hopefully prevent the dogs from running into the thistles and nettles in front of the hedge.  Then more heelwork back towards the clear jump for the start of the agility.  I saw some good rounds but the sendaway and long jump caused problems for a few.

Finally a special thank you to Lorraine, she laid the squares all week then stewarded the control.  Brilliant steward, great company and she remained cheerful no matter what the weather threw at us. 

1st Glenys Page with BILKO’S GLORY, WSD, 209.5 Q.  Congratulation on the qualification and winning the ticket, making Sam, subject to KC confirmation, a Working Trial Champion.

2nd Sue Ashby with WTCh THE TITAN, WSD, 207.5 Q, winning the Reserve Ticket.  It was superb teamwork from Sue and Titan.  Well done.

3rd Tracey Park with WAGGERLAND TYNE, WSD, 205.5 Q.  Almost a faultless nosework round from this team but the long jump proved costly.  Also won the Best Nosework Trophy.  Well done.

4th Moira Rogerson with XANDOA CHANCE, BC, 204, Q.  Good nosework, but a few marks lost on the outrun on the control.  Well done.

Also qualifying TDEx:

Jill Carruthers with WTCh VOMKYNA DARCA, GSD, 199.5

Nick Williams with SUNSHINE ANTIC, WSD, 199.5

Julie Atkins with GLENALPINE REG, BC, 199


Tony Lockyer with WTCh DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, WSD, 195



Richard Musgrave with ZANDOA SAM, BC, 188.5

Thank you to the competitors for entering under me, good luck to you all at your future trials.

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