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Judge: Gwen Matear

Steward: Jimmy Scott

Thanks to the Society for the invitation and to Jacquie Hall and her fab team - I was spoilt for choice at lunchtime!  Thanks also to my steward Jimmy for his help.  It was Jimmy’s first time stewarding and he did a great job.

1st Anne Shepherd and MILLIE MOONBEAM, Lab, 86, Q CDEx.  A superb round from Anne and Millie.  A pleasure to watch.

2nd Hazel Marraner and SOD LEGS, X-breed, 83.5, Q CDEx.  A lovely round from Hazel and Max and a team to watch in the future.

3rd Ann Bedford and MOORSONS BROADWAY ENCORE, GSD, 82, Q CDEx.  Despite a poor sendaway everything else came together in an otherwise nice round.

4th Pam Wadsworth and SNOOPDOG XIMENA V CAYA’S HOME DOGANODOGS, Bouvier, 79, Q CD.  Just missing out on the qualification by one point, but what a super dog Snoop is, a real character




Tracklayers: Tom Mills and Penny Pritchard

Steward: Liz Mills

Thanks to North East Counties WTS committee for the invitation to judge at this Championship Trial.  Trials Manager Jacquie Hall ran an excellent trial and the North Northumberland Dog Training Club members worked well to provide a warm friendly base and delicious homemade food.

All tracks were on fields of short grass with a few bare patches, very dry; the weather was cloudy, with sun appearing later in the afternoon.  Thank you, Tom and Penny, for laying the tracks - you did an excellent job but unfortunately several dogs found the tracking difficult and failed to get round.  Thanks also to Liz for laying the squares as per my instructions. 

All teams performed well, retrieving 3 or 4 articles.  The control and agility round started with heelwork, next a ninety pace sendaway to a green pole in the middle of the long grass field, heelwork back to the start of the round, then the retrieve and jumps.   Group down stay followed at the end.  Control rounds were well done with handlers getting good attention from their dogs and all dogs were successful in the stay.  Thank you again to Liz for stewarding - you did a first class job.

Congratulations to the qualifiers and to those not so fortunate this time, good luck in the future.

1st Tracey Park with WAGGERLAND TYNE, BC, 186, Q.  Tracey helping her young dog was teamwork at its very best - they certainly enjoy working together.  Best nosework.

2nd Caroline Wright with CARISHILL ODIN, G Ret, 186, Q.  A good all round performance, nicely handled.  No return on the scale as Benson took up his position but faced the wrong way.

3rd Rosemary Smyth with BEELHOLT KEZZY BEAST, WSD, 173, Q.  A little hiccup on the track but Kez found both articles, and with a full point sendaway you both deserved your place and qualification.

4th Pat Golding with ST. PETE’S JETTA, Lab, 171.5, Q.  Max struggled on the last two legs of the track and missed his second article.  Four out of the square and full jumps made sure he qualified.

The only full mark search square meant Alison Pollard and Hamish were awarded the silver plate trophy.  Finally, I would like to thank all competitors for entering and allowing me to judge their dogs.


Stake: PD


Tracklayers: Tracey Park and Lol Campbell

Search Steward: Sharon Dunn

Control and Patrol Steward: Tracey Park

Patrol Round Helpers: John Ashworth, Brian Glasgow and Chris Trevor

My thanks to the committee of NECWTS for inviting me to judge at this trial, and to Jacquie Hall and all her team for their hard work before and during the trial, ensuring everybody was very well cared for.

My team of helpers were great company, and worked throughout the weekend to ensure that all the competitors had an equal chance. The land that we had for tracking was excellent; I don’t think I have ever seen so many fields that are exactly the same.

I think, as usual, that I set a straight forward test throughout.

We were privileged to see some first class nosework and control rounds on Saturday.  Unfortunately we lost two teams on the nosework, one in control and one dog had to withdrawn due to an ongoing injury problem.  We, therefore, went into the patrol round with four teams still qualifying, and all in contention for the honours, due to the high standard of work the previous day.

The field that I chose to use for the patrol round was quite big and part of it was being used for WD control, but it still left me with scope to set a testing quarter.  There were three natural ‘locations’, with a large hide in the middle of the field that was not actually part of the test.  The test was set as a progressive search, with the handlers allowed to move with their dogs to each element of the search area.  Lack of control to get the dogs to search a specific area and poor indications were very costly.

Because the weather conditions were fairly warm, I decided to conduct the quarter and search and escort exercises for all teams first, let them have a break, and then continue the remaining exercises.  The Recall, Chase and Test of Courage exercises were performed well throughout.

1st Dave Olley with STARDELL ALLULA, 291, Q PDEx, winning CC and Best Patrol round by a Border Collie.  A good all round performance, I was particularly impressed by Nell’s patrol round.  This is this team’s second CC, so subject to KC, approval makes Nell a Working Trials Champion.  Congratulations, Dave, and good luck at the KCC’s.

2nd Dave Olley with LITTLE RAYMOND, 284.5, Q PDEx, also winning the Best nosework trophy.  What a weekend!  A bit of work needed on the quartering, but otherwise a good all round performance.  I am sure it won’t be long before Ray takes the top spot.

3rd Manda McLellan with ASTRA STORM. 278.5, Q PDEx.  An uncommitted Chase was extremely costly, but I am sure that this team will secure that second ‘Ticket’ in due course.

4th Graham Reaney with TARNEDGE ROUGH DIAMOND, 259.5, NQ.  Charlie’s inexperience were his undoing, but I am sure with Graham’s guidance he will do well in the future.

Congratulations to all the competitors for their sporting nature throughout the weekend; it was a pleasure to judge you and your dogs.  You were a credit to yourselves and our sport!

A final thanks must go to the two ladies with the ‘unsung hero’ jobs; Alison Pollard, who escorted all the competitors to their allocated fields, and Adelle Whittemore for the scores and ancillary paperwork.  Adelle came to the field to take my marks and to have the scoreboard ready as soon as we finished.  She did a great job of ‘guarding’ it from prying eyes!

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