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Championship Trial
Venue: Satley
Trial Held: 23 October 2011



I would like to thank the society for invitation to judge and to Julz Findeisen and all at the base for running a well organized trial.  My thanks also to Pat, Liz and Annie in the kitchen, who kept us well fed throughout the trial.


Search / Control Steward: Richard Musgrave

A big thank you to my control and search steward, Richard Musgrave, who did an excellent job stewarding and putting the competitors at ease.

CD was held on Saturday. The control field and weather was ideal. The test was straight forward with the stays causing problems for most of the young dogs.  Lastly thanks to the competitors for allowing me to spend an enjoyable day with you and your dogs.  Good luck in the future.

1st Moira Rogerson with THREENINES KATIE, BSD, 97.5, Q CDEx.  Moira did an excellent round with this young dog, a well deserved win.  Also gained Best Search Trophy.

2nd Jain Douglas with TRACELYN ROXY, GSD, NQ.

3rd Pam Wadsworth with SNOOP DOG XIMENA V CAYA’S HOME DOGANODOGS, Bouvier, NQ.

4th Sharon Dunn with TOLBERG PHEONIX, NQ.


Tracklayers: Richard Musgrave and John Atkin.

A special thanks to my tracklayers, Richard and John for doing an excellent job.  This was my first time judging a Veteran Stake and I was not disappointed, as the standard of tracking was excellent from the teams entered and a pleasure to watch.  The Tracks were on a garden theme and left for 30 minutes before working.  There were five articles; 1st - Plant Pot, 2nd - Artificial Grass, 3rd - Stick, 4th - String, with the last article being an edible hedgehog (a reward for the dogs).  

1st Fran Atkin with BRONFYNNON BRECON, D

2nd Gail Gwesyn-Pryce with CONCENN XCEL, GSD, D

3rd Gail Gwesyn- Pryce with ROCKSPRAY WALLIS AT CONCENN, GSD, B

4th Mary Hardacre with TARNDALE TAG, BC, D




Steward: Fran Atkins

Tracklayer: Tom Mills

I would like to thank NECWTS for inviting me to judge the UD stake at Satley.  I had a really great time with a lovely bunch of people.  Fran and Tom both did a grand job stewarding and tracklaying and my thanks to them for their much appreciated help.  Thank you to Julz for doing everything a Trials Manager has to - I’m sure it’s not as easy as you make it look! 

Favourite saying of the week "I’ve got you a field"!  They kept coming like rabbits out of a hat!  Please thank your generous farmers.  And also Sheila and Betty at the base and Liz, Annie and Pat who made sure there was a constant supply of delicious food from first light.  Thanks to all.

Tracking was on just about the best pasture you could wish for and the weather was very kind.  Only 2 dogs worked and both qualified.  The dogs tracked very well with one dog finding 1 article and the other dog finding 2.  Squares were very good with one dog finding all 4 articles and the other dog finding 3.  Track articles were a 2" piece of green hose first and a rubber bullet about 4" was the end article.  Square articles were black rubber, leather, carpet and bamboo cane.

The control round started with a retrieve, then heelwork.  The sendaway was 85 yards to 2 small crossed white poles at the foot of a telegraph pole.

1st Eva Robards with TARNEDGE COLUMBINE, Lab, 187, Q.  Caya did a superb track just dropping 1 mark, with both articles off the track for 20 marks.  The square started well with the first 2 articles out in less than a minute but time ran out with just 3 articles being found in total.  A few heelwork marks lost for lack of attention, lost position and extra commands but excellent sendaway for full marks.  Full marks agility.  Well done, Eva, and congratulations on being awarded The Sparky Trophy for winning the UD stake, The Borderville Trophy for Best Nosework, and The Punch Bowl Trophy for Best Novice Handler.

2nd Mrs Susan Sentinella with SHADOWSQUAD ZOFIA, GSD, 176, Q.  Ruby took Susan round the track very positively losing just 3 marks.  In fact, so positively that she wasn’t stopping for the first article, although I do think she acknowledged it.  All 4 articles were brought out of the square with just a slight blip when Ruby left the square momentarily for a comfort break.  A good control round, with marks lost mainly for extra commands.  Second attempt on the long jump, but good clear and scale and a much deserved qualification.

Thank you to all of the competitors and good luck at your next trials




Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd, Sue Ashby, Lol Campbell, Ann Bedford

Steward: Tracey Park

Many thanks to North East Counties WTS for the invitation to judge WD at this superb trial.  We had a really great time at this friendly and well organised event.

Julz Findeisen does an excellent job in running a trial that provides all competitors with decent trialling land and she even arranged the weather!!  It was an absolute pleasure to work with Julz and her gang.  Nothing was left to chance; we had ample tracking land with stacks in reserve.  The control field gave a judge no end of options and the base is well placed and no real distance from the tracking land.  Hospitality was superb and we were so well looked after.  Thanks, Julz, I thoroughly enjoyed your company.

The farmers Julz has cultivated are fantastic, supplying us with superb land in abundance.  They are the lifeblood of this sport of ours, so thank you very much.  Although for a short time I was accused of cattle rustling and about to be run out of town by an irate shotgun wielding farmer!!  Yep, it could only happen to me!

The ladies in the kitchen, Pat, Annie and Liz, did a grand job ensuring we were all fed and watered throughout, and those crumbles...........!  Thank you ladies, you did a great job and it was a pleasure making a pig of myself!

The base staff, Sheila and Betty, were the epitome of efficiency; it ran like clockwork – well, until I went in there!  But then they sorted me out and it was all on an even keel again.  Thanks for your company and help.

My tracklayers were awesome and excellent company.  Although on the first day we did have an unfortunate incident when Sue fell and hurt her ankle, which was subsequently found to be fractured.  Until then she had done a fantastic job!!  Please get onto your feet again quickly, Sue, trials is a poorer place without you.  Lol quickly stepped into the breach and we were off again.  Andrea tracklaid for all three days and Ann got up at 4am to come and lay tracks on the Saturday.  What a fantastic team, great company, (lively debates!) and committed to ensuring all competitors had well laid tracks in lovely ground - thank you all so much.

Tracey was my square steward, C/A steward, chauffeur, tea maker, lunch getter, time keeper, stay steward, and in addition to all that - first class company!  She really is such an asset to any judge, with her easy going and relaxed manner; I couldn’t have wished for more.  Nothing was too much trouble and Tracey was so professional in all her dealings with the competitors.  Both the competitors and I owe you a huge thank you for all your commitment and hard work.

The weather at Tow Law as we know can be......................challenging!!  However Julz had it sorted!  Yes, it was breezy at times but for the most part the sun shone and it was dry whilst we were working.  The ground was pasture with lovely growth and the farmers had been generous enough to clear the fields of livestock a couple of weeks prior to the trial.

The test started with nosework; the track consisted of 13 legs with 2 cut backs.  Articles were a 5cm half section of green hose out on the top leg and a 3cm x 6cm piece of carpet.  Square articles were (i) a green milk bottle top (ii) 3cm piece of green hose (iii) 1cm x 6cm leather strip (iv) 1cm x 4cm strip of rubber.

C/A started with normal paced heelwork to a point mid field where the teams undertook the retrieve.  More heelwork followed through all three paces to the sendaway.  This took the form of 120 metres to a tree in the hedge line.  The run out was across a slightly sloping field.  More unmarked heelwork to the jumps followed.

1st Janette Sayer with TAZ OF HALLOWGATE, WSD, D, 196, Q WDEx.  Best nosework trophy.  Won the run off as a result of nosework and sendaway marks being totalled up.  Taz is a real livewire and he works so nicely for Janette.  Superb nosework and control round from a team destined to do well in the higher stakes.  The rapport you have is really nice and he so loves to work for you.  Congratulations, you deserve your success and I look forward to watching you progress in the future

2nd Steph McBride, DELFLEET ODIN, Labrador, D, 196, Q WDEx.  I have always loved watching this stunning dog work.  He is all I love in the breed, total commitment, strong and so focussed on Steph.  He has been a handful but the result of your hard work is there for all to see.  He makes it all look so easy and he loves it!  Quality handling, as you’d expect, and a team that were a pleasure to judge.  Good luck in the future with him, Steph.

3rd Maureen Regan with WILLOW MEG FRATEAS AT KIRLIZIGAN, GSD, B, 193, Q WDEx.  What a weekend this was for you, Maureen!  Success at Long Compton and then third and qualification here!!  Superb - I am so pleased for you.  The relationship between you is absolutely fantastic.  She tracks like a dream with only one small sticking point on the last corner, but you let her work it out and when she decided she was back on the track that was it - there’s no way you couldn’t go with her!  She is a real star and I adore her attitude, both to work and to her mum.  Well done and good luck in the future. Won 3rd place as a result of nosework and sendaway totals combined.

4th Anne Bussey with Mr E Noel’s VONGRAF NAOMI, Malinois, B, 193, Q WDEx.  There is no way you have had an easy ride with Nushka, is there Anne?!  But all that hard graft and patience is starting to pay off.  Fantastic nosework in a field where the wind blew straight down the valley and onto your track!  But she coped well and showed real determination to get you round.  Nice C/A rounded off a super and well deserved qualification.  Well done and good luck in the future with her.

Also qualified WDEx:

Sharon Brown with TARNEDGE DAPHNE, Labrador, B, 191.  Very nice all round performance, with Daphne just missing out on the placings.  Just little bits here and there.  Super dog who gives her all and is now finding consistency in qualifications.   Well done, Sharon, I know it’s not easy, but you are a good team and will do well together.

Jan Sewell with BRYN OF HARWOOD DALE, WSD, D, 190.5.  Very nice competent round by Bryn; super track and square from a dog so willing to please.  C/A proved no problem - full mark jumps was the icing on the cake.  Really nice to see this team back on form and showing the quality that we know you have in there.  Well done, Jan.

Andy Laws with LAWS LITTLE FRANKIE, X-breed, B, 188.5.  Frankie put in a really nice performance and showed she has it all there in abundance.  Quality nosework but that ‘tiddle’ in the square was costly - by Frankie not Andy, he waited until after the gun!  Really good to see her coming good now and all that hard work shows.  Well done, Andy.

Tom Darby with TRIPLE CHAOS, WSD, B, 183.  What a superb tracking dog she is, Tom.  Totally focussed on you and the job in hand.  Missed that first article but she really does track so nicely.  Well handled and a star in the making I think!!  The relationship you have is second to none and it shows through so strongly.  Well done, Tom, and good luck in the future.

Mick Cammidge with BROWN JACK, WSD, D, 179.5.  Very competent nosework dog, with Mick’s experience bringing out the best in him.  He has come on well since I last judged him.  Bit of a blip on the sendaway and fell off return on the scale, but I know he has had better C/A rounds and when it all comes together he’ll hold his own in the higher stakes.  Well done.

Bill Richardson with KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT, Malinios, D, 177.5.  What a super dog Eck is.  He has a real presence about him but he has a real special bond with you, Bill.  Quality track and control.  Didn’t return on the scale, which I know is unusual for him.  But what superb heelwork and general control around the jumps.  Real style and obviously enjoys himself.  Well done, Bill, and good luck.

Pat Quinn with HOW’S HARRY AT ROYALTAIN, Labrador, D, 173.5.  Harry tracked so well until the very last bit.  It was a real shame as he’d hardly lost anything until then.  He is so committed to his nosework, he doesn’t make it easy for you, does he, Pat?!!  Nice control with full mark sendaway saw you through.  Well done and good luck with him.

Qualified WD:

John Tait with PINFOLD FLY, WSD, B, 152.5.  Fly never gave up throughout the whole trial and really gave her all.  A lovely bitch with a hint of mischief about her!  She really makes you work, John, doesn’t she but when it comes together - and it will - it’ll be worth the effort.  Good luck with her in the future.

Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me, I hope you enjoyed the test. Good luck to you all in the future.

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